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Here in the UK we are lucky to have such a choice of great museums that schools can visit, and world institutions such as the British Museum are a great place for schools to study Classics. However, for the ultimate learning experience, every school that is serious about teaching their students about the ancient world should think about offering a school trip to one or more of the European cities where evidence from the Classical period can still be seen and experienced.

Despite Classics not being considered a foundation subject within the National Curriculum, every school pupil will encounter the Greeks or Romans, whether through historical study, art history or language, and many secondary schools choose to allocate time for Classical Studies.

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School Trip to Rome and the Bay of Naples

Capital of the Roman Empire and Catholicism, Rome is a fantastic school trip destination, particularly for students of Classics and RE. And with Pompeii & Vesuvius amongst its many archaeological and geological treasures, the Bay of Naples is a must!

Where else but the Italian capital could you find such an abundance of awe-inspiring architecture, fascinating ancient history and cosmopolitan culture? Rome is a truly breathtaking and magical city, for centuries the centre of Western civilisation and today a popular destination for students of Art, Architecture, History, the Classics and Religious Studies, not to mention Italian. Founded by Romulus in 753 BC, today, Rome’s historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains impressive examples of architectural splendour from all eras of the city’s extensive history. Whether it’s the Colosseum or Circus Maximus, the Forum or Pantheon, each striking symbols of ancient Rome, the sovereign state of Vatican City, home of course to the Pope, St Peter’s Basilica and the stun...

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School Trip to Rome and the Bay of Naples

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History, Cultural, Classics

A classics trip to Sorrento is a fantastic opportunity to explore world-famous archaeological sites, geological wonders, incredible food and a beautiful coastline. ...

Classics and History Trip to Italy

Science, History, Cultural, Art, Classics

Inspire your students with a tailor made trip to Greece - with its incredible archaeological sites, islands of extreme beauty, historic villages and some of the greatest food you’ll ever consume, an array of educational activities await your school...

School Trips in Greece with Gapforce

History, Religious Education, Art, Classics

A Classics and History trip to Rome will enrich your student’s understanding of Rome's long and colourful past, from the ancient world of the Romans, through to the Renaissance and the more recent Fascist movement under Mussolini. ...

History and Classics trips to Rome with Equity

Italy, Europe
History, Geography, Geology, Classics

Azzuri skies, piazzas, pizza and gelati .....Italy is a fantastic destination for an educational school trip! Inspired Travel offer bespoke itineraries to this exciting region - to make the most of, and enjoy, the best that Italy can offer....

Sorrento and the Bay of Naples

History, Geography, Cultural, Classics

With 30 years experience sending thousands of teachers and students to Italy on tours that are educationally rich, our expert travel specialists will be delighted to provide you a with once-in-a-lifetime tailor-made experience. ...

Bay of Naples

History, Religious Education, Languages, Cultural, Art, Classics

Rome with visits galore. Too many highlights to list them all but you will not be short of wow factors on this tour. Vatican City & Sistine Chapel with St Paul’s, Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum and then why not take the time to go and see Pompei...

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Best Locations for a School Classics Tour

School Classics Tours offer students a memorable opportunity to experience the ancient, traditional and modern day cultures, in close proximity. In Italy, The Colosseum and the Forum sit in the heart of Rome, and the twin sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum are a short hop from a base in Naples or Sorrento. In Greece, The Acropolis and Parthenon sit in the heart of the Greek capital, Athens. Italy and Greece are the most popular destinations for students studying Classics but schools can visit other locations such as the island of Sicily, the South of France and Turkey.

Classics and the School Curriculum

Ancient Greek and Roman ruins can be seen in the heart of modern day Greece and Italy, and are woven into the language, literature and art. These two countries once dominated this part of the world, and gave rise to what we now think of as civilisation and democracy. Their wealth and knowledge was displayed in the stone theatres and temples that can still be seen to this day. Schools could visit these locations many times over and never run out of different ways of engaging their students through different aspects of the Classics curriculum.

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