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From Spelling and Grammar to Saxons & Shakespeare

Literacy is arguably the most important part of our National Curriculum. A good working knowledge and understanding of our first language is critical before we can really begin to explore other areas of the curriculum. A child who struggles with comprehension and communication will not understand what they are being taught in other subject areas, or will find it difficult to explain their answers. They could be naturally gifted for a subject like science, but if without good reading, writing, speaking or listening skills, they are going to be held back.

Clearly the classroom is a great place to teach basic literacy, but the benefits of a school trip, especially once they start to nurture their understanding of the history of language, should not be overlooked. The obvious destination for a school trip with a focus on English Language is the birth place of William Shakespeare; Stratford upon Avon. Also below you will also find inspiration from our other destinations which cover different periods in history, from the Anglo Saxon influence, through to the modern day. If you are looking for a school visit desination that offers high quality educational value for your English trip, you will find it here. Our trips and workshops cater for topics relating to SpaG, Stories and Folktalkes, Theatre and Film and much more.

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