Bushcraft Courses for Schools

Bushcraft, Wilderness and Survival Lessons

Quite a few of the outdoor adventure companies we work with have started adding bushcraft options to their school trip itineraries. Together with specialist bushcraft companies, they are making a great case for the teaching of sustainability and nature awareness courses. Speaking to some of the experts who have designed and run these outdoor bushcraft courses, we love what they have to offer school groups, and are keen to share them with you. We can offer you courses up and down the country, suitable for any key stage, from half day experiences to multi day adventures. We can even send bushcraft specialists to your school to teach your children on the school grounds. Take a look below or get in contact with us for more information.

Children living in urban areas often have very little contact with the great outdoors. Our woodlands and hills, rivers and streams are not part of their daily life, and many kids are completely detached from the natural world. Traditional residential activity holidays are great for getting school kids out in the fresh air, getting muddy, but a new breed of outdoor adventure trips are gaining serious momentum - the bushcraft trip - life without technology!

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