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Inspiring areas of geographical study

Geography teachers are often the most inspiring of teachers as they get to share truly wonderful information. Who could fail to be impressed when thinking about a billion people living in India, or that there is 120,000 years worth of ice on the Greenland ice sheet.

So many people link a life long interest in the subject to a great teacher they used to have at school. Make sure you are that geography teacher by taking your class on a visit that will live long in their memory. You will be providing an excellent opportunity for them to gain first hand experiences through geographical enquiry that encourages them to investigate and think critically about what they are seeing. When related to work in the classroom, a geographical field trip will help make the curriculum more meaningful. Many of the venues we list offer tried and tested workshops, or even tailor the visit to suit your lesson plans.

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FSC Digital and Outreach

If you can’t come to us at the moment maybe we can come to you. Our outreach packages bring our expert staff to your school or alternatively access our excellent teaching without leaving the classroom through our range of digital packages.

We have a range of new courses so your students can complete fieldwork in a covid-secure way. Outreach - With our Outreach packages our expert staff will come to your school. Working in your school grounds or local area your tutor will ensure that your students get a hands-on learning experience in a Covid-secure way. Blended - Our Blended packages give you the best of both worlds; access to video lessons to introduce the fieldwork enquiry, before spending the day working with one of our expert tutors in the field. Advanced Digital - Our Advanced Digital packages gives you access to a fully FSC-led virtual field trip to one of our spectacular field sites. Our video lessons will guide students through the enquiry process, giving you time to focus on supporting your learners. Digital -...

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FSC Digital and Outreach

human geography

Get under the skin of human geography with a range of visit options desinged to showcase key elements of the subject and to help you put classroom learning into context.
Human Geography Trips...

physical geography

Our landscapes are alive with with easily observable physical geographical processes and contain abundant evidence for historic events including glaciation and volcanism.
Physical Geography Trips...

climate geography

If this area of study isn't already one of the most important in geography, it soon will be and lots of opportunities exist to learn outside the classroom.
Environmental Geography...

field studies geography

The courses in this section will provide your students with practical experience that will improve their understanding of environmental issues.
Field Studies Trips...

We have split our geography school visits between physical and human geography, though there is certainly some crossover. We have also added a category for climate and energy, reflecting the growing importance in the themes and the associated demand for relevant field trips.

Primary Geography

At primary school level, from Early Years through to Key Stage 2, the study of geography as a subject is all about learning about the world we live in in terms of where we are and how places change over time. The scale of the subject and all the possible topics that you can teach can be overwhelming. You may have a very specific physical geography topic in mind, such a the study of climate zones, volcanoes and earthquakes or extreme weather. Perhaps for your human geography topic you are looking at human environments, settlements and land use, or economic activity. Take a look at the relevant section above for plenty more ideas for primary school geography trips and workshops.

Secondary Geography

By the time students get to Key Stage 3 and 4, they should have a good grasp of the broader aspects of geography and classwork can begin digging deeper in to various subject areas, especially the interactions between human and physical geography. We work with a variety of UK specialists who can teach geographical topics to GCSE and beyond. Take a look at the subject areas above to discover a wealth of teaching resources, searchable by Key Stage and location.

Field Studies Council 2019
Spring Term 2019 Geography Residential

Jess from the Field Studies Council talks to us about the latest exciting new changes and events taking place throughout 2019.

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Using technology to bring subjects to reality, virtually
Spring Term 2019 Geography Workshops

Virtual Reality is changing the way we teach topics like science and history. We interview the UKs leading VR school workshop company.

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Mindfulness Nature Discovery Days
Spring Term 2020 Geography Day Trips

Lee Valley invite you to experience their 10,000 acre classroom and tell us about their new mindfulness nature discovery days programme.

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Virtual Reality and Home Schooling
Spring Term 2020 Geography Workshops

In addition to worksheets and reading, you might be looking for some alternative learning experiences for your children

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