School ski trip to USA & Canada

The best American and Canadian resorts for school groups

The USA and Canada offer some of the best skiing locations in the world and have long been a go to choice for schools wanting to head further afield for their ski school trip to the USA and Canada as a destination. The Rocky mountain range is one of the most famous in the world and they have been providing ski school trips for many years catering for all requirements for you school.

If you are in the process of deciding where to take you ski school trip then we will have some of the best choices here from some of the best USA and Canada ski school trip providers in the country. They will look after all of you needs and have the best prices you will come across. Read our detailed guides to the best six resorts for school groups in the USA and Canada

Take in the local culture as well as the beautiful scenery while you are on you ski school trip in either the USA or Canada for your ski school trip; if you are thinking of taking a ski trip this year think a bit further afield and take a look at some of the options below.

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France is a fantastic destination for a school ski trip with a huge variety of resorts that offer the complete school ski experience, from famous names like Les Deux Alpes, La Plagne and Tignes, to lesser-known gems like Pra Loup and Superdevoluy.

French resorts have a long history of catering for school groups and providing all aspects of an unforgettable ski trip. Excellent lift facilities allow groups easy access around resorts, as well as an abundance of evening activities to keep your group entertained after a day on the slopes. A sch...

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HTS Total Ski
HTS Total Ski

As well as being the undisputed Austrian school ski trip experts, we are pleased to present the most extensive ranges of resorts and hotels in Switzerland and Italy....

HTS Total Ski

Service, price and top, hand-picked ski resorts combine when you choose Ski Adaptable for your next school ski trip. We treat your group as individual, and we will work with you to make sure your group has the best possible ski trip....

Ski Adaptable
Equity Ski
Equity Ski

France, Italy, Austria, Spain, Andorra, Norway, USA and Canada. Our school ski courses introduce children to a new, exciting sport helping them to develop skills both physically and emotionally. ...

Equity Ski

We’re the biggest school ski operator in North America and this year we took schools from all across the UK, to resorts from as far as West Coast Californian resorts to big-name East Coast mountains, as well as Canadian gems. ...

Equity Ski - America & Canada

Food and Culture USA

When you think of the USA and Canada most people think burgers, hotdogs and BBQ well you'’'re not far off world famous for their prime cuts of beef and “scratch making” their own burgers food is a huge part of life in resort in the USA and Canada which you will experience on your ski school trip. The culture in the USA and Canada is quite similar to the UK and you will experience first class hospitality from some of the leading ski school trip providers in the USA and Canada.

Ski conditions in the USA and Canada are always very good and very rarely will you find pistes without powder, the same can be said for Canada so choosing you ski school trip to either the USA or Canada is a pretty safe bet for getting the maximum amount of ski time in you trip.

Five reasons to choose USA and Canada for your next school ski trip...

The Skiing Conditions – One of the main reasons is the amazing ski conditions that you will experience, very rarely do you have anything less than amazing powder when you go to the USA or Canada on you ski school trip and the mountain ranges are just incredible!

The Food – As we mentioned earlier USA and Canada are famed for their generous portions and home cooking, you will probably never taste BBQ or Burgers better anywhere else than in this area.

Culture – As two countries that are very similar to the UK you will find their culture easy to immerse yourself in with no language barriers to worry about and a similar outlook on life you will find it an amazing experience.

Experience – Most people would put the USA and Canada in their top 5 destinations to travel too why not cross this off your students list and take them for a ski school trip.

Excitement – You have probably got excited reading all about why the USA and Canada are a go to location for a ski school trip and it is probably the one thing that everyone would agree on a USA or Canada ski school trip is something to get excited about and a trip that will make memories to last a lifetime.

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