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Where do you begin with a country the size of the USA? With so many different options available for your students, it is difficult to know which trips will simply allow them to experience a place like New York, and which will really make the most of the opportunity and give them something that will add real value to their studies.

So what makes Ireland great for school trips?

Let's face it, any student who is given the chance to travel across the pond and take in the sights, sounds and smells of a city like New York or Washington DC, is going to benefit from their experience, but if you can also add a great learning experience beyond shopping in SoHo and on Broadway, then everyone is going to be happier.

So what makes USA popular for school trips?

Over the coming weeks we shall be adding a range of trips which really focus on the learning experience. The companies below aren't just interested in filling seats and taking your money. Each has consistently demonstrated that they are passionate about what they offer and can deliver great value and memorable experiences. This is why the schools they work with return year after year.

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West Coast - University trip

A stunning coastline and cutting edge culture are two of many reasons a trip to West Coast USA is a popular destination for student trips, in particular for Film and Media studies.

The television and film industry that was born in the orange groves of Southern California has spread its influence all over the world. To maximise the West Coast’s potential as a destination for educational trips, Equity has selected an extensive range of excursions for Film and Media student. This can include visits to Universal Studios, Warner Brothers Studios, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Dolby Theatre (formerly Kodak). Behind the scenes tours of sound stages, prop departments and back-lot sets will offer a detailed insight into the world of film making. Speak to our specialists today about organising your Film and Media trip to West Coast USA. We recommend West Coast USA for - Film & Media ...

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West Coast - University trip

Music, Cultural, Art

New York is rightly famous as a centre for all things performing arts. School groups cannot fail to be inspired by Broadway and the incredible sites that New York has to offer. ...

Equity Performing Arts trip to New York

Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Europe, USA, North America

We use maths every day of our life, but to inspire your students to want to know more, discover maths trip ideas to cities in Europe and beyond, and find out how we can tailor make the perfect mathematics based study tour for your school group. ...

School Maths Trip

Science, Design Technology, Computing, Cultural

Imagine being able to take students to the birthplace of the Digital Revolution - Silicon Valley. This is now possible for your computing group with Adaptable Travel. We will help inspire your Computer Science group with a trip of a lifetime. ...

Silicon Valley Computer Science

USA, North America
Design Technology, Cultural, Art

While New York may be the obvious choice for those of you planning an Art & Design trip to America, Washington is worth a look as it has some of the finest galleries and museums in the country. ...

Art & Design in Washington

Design Technology, Cultural, Performing Arts

A stunning coastline and cutting edge culture are two of many reasons a trip to West Coast USA is a popular destination for student trips, in particular for Film and Media studies. ...

West Coast - University trip

Maths, Science, Design Technology, Computing

Spark the curiosity of Maths and Science students on a fantastic Equity trip to the USA. With incredible destinations such as New York, Florida and Washington DC, your school will be spoiled for choice by first-class museums and attractions. ...

Science and Maths trips to the USA with Equity

USA, North America
History, Business, Cultural, Citizenship

Your students may only think of New York as a major shopping destination but it offers many opportunities to extend their knowledge of Politics. ...

Politics New York

Italy, Switzerland, Europe, USA, Far East, North America

We can offer a range of budget-friendly, educational school computing trips for Key Stage 3 and 4, all designed to inspire your students in the core study areas for information and communication technology, outside the classroom. ...

Computing School Trips

Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Europe, USA, Far East, North America

Business studies is a popular GCSE and A Level choice for many students. Business studies school trips give pupils the opportunity to learn about finance, marketing, human resources and a whole lot more. Enjoy talks and tours from Paris to Beijing. ...

School Business Trip


Take a trip to Orlando and your students will have an unforgettable experience. The Kennedy Space Centre will undoubtedly be the highlight of your trip! ...

Orlando Science Themed Trip

Belgium, Germany, Italy, Europe, USA

Citizenship study programmes help teachers inspire their students with a range of interesting and educational lectures, visits, and tours. Popular choices include EU & history trips to Brussels and Germany and many schools combine Citizenship & MFL....

Citizenship School Trip

Belgium, France, Italy, USA

Take your music group overseas and perform in front of international crowds across Europe or the USA. At Equity, we offer music tours to inspiring destinations such as Lake Garda and Salzburg, where your group can take part in rehearsals, workshops a...

Music Trips with Equity

Design Technology, Business, Cultural, Art

Drawing in people from all areas of the world, New York offers a diverse cultural identity completely different from any other city in the USA. A truly fantastic destination for college and university trips. ...

New York- University Trip

Design Technology, Art

Equity's Art and Design tours to New York allow your students to fully explore all this amazing city has to offer. The famous skyline, incredible museums, Central Park or the Brooklyn Bridge – there are many inspirational settings for students. ...

Equity Art & Design trip to New York

Class visit to New York

The island of Manhattan, is just one of the five famous boroughs that make up the American city of New York. As school trip destinations go, NYC or the Big Apple is an educational paradise, with learning opportunities everywhere you look.

For Art and Design students, there are historic buildings, contemporary art installations and world famous art collections at every turn. Economics and Business Studies students can visit New York institutions like Wall Street or the Museum of American Finance. If Performing Arts is your subject then we probably don't need to tell you about Broadway, the Lincoln Centre for Performing Arts, nor the numerous television studio tours that are available.

As well as all the first class educational venues, no New York city tour would be complete without some sightseeing for your students. Why not visit Times Square, Central Park, take a boat excursion, or simply wander the diverse streets to take in the sights, sounds and tastes of this incredible city.

italy florence

On a visit to Jamestown in Williamsburg, pupils on a school trip to the USA can see for themselves the spot where the original European settlers built their first English colony over 400 years ago. Despite being established all those years ago, this colony is still of fundamental importance today, as their language, customs, government and principles are still prevalent within America's culture. The pupils can become pioneers at Jamestown Settlement the living-history museum, as the children can experience what it was truly like for the first settlers. The children gain the chance to dress like the explorers as they can wear English armour, and can even jump aboard replicas of traditional ships. When they arrive on land they will find actual life-size recreations of a Powhatan village, and a colonist fort they can explore.

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As the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Atlanta, Georgia is a perfect place to take any year group during a school trip to the USA, as the teachings of Martin Luther King are universally important. The Civil Rights Movement is a crucial part of American history, and therefore is a large part of the School Curriculum. Consequently, visiting the museum could be extremely beneficial to your pupils' academic studies. Having the opportunity to see first-hand the city where many of the pivotal events in The Civil Rights Movement took place definitely brings the horrendous past events to life. In addition, in line with his teachings the museum promotes peace as it is also the Centre for Nonviolent Social Change. Consequently, the children are also educated on the paramount life lessons and principles which were taught by Martin Luther King; that violence is not necessary, and that we must treat all others with respect and compassion.

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New York
The National Museum of the American Indian is a must-see as the pupils have a chance to discover the culture and history of the Native Americans. You are educated on their languages, literature and arts and values giving you a further understanding of their way of life. Furthermore, the children can pay their respects to the people who were tragically killed in 9/11 at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. Moreover, the children can gain the opportunity to see the infamous Statute of Liberty on Liberty Island in New York Harbour. An infamous figure who has represented freedom to many, and has offered a welcoming hand to countless immigrants who have traveled from fair away lands.

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Savannah has a rich, and sometimes haunting history of the slave trade and the Civil War. You can visit the Savannah History Museum during a school trip, which is situated in an old antebellum train depot, and was the very place where the Confederate troops were forced to pluck up their courage, and leave for the battlefields of North Virginia those many years ago. There the children can marvel over the collection of Civil War artifacts. The children can also go inside the First African Baptist Church (1773), which is the oldest black church in the whole of America. There the children can learn about Savannah's haunting history and the Church's historical and religious significance.

italy sorrento

The Charleston Museum was established in 1773 and is the first ever museum in America. It was created on the eve of The American Revolution and is greatly associated with the important local scientific figures of the time. The aim was to preserve and represent the culture and history of Charleston, and more generally, the state of South Carolina. You can also visit Middleton Place, which is an old 18th Century rice plantation and National Historic Landmark. There you can gaze in awe at the astonishing gardens which are America's oldest landscaped gardens, and learn about the important history behind the plantation as you visit the Museum and the Stableyards.

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