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Looking for an exciting alternative to the annual ski trip? Interested in taking your school group on a Nordic Adventure? On this page we feature a selection of challenging, educational, fun and engaging Nordic region tours. Whether your are looking for something geographical or geological, scientific, or simply a unique cultural experience that will stay with your students for a lifetime, we can help you discover an arctic tour tailor made for your school group.

The Nordic region, or the Northern lands, is made up of the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, plus Finland, Iceland and Greenland. While the Nordic countries have a colder climate than our own, compared to other parts of the Arctic at a similar latitude, the temperatures can be relatively mild, especially for those areas that are influenced the the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream. So assuming you aren't travelling in December, you shouldn't be too frozen!

Norway School Trips - Experience vast mountain ranges and deep Fjords and breath-taking rugged coastlines. Students usually stay in Bergen, typical highlights include Jostedal Ice Field and the Folgefonn glacier
Finland Expedition - Typical activities include a range of winter sports, snow shoe treks, cross country skiing, and adventures in a remote northern wilderness
Greenland Adventure - Polar bears, icebergs, husky rides and a geologist's paradise
Sweden School Tour - Visit an ice hotel, witness the mesmerising Aurora Borealis and enjoy some shopping in cosmopolitan Stockholm
Icelandic Adventures - Active volcanoes, spectacular waterfalls and towering glaciers, the archetypal land of ice and fire

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Iceland Land of Fire, Ice & Magic

Iceland Land of Fire, Ice & Magic

Iceland, the land of fire and Ice is a perfect location for study tours of all kinds – from geology to geography. With diverse terrain and masses of learning opportunities at every step, Iceland is a really popular destination for students. ...
Iceland Land of Fire, Ice & Magic

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