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Wildlife, Safaris and Sea Life Centres

Obviously, seeing a troop of monkeys remove the wipers from the coach is going to be the highlight of your day out for a lot of children, but there is plenty more to be gained from trip to study the local, and not so local, wildlife. This section covers zoos and safari parks, sea life centres, as well as places to study British wildlife. If you want to study animals, birds, or fish, as part of key stage 2, 3 and 4 science, then see below for inspiration.

The UK has a wonderfully diverse array of natural wildlife, especially ornithological and places like the RSPB and WWT have centres up and down the country where you can go to study the habitats of our feathered friends. As well as helping your class understand the importance of our native wildlife, you will also be helping to support the protected areas which act as havens for species that would otherwise be under threat.

All these venues give great opportunities for cross-curricular study, especially biological adaptation, the geographical impact we humans can have on such delicate eco-systems through climate change, and environmental miss-management, and how we can protect them, both for future generations, and for our own well-being.

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