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What is Black History Month?

Beginning as a small London-focused tradition in the late 1980s, Black History Month has continued to grow and is now a significant celebration throughout the British Isles.

Black History Month takes place during October and remembers the many significant people and events in the history of black culture, people like Victorian nurse Mary Seacole who served during the Crimean War, former slaves Ignatius Sancho and Olaudah Equiano, and South African leader Nelson Madela. Events like The Long Walk to Freedom, Abolition and Apartheid.

Black History Month teaches us to recognise the history of black people in our country and across the world, but it also celebrates the present and looks to the future. Children are taught that the significant contributions black people have made and continue to make to our nation should be respected and admired.

To help your school learn about black history and African culture, not just in October but throughout the school year, we have a number of specialist school workshops who can visit your class and share their considerable knowledge.




Online school workshop
History, Twentieth Century, Significant Individuals, Performing Arts

Together we will dive in the lives and influences of some of history's most inspiring heroes - Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela. Black History Month is a time to recognise past struggles, and celebrate incredible achievement. ...

Black History Month/Long Walk to Freedom

Online school workshop
Citizenship, English, Maths, Geography, Human Geography, Physical Geography, Environmental Geography, Religious Education, Art, PSHE, Farm

Our hands on, engaging and creative workshops on Fairtrade, Black History and other topical global development issues are differentiated for all Key Stages. 100% of our workshops have been rated good or outstanding by teachers. ...

Global Citizens- the world in your classroom

Online school workshop
Citizenship, History, Twentieth Century, Performing Arts, Dance, Music, Physical Education, PSHE, SEN

African dance workshops for schools help enrich your pupil's learning from £1.43 per pupil. These workshops link with Black History Month or Africa and can be booked at any time during the school year. ...

African Dance Workshops

Online school workshop
English, Geography, SEN

Discover Africa with PrimeVR! Visit the Pyramids in Egypt, Turmi market in Ethiopia, giraffes in the Serengeti, gorillas in the Congo and Victoria Falls in Tanzania. Bring the school trip to you! Ask about our coronavirus risk assessment. ...

Discover Africa VR Workshop

Online school workshop
Citizenship, Music

Join the drum circle with our African drumming workshop. ...

African Drumming

Online school workshop
History, worldwar, Significant Individuals

The Drama Hut offers on-site school workshops, encouraging learning in a creative environment. With a wide range of topics to choose from, let us create a unique learning experience for your school. ...

Mary Seacole-Black History Month

Online school workshop
Citizenship, History, Dance, Music, Art

Celebrate Black History Month this October with an African drumming workshop and African mask painting and dance workshops. ...

Black History month

Online school workshop
Citizenship, Dance, Art

Our interactive African mask painting workshop can also be combined with our African mask dance workshop. Perfect for celebrating Black History Month. ...

African Masks

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