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Computer Science & Information Technology

Computers and information technology are a fundamental part of our everyday lives. Governments, businesses and individuals rely on computer networks and software systems to keep the global economy running, so it is no surprise that computer skills and coding are increasingly important topics taught in the classroom. Job opportunitites for competent computer literate school leavers and graduates are only going to grow, making computing one of the most important curriculum topics for students once they enter the working environment.

To enhance your classroom teaching, there are many computing school trips you can choose that demonstrate how computers have become a vital part of the commercial world. Discover how information technology is used in areas such as problem solving, communication systems and data analysis. Click here for a full list of Computing workshops!

The trips below have a strong computing focus, or have dedicated workshops, shows, or hands on exhibits that will really help your students understand computing in context.

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Let us find the perfect Computing experience for your school trip.

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