Geography school trips

human geography Human Get under the skin of human geography with a range of visit options desinged to showcase key elements of the subject and to help you put classroom learning into context.
physical geography Physical Our landscapes are alive with with easily observable physical geographical processes and contain abundant evidence for historic events including glaciation and volcanism.
climate geography Climate If this area of study isn't already one of the most important in geography, it soon will be and lots of opportunities exist to learn outside the classroom.
field studies geography FieldStudies The courses in this section will provide your students with practical experience that will improve their understanding of environmental issues.

Inspiring areas of geographical study

Geography teachers are often the most inspiring of teachers as they get to share truly wonderful information. Who could fail to be impressed when thinking about a billion people living in India, or that there is 120,000 years worth of ice on the Greenland ice sheet.

So many people link a life long interest in the subject to a great teacher they used to have at school. Make sure you are that geography teacher by taking your class on a visit that will live long in their memory. You will be providing an excellent opportunity for them to gain first hand experiences through geographical enquiry that encourages them to investigate and think critically about what they are seeing. When related to work in the classroom, a geographical field trip will help make the curriculum more meaningful. Many of the venues we list offer tried and tested workshops, or even tailor the visit to suit your lesson plans.

We have split our geography school visits between physical and human geography, though there is certainly some crossover. We have also added a category for climate and energy, reflecting the growing importance in the themes and the associated demand for relevant field trips.

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Hengistbury Head Outdoor Education Centre
Hengistbury Head Outdoor Education Centre
Hengistbury Head Outdoor Education Centre

Hengistbury Head Outdoor Education Centre
Field Studies starting at Key Stage 2 all the way through to GCSE controlled assessments and A Level. Outdoor Activities include Sailing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Climbing, Archery, Raft Building, Windsurfing, Rowing, High Ropes, Low Ropes, Zip Wire and Fan Jump. Safety is our top priority, that's why all of our activities are run by fully qualified and experienced instructors, we are accredited by relevant national governing bodies and the Centre is inspected regularly. ...Details & Enquire

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