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Understanding periods in History

A vital part of teaching history is enabling pupils to have an understanding beyond the simple facts and figures, of the historical events, people and places that shaped where and who we are today. This could be at the national or local level, and is surely best achieved through the first hand experience offered by a history school trip or field trip.

To make it easier for you to find a history trip to suit your curriculum topic, we have split our historical school trips into more helpful sections relating to specific periods in history.

School children may find it difficult to imagine how people lived in the past due to their limited life experience. As part of their historical enquiry, a school visit to a historically significant place will certainly help to put what they are being taught in the classroom, into context, and make it more understandable. Teachers usually find that the class are so much more motivated following a school trip, which makes the subsequent lessons more enjoyable and allows the pupils to make the congnitive connection between the place and what is on the paper in front of them.

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