Prehistory school trips

Stone Age, Iron Age, and Bronze Age Britain

A relatively new and incredibly popular subject to the National Curriculum for Primary Schools is the subject area of Prehistory. On the following page we will take a look at what time period constitutes Prehistory, what was happening in the UK during this time, and most importantly, we will discuss the types of Prehistory school trips and outreach projects that are available to UK schools at Key Stage 1 and 2.

The period known as Prehistory is generally seen as the time before written records were made and kept. For us here in the UK, this means the people who inhabited our islands before the Romans arrived: The people of the Iron Age; The Bronze Age; and the Stone Age.

Although it is true that the further back in time we go, the less information we have to read about and the fewer examples we have to look at, there is still a wealth of information available to school children, and to help teachers add value to their prehistory topics.

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