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Understanding periods in History

A vital part of teaching history is enabling pupils to have an understanding beyond the simple facts and figures, of the historical events, people and places that shaped where and who we are today. This could be at the national or local level, and is surely best achieved through the first hand experience offered by a history school trip or field trip.

To make it easier for you to find a history trip to suit your curriculum topic, we have split our historical school trips into more helpful sections relating to specific periods in history.

School children may find it difficult to imagine how people lived in the past due to their limited life experience. As part of their historical enquiry, a school visit to a historically significant place will certainly help to put what they are being taught in the classroom, into context, and make it more understandable. Teachers usually find that the class are so much more motivated following a school trip, which makes the subsequent lessons more enjoyable and allows the pupils to make the congnitive connection between the place and what is on the paper in front of them.

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KS2 - The Power Of Steam & People From The Past

Statfold Educational Trips blend fun with learning! Take part in a 45 minute staff led session, explore the site, tour the museum and ride a steam train or tram!

The collection and unique location of Statfold can offer a wide selection of curriculum ideas. Visits could include learning about the wildlife and natural habitats surrounding us, history of the railways, or how steam transport works and why historically it is so important. Education trips at Statfold fit in with the national curriculum on numerous levels, not only the obvious STEM elements and History, but also by encouraging pupils to think independently and problem solve all whilst having fun!...

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KS2 - The Power Of Steam & People From The Past

residential history trips

Get hands on with residential history trips through creative and interactive learning experiences designed by qualified teachers, throughout the UK.
History Residentials...

prehistory trips

Schools have been asked to focus more on prehistory at Key Stages 1 and 2. Find out where to take your class if you want to bring the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age to life.

ancient civilisation trips

Trips and Workshops for ancient civilisations topics including Shang Dynasty China, Ancient Sumer, Mayans, Indus Valley and more.
Ancient Civilisations...

egyptian history

If your class topic is Ancient Egypt, we have a range of trips and workshops that will bring Egyptian history to life for your pupils.
Ancient Egyptians...

greek history

If your class topic is Ancient Greece, we have a range of trips and workshops that will bring Greek history to life for your pupils.
Ancient Greece...

celtic history trips

Learn about the Celts of Iron Age Britain through a range of school workshops, perfect for KS1 and KS2 history.
Celtic Britain...

history of roman britain

The Roman invasion of 43 AD was far from decisive, indeed it took a few decades for the Romans to stretch their influence across much of the length and breadth.
Roman Britain...

history saxons and vikings

The Dark Ages in Britain saw waves of Anglo Saxon migration and Viking raids. Find the UK's best school trip venues to bring this period of history to life for your class topic.
Saxons and Vikings...

medieval history trips

Medieval The Medieval period, also sometimes referred to as the Middle Ages, began with the Norman conquest of Britain in 1066 and lasted until the end of the fifteenth century.
Middle Ages...

history tudors stuarts

The Tudor period began in 1485, following the final battle of the Wars of the Roses, which had been fought during the Plantagenet period between the house of York and the Lancastrians.
Celtic Britain...

elizabethan history

Discover the Golden Era of the Elizabethans, the reign of Elizabeth I, the works of Shakespeare and a range of school trips and workshops to inspire your history students.


A selection of workshops and day trips for school groups studying the changing power of the monarchs through British History. History curriculum KS1 KS2 KS3

industrial revolution trips

During the second half of the eighteenth century, a huge change began to take place in Britain. Driven by a unique set of circumstances including growth in population, the Industrial Revolution took place.
Industrial Revolution...

victorian history trips

The Victorian period lasted from 1837 until 1901; the date upon which Queen Victoria I ascended the throne until the time of her death. This period was relatively peaceful.
The Victorians...

20th century history trips

Bring to life the subject of the two World Wars in a way that will engage your students and allow them to develop a better understanding of the topics you are studying in the classroom.
World Wars...

20th century history trips

The study topics for the twentieth century are wide ranging, perhaps due to changes in lifestyle and technology that took place. If the Industrial Revolution was a big leap forward.
The Twentieth Century...

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