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The best austrian resorts for school groups

Austria is currently the second most popular destination for school skiing holidays. Located in the heart of the Alps, Austria is a mountainous country that has built a long standing and well deserved reputation for high quality, friendly and fun ski resorts; ideal for skiers of all abilities. Many ski operators have worked hard to develop school ski trip programmes to Austria's many popular ski resorts, meaning you really are spoiled for choice! Find out more about why you should choose Austria for your next trip below and read our detailed guide to the best seven ski resorts for schools in Austria!

Après Ski in an Austrian Resort

The term après ski is often associated with rowdy drinking in bars, but once the skiing is over for the day, there are plenty of child friendly activities on offer for your school group in Austria. The packages will include an evening entertainment programme, usually along the lines of an evening excursion or quizz night. Then of course there will be the ubiquitous school disco, and if you are lucky, your accommodation may have access to an indoor pool.

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Ski Trips with Equity

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France, Italy, Austria, Andorra, Norway, USA and Canada. Our school ski courses introduce children to a new, exciting sport helping them to develop skills both physically and emotionally.

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Ski Trips with Equity

School groups will experience plenty of variety when skiing in Austria amongst the stunning scenery and picturesque mountain villages. A great feature is that ski schools have a dedicated instructor for your group for the entirety of your stay. ...

Ski Austria with Equity

France, Italy, Austria, Andorra, Norway, USA and Canada. Our school ski courses introduce children to a new, exciting sport helping them to develop skills both physically and emotionally. ...

Ski Trips with Equity

Snowboarding Option

Austria has a reputation for being the place to go if you want to snowboard and remain in the Alps, the runs and facilities are also a little less hardcore than in some countries too, so perfect for school groups with limited experience of winter sports. If you do wish to give your students the choice between skiing and snowboarding, check with the operator first as some do offer snowboarding as an option.

Austrian Cuisine

The food shouldn't trouble you too much - kids will eat anything right? ha! Thankfully, when it comes to food the Austrians have know what they are doing. Living and undertaking high engergy sports in a high mountain environment means you are going to need more than a slice of toast and simple packed lunch to get you through the day. That's where all those hams, salamis, museli, sweet pastries and fruit come in useful at breakfast time. Plenty of gulasch, dumplings, spatzle and Kaiserschmarrn along the way and nobody will be complaining of hunger. Most operators will offer you full board, so make sure to enquire about any special dietry requirements for your group.

Five reasons to choose Austria for your next school ski trip...

Cost – While you will find expensive resorts in every country, typically you can expect your money to go further in Austria.

Facilities – All the resorts you will find on offer for your school trip will include great facilities such as well maintained pistes, excellent transport links, a good range of ski runs for beginners, and great lift systems.

Cross curricular – Being in a German speaking country, provides an excellent opportunity for your students to practice and improve their language skills.

Reliable snow – Although Austria resorts are not always particularly high, great snow conditions are typical in almost all of the ski resorts available to your school group.

Great atmosphere – Many Austrian ski resorts remain very traditional in their look and feel because the villages pre-date mass tourism. Restaurants and cafes, as well as much of the accommodation, have a distinctly Austrian feel to them, giving a real sense of place.

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