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If you are located in London or the South East of England, the obvious choice for an overseas school trip is probably France. For plenty of schools in Wales, the North West of England and even Scotland, however, a school trip to Ireland may be a much easier prospect with a coach load of children.

So what makes Ireland great for school trips?

Flights may be cheap enough to consider, if booked far enough in advance, especially if Dublin is your destination. Most schools will travel by coach and take the ferry across the Irish Sea. There are ferries departing from Liverpool and Holyhead, Fishguard, Pembroke and Swansea, and Troon. Delivering you to Dublin, Rosslare, Cork, Larne and Belfast.

Once you get across the water, the opportunities available to your students are plentiful. Although we could easily fill another website with the many exciting venues Ireland has to offer, below you will find a sample of those that we consider to be able to offer up the best experiences for your class.

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Carlingford Adventures

We have been providing amazing school trips for nearly 30 years with hundreds of thousands of schools kids having passed through our doors. It's not just Ireland and the UK that we receive students from with recent schools and groups travelling from Mexico, China, Russia, Canada and across Europe. Interestingly some schools may be able to avail of funding for international travel so a trip to us can actually cost less than travelling to a local Adventure Centre! Add to that the aspects of history contained within our Medieval village, nature surrounding us in the Mountain ranges and Lough and an area also steeped in mythology and culture....

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Carlingford Adventures

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Ireland, Europe
Physical Education, Activities

Kippure Estate’s Environmental Education Centre is located deep in the heart of the stunning Wicklow Mountains. Specialising in providing the best Physical Education trips for children of all ages and exceptional Geography and Biology visits too. ...

Environmental Education Adventure Centre

Ireland, Europe

Dublinia is an great historical experience you will never forget, located at the heart of Dublin City and is certainly one of the best Viking and Medieval venues around. ...

Viking and Medieval Dublin

Ireland, Europe
English, Physical Education, Activities

One of the top Adventure Centers in the British Isles with over 40 adventure activities on Land, Sea & Sky. Facilities also include a 250-bed hostel. All are situated within Carlingford a small village in the scenic Cooley Mountains ...

Carlingford Adventures


Dublin is a treasure trove of theatrical and literary delights! Home to some of the most influential names across literature from Bram Stoker to Oscar Wilde. Dublin also boasts both modern and historical theatres for students to explore and enjoy. ...

Dublin - English and Drama School Trips

Ireland, Europe
History, Business

School trips to Belfast will give your students an insight into the politics, the conflict and the violence that troubled this otherwise vibrant city for many years. ...

Belfast History & Politics

Ireland, Europe
English, History, Languages

Dublin makes an excellent destination for English literature students wanting to explore the literary world. Europe for Schools helps you bring the subject to life with visits to the birth places of James Joy ...

English in Dublin

English, History

Dublin is the vibrant and fun-loving city that wins the hearts of the thousands who visit each year. Rich with unique history, fantastic buildings and a modern economic boom this enchanting city perfectly couples tradition with a modern twist....


Activities, Physical Education

Ballyhass Adventure Group is Irelands leading outdoor experience providers. A trip to our Ballyhass Mallow location will include Land, Water & Height activities each day. Our variety and quantity of instructor lead activities are what sets us apart. ...

Ballyhass Mallow Activity Centre
ireland derry

This ancient city, which won the title of 'UK City of Culture 2013', is an unmissable cultural heritage site for any school trip to Ireland. The walls were finished in 1618 and were designed to defend the Plantation city against the Irish chieftains. Additionally, the city played its part in the Second World War as the Allies' most westerly naval base. The pupils can also see the city's 24 original cannons which are situated on the surrounding walls. Moreover, there are many other spectacular sights to be seen during a school trip to this city, such as the stunning Saint Columb's Cathedral, the grand Guildhall, and the stimulating Tower Museum.

ireland history

Stone Age Archaeology
As part of a school history trip to Ireland, why not explore Ireland's rich heritage as you can discover Fermanagh and Tyrone's mystifying stones and earthwork, and the bewildering 7 Beaghmore Bronze Age Circles. The pupils can also marvel at the idols in Lough Erne on Boa and White islands. Furthermore, you can see Fermanagh Lake which was commonly used by Neolithic and early Christian Celts as burial and dwelling sites.

ireland dublin

Dublin Castle
The original castle was built in the 13th century on a site which had been settled on by the Vikings. It operated as a treasury, law courts, a prison, a military fortress, and also the seat of English administration in Ireland for 700 years. It was rebuilt again in the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. The castle now hosts prestigious Presidential Inaugurations and State receptions. On school trip you can also visit the Chapel Royal, the State Apartments, Undercroft, and the Heritage Centre which all give a further insight into the cultural and historical importance of the castle.

ireland farming

Muckross Traditional Farms
These real working farms allow school children to see first-hand the old farming traditions of rural Ireland. The children are brought back in time as they visit three different farms which have old-style farming machinery, and a range of farm animals. The pupils can converse with the real farmers and their wives and learn how they work, live and preserve these great Irish farming traditions.

ireland belfast

Parliament Belfast
The Parliament Buildings have historical, political and architectural significance and fit well into any citizenship topics you may be studying. It holds the Northern Ireland Assembly, which is the legislative body for Northern Ireland (founded under the Belfast Agreement 1998 or Good Friday Agreement). Consequently, it was purposely build in 1921 to accommodate the newly formed Government of Northern Ireland.

ireland fort

Charles Fort
Charles Fort is situated 3km from Kinsale in Southern Ireland, and is a perfect example of a late 17th century star-shaped fort to show your pupils. In 1973 the fort was officially declared a National Monument which demonstrates its significance. The fort has been a part of some of the greatest pivotal historical events in Irish history, for instance the Williamite War (1689-91) and the Civil War (1922-23).

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