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A typical day on a school ski trip

Skiing holidays have a very social element as ski resorts do have a great nightlife and many social events that take part on the slopes. Typically, on a school ski trip, students will be split into groups relative to their previous experience and ability. Dividing the class into separate groups also enables students to form closer bonds with other students, who they might not normally mix with, and allows each student to be comfortable, which enables them to gain confidence in their own abilities. Furthermore, a school ski trip can also give confidence to students who excel on the slopes and in outdoor activities, but who are perhaps shyer in the classroom.

Each ski trip company will have their own way of dividing up the day and structuring the week but to give you an idea of what to expect on your school skiing trip, you will find our take on a typical day in the article below.


Your group will start the day with a typical continental buffet style breakfast, then it is time to head back to your rooms to get ready for the day ahead.

You are likely to be asked ahead of time to divide your students into groups based upon experience - perhaps beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers. On the first morning, each group will be booted up and kitted out with skis before being introduced to their instructor. Once on the appropriate coloured piste (as you are probably already aware, ski areas are graded typically green, blue, red and black – getting progressively more difficult), the first morning will be spent assessing skill levels so that the rest of the week can be planned.

A typical morning session will include two hours of skiing before it is time for lunch. If you are staying in a clubhotel on or very close to the slopes, you are likely to have more time for actual skiing and will spend less time traveling. You can find more about accommodation choices here.


Depending on your choice of accommodation and ski package, lunch will either be taken at your hotel, at a restaurant on-piste, or could also be a packed lunch, which has been provided by your hostel or hotel. What you get to eat will depend upon which country you have chosen to visit, although Alpine mountain cuisine does tend to transcend international boundaries, with potatoes, meat, pasta and pizza being firm favourites in most resorts you could be staying at.


A further two hours of afternoon skiing are typical, with the children encouraged to further develop their confidence and technical ability, often through fun games and activities.

Evening entertainment or Après-ski

The evening entertainment will very much depend on your resort’s location, they type of accommodation that you are staying in, and the ski school provider that you choose. Evening activities can be anything from evening quizzes and school discos to ice-skating and bowling. Evening entertainment is important as it keeps the students occupied in their free time and allows them to form closer bonds with their fellow students. The reps who will be helping with the organization will know, through experience, exactly how to get the children engaged and enjoying themselves.

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