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Throughout the school year there are a range of nationally and internationally recognised events that can compliment your teaching. These calendared days, weeks or months provide an opportunity to tie-in with coursework or class projects. They may be designed to promote engagement in a particular curriculum subject, such as British Science Week, or as a way of remembering important lessons from the past, as is encouraged by Black History Month.

Educational Value

As a teacher, if you are thinking about making a class visit to a local venue, or brining in a workshop provider, you need to be sure that you can justify the learning experience in terms of educational value. The places and workshops we highlight here at PlanMySchoolTrip all describe how they can meet your Learning Objectives, and how you can get exceptional value from your time with them. See something you like the sound of - with no commitment, it is simple to get more information, prices and availability.

internet safety social media

Safer Internet Day

11 February 2025
Safer Internet Day is worldwide initiative designed to highlight the challenges of our modern day internet and how children especially can safely and responsibly make use of this technology.
View Computing Trips & Workshops..

mental health week balloons

Children's Mental Health Week

1-7 February 2025
Children's mental health week takes place each year in February. The theme for 2024 is, 'My Voice Matters', helping empower children to express themselves and boost their self-esteem..
View PSHE Trips & Workshops..

reading on world book day

World Book Day

6 March 2025
World Book Day is a firm favourite with children. A chance to read and share their favouite books, and in some schools, to dress as their favourite character.
View English & Literacy Book Day Trips & Workshops..

science week experiement

British Science Week

7-16 March 2025
British Science Week promotes STEM subjects, especially for schools. Plan a workshop or school trip to tie-in with British Science Week by visiting our specialist science or STEM pages.
View Science Trips & Workshops..

shakespeare statue

Shakespeare Week

21-27 March 2025
A celebration of the playwright, William Shakespeare. Whether you are studying Macbeth or A Midsummer Night's Dream, find an English trip or workshop to compliment your teaching.
View Shakespeare Trips & Workshops..

maths worksheet

Mathematics & Statistics Awareness Month

April 2025
What's the square root of 225? Quickly.
Help inspire your students with one of these fun but challenging maths experiences.
View Maths & Numeracy Trips & Workshops..

earth day fieldtrip

Earth Day

22 April 2025
On 22nd April the world celebrates Earth Day. Plan a workshop or school trip to tie-in with Earth Day, with plenty of themes relating to sustainability, our environment, and climate change.
View Environmental Trips & Workshops..

museum displays

International Museums Day

18 May 2025
Romans, Tudors or Twentieth Century transport - inspire your class with a museum visit to celebrate International Museums Day!
View Museums Trips..

dinosaur fossil

Dinosaur Day

1 June 2025
Hang out with some dinosaur bones or learn about the discoveries that led to our undersanding of how these incredible creatures once dominated the landscape. National Dionsaur Day celebrates everything Palaeozoic and Mesozoic.
View Dionsaur Trips & Workshops..

Environment Day

5 June 2025
Get your class inspired by World Environment Day, a chance to think about what needs to change and how we might go about changing our ways for the benefit of not too distant future.
View Environment Trips & Workshops..

ocean marine environment

World Oceans Day

8 June 2025
Our Oceans are a rich environment for biodiversity, an invaluable resource for food, and a difficult place to manage. Use World Oceans Day to learn more about the plight of the oceans with your pupils.
View Oceans Trips & Workshops..

healthy eating food

Healthy Eating Week

10-14 June 2024
Support Healthy Eating Week in your classroom by planing a workshop or school trip to cover the topic of healthy eating with your class. We have lots of options available.
View Food Trips & Workshops..

arts week supplies

Arts Week

17-21 June 2024
Take part in a range of creative activities during Arts Week this June. We have a huge range of ideas and inspiration.
View Art Trips & Workshops..

music instrument

World Music Day

21 June 2024
This annual celebration of Music takes place each June and encourages children to listen to and perform music in its many forms. From African Drumming and Mayan Music to creative radio - browse our workshops.
View Music Trips & Workshops..

rainforest creatures

World Rainforest Day

22 June 2024
Judging by the number of requests we get for Rainforest workshops, every school studies these ancient ecosystems and their complex relationship with mankind. Find out more for World Rainforest Day.
View Rainforest Trips & Workshops..

literacy handwriting

International Literacy Day

8 September 2024
This UNESCO initiative takes place to highlight the importance of literacy, in a world where one in five adults are illeterate.
View Literacy Trips & Workshops..

children coding lesson

National Coding Week

23-29 September 2024
National Coding Week - plan a workshop or school trip to join in with improving your pupil's coding and computer skills. We have topics ranging from robotics and cyber security to game design and artificial intelligence.
View Computing Trips & Workshops..

remembering black history

Black History Month

October 2024
October is Black History Month. Celebrate achievements of black people throughout history and remember historic world events.
View Black History Trips & Workshops..

space and astronomy

Space Week

4-10 October 2024
Children love everything to do with space. Fuel their wonder and interest with this wide range of astronomical themed trips and workshops covering everything from the space race to how the Moon affects our ocean tides.
View Space & Physics Trips & Workshops..

recycling for the environment

Recycle Week

21-27 October 2024
Embrace Recycle Week and teach children the importance of taking care of the Earth's resources by reducing waste and reusing important the commodities we take for granted.
View Sustainability Trips & Workshops..

diwali light festival


31 October 2024
Diwali is an Indian lunar celebration of the victory of light over darkness, of good over evil, and of knowledge over ignorance. Diwali is one of many international festivals that Britain has embraced.
Celbrate Diwali..

guy fawkes

Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night

5 November 2024
Remember remember the 5th of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot. Study the Tudors and the life of Guy Fawkes.
View World War Trips & Workshops..

remembrance day poppies

Remembrance Day

11 November 2024
Remembrance Day is observed each year on the 11th day of November and marks the end of the The First World War. Find plenty of workshops and day trips to help your school learn about the World Wars.
View World War Trips & Workshops..

bullying prevention

Anti-Bullying Week

13-17 November 2024
The sad reality is that bullying is an issue for every school. Anti-bullying week aims to highlight the issues associated with bullying, and explore ways to prevent it. Specialist workshops can help you tackle this emotive subject in a constructive and positive way.
View PSHE Trips & Workshops..

christmas calendar


December 2024
Despite retailers best efforts, Christmas is a December celebration. Arrange a pantomime visit or a workshop to learn how Christmas was celebrated in the past.
View Christmas Trips & Workshops..

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Maths Workshops
Maths Workshops
Maths Workshops

Our Hands-On Cross-Curricular Activities are for All Key Stages & Abilities, From EYFS to Sixth Form Making Learning Fun & The Complex Simple. Utilsing Creativity, Problem Solving, Teamwork and Resilience, workshops increase Self Esteem
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Roald Dahl- 12 days of Christmas
Roald Dahl- 12 days of Christmas
Roald Dahl- 12 days of Christmas

This Drama Hut Workshop is aimed at inspiring young writers over the festive season. Let our professional actor, take the children on an adventure to explore the stories and characters created by one of the world’s favourite children’s authors!
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special offer
Walesby Forest
Walesby Forest
Walesby Forest

Walesby Forest is a fun and exciting residential activity centre with over 40 indoor and outdoor adventure activities including water sports, with a wide range of accommodation options, set in 250 acres of woodland in Robin Hood country.
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Mayan Workshops
Mayan Workshops
Mayan Workshops

The Ancient Mayans are explored through their Temple building feats and techniques for cutting and transporting the stone. Structured workshops where the students create large scale reconstructions of iconic architectural landmarks.
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Cosmos in the Classroom - Mobile Inflatable Planetarium
Cosmos in the Classroom - Mobile Inflatable Planetarium
Cosmos in the Classroom - Mobile Inflatable Planetarium

Introducing 'Cosmos in the Classroom' by the University of Hertfordshire! Engage your students with captivating full and half-day planetarium sessions tailored for all ages and key stages, right in your school. SEND friendly.
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