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Inspirational places for students

Looking for places and ways in which you can inspire your art and design students? There are countless ways to learn about art beyond the classroom and enhance learning experiences within the subject.

Teaching art and design in a classroom environment has its limitations. Books and modern digital devices are great, but if you want to really inspire your art class, taking them to see works of art first hand is a must.

UK Art Trips

Here in the UK we can motivate your group with everything from medieval textile art at Warwick Castle to modern design classics such as Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower. Helping to enhance their critical thinking and develop knowledge around the subject, the art & design day trips we feature can support your study of artists, architects and designers and the skills and processes they employ.

Overseas Art & Design Trips

For older students wishing to travel on an extended art trip, we have an exciting range of tailor made art and design tours. Whether you fancy an architecture trip to Russia, a historical art and design trip to Amsterdam or a far flung voyage to Japan for a once in a lifetime chance to study the arts of the Far East.

Short on time? We can help!

Let us find the Art experience for your school trip.

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