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Study Physics, Chemisty or Biology outside the classroom

Science can definitely be one of the more difficult school subjects in which to inspire and engage pupils. It certainly was at my school, where an unfortunate trio of drab individuals failed spectacularly to deliver what was actually a thoroughly fascinating subject. Often, scientific ideas are quite complicated to fully understand, especially for children at primary level, so practical work is essential. In addition, a recent report issued by the Association for Science Education (ASE) concluded that outdoor learning was necessary when teaching science. Giving pupils the ability to directly link first hand experience with classroom ideas will enable pupils at any key stage to get the most from the subject.

Fortunately there are a wide range of excellent venues that will help your pupils develop a love of science, from the traditional, such as wildlife centres promoting biodiversity, and transport museums who chart the historical development of scientific achievement, to the more modern dedicated science centres who offer high tech, interactive classroom style learning. Whether your science topic is Life processes and living things, investigation, materials and properties, physical properties, or Earth and space. We can help with inspiration.

We have divided our school visit recommendations between the three core areas of science, though there is a fair amount of cross over between each so be sure to take a look at all three.

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popular in December 2021 !

Ackers Adventure Residential centre

Ackers Adventure is an Adventurous Activity Centre just 2 miles from the centre of Birmingham. A 75 acre site offering numerous facilities such as climbing walls,ski slope & residential centre, making Ackers a totally unique venue for a school trip.

Ackers has its own 26-bed self-catering residential centre this can be booked on its own or you could let us help you build a package of Activities to keep you occupied during the day. We can cater for anything from a full activity package of climbing, Watersports, Zip wires etc to a one of activity or field trip analysing the different habitats of a Canal, River and Pond. Or what about a Ski trip in Birmingham, or a morning fishing for Plastic in the Grand Union Canal to help the environment finished off with a round of Disc golf on our Nine hole course the possibilities are endless....

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Ackers Adventure Residential centre

science chemistry

Chemistry in the class room doesn't need to be about trawling through text books or trying to memorise the periodic table, practical activities are fun and help motivate pupils to learn and enjoy the subject.
Chemistry Trips...

science physics

Physics governs our every day lives, so making the connection between mathematical formulas that make your brain hurt, and the physics of the every day is really important to every child's understanding.
Physics Trips...

science biology

Museums, zoos, wildlife centres or simply the local natural environment, no matter where you take your pupils you can be sure that showing them Biology first hand will prove more popular than a text book.
Biology Trips...

science environmental

The courses in this section will provide your students with practical experience that will improve their understanding of environmental sciences.
Environmental Science Trips...

Primary Science

When looking for your KS1 and KS2 science school trips, there are a few things to consider: how will the trip fit into our curriculum for the year, and will it give the school children an enriching learning experience? Plan My School Trip works with a number of science venues, science museums and science workshops that offer the type of learning outcome you are looking to achieve.

When working with KS1 you are looking for them to gain an understanding of the natural science and physical science that is all around them. This can be achieved in various ways and at various venues around the UK. Working scientifically can be learnt through various science workshops and most science museums and technology centres can offer the right worksheets and tools to help you achieve this.

To get an idea of some of the venues that can cater for your next school visit please have a look at some of the venues within our Biology, Physics and Chemistry sections above.

Secondary Science

KS3 and KS4 science trips are great fun and have many enriching activities for students to take part in. The science venues we work with create interactive learning experiences coupled with curriculum based workshops. Most students are learning about Biology, Chemistry and Physics and the day trip venues we work with cover off all of these subject areas.

If you are looking at a biology topic for your school trip then an environmental centre is a great place to visit as it offers a wide range of activities where students can immerse themselves in the natural habitat. For Chemistry school trips you can go to various Science museums to learn about the history of chemistry and also the latest chemistry procedures and techniques. With Physics then an observatory is ideal to go to on your school trip as they are very interactive and have some fantastic displays to view.

Bespoke Science Workshops for Schools
Summer Term 2019 Science Workshops

Bespoke hands on school science workshops offer primary school children a creative and immersive learning experience.

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Seven Years at the MAD Museum
Summer Term 2019 Science Day Trips

The MAD Museum's impact on school groups and the creative way in which they work.

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Inspire your students to take up a career in STEM at CERN
Autumn Term 2019 Science Overseas

Find out how CERN could be the answer to igniting your students' interest in the world of STEM

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STEM coding workshops
Autumn Term 2019 Science Workshops

STEMbotics gives students an introduction to the world of STEM with opportunities to design, build and code their own unique robots

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Workshops at Drayton Manor Zoo
Autumn Term 2019 Science Day Trips

Discover how multi-sensory learning experiences at Drayton Manor can benefit your class during a school trip.

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What to expect from a visit to CERN
Spring Term 2020 Science Overseas

Immersive visits to the fascinating CERN facilities plus the best visits in the region, helping you make the most of your time.

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Mindfulness Nature Discovery Days
Spring Term 2020 Science Day Trips

Lee Valley invite you to experience their 10,000 acre classroom and tell us about their new mindfulness nature discovery days programme.

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Learn to Fly
Spring Term 2020 Science Day Trips

iFLY's STEM packages get full marks, and for British Science Week, we're offering 15% off the ultimate school trip!

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Educational Visits at Frogmore Paper Mill
Autumn Term 2021 Science Day Trips

Paper Weaving, Braille, Paper under the Microscope, Industrial Revolution and Victorian Working Life in the Mill, Local History, the Canals

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