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Placing an advert is quick and easy. We will give you access to a secure page containing a simple form, which will allow you to enter the full details of your venue or tour. We guide you through the type of information that teachers and party leaders will be most interested in, to give you the best chance of securing lots of enquiries.

Educational Trips

The best thing about Plan My School Trip is the quality of the venues we offer. Other sites are happy to promote destinations that are more concerned about how much money the school will generate for them in the gift shop or cafe, rather than how they can enrich the learning experience of the children who are visiting. Because teachers know that our venues have genuine educational value, you can be sure that your trip is being viewed as a worthy destination.

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Adverts run for a full twelve months, and you are free to change your information as often as you like. We also invite you to take advantage of our special offers feature to really give your venue an extra boost if you have something exciting to share. We find that venues offering special deals for teachers get extra visibility, and more clicks from teachers.

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