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Chemistry, always struggled with this one at school, I used to have sleepless nights trying to remember the periodic table before a big test and I still couldn't tell you what the symbol for Seaborgium is. Chemistry is the science of matter and is often described as the central science because its links biology and physics. The modern practices of Chemistry can be dated back to the Ancient Egyptians, and by 1000BC civilisations were developing techniques that demonstrated an understanding of chemical reactions such as producing medicines from plants, extracting metals from ore and fermentation.

Chemistry in the class room doesn't need to be about trawling through text books or trying to memorise the periodic table, practical activities are fun and help motivate pupils to learn and enjoy the subject. I can certainly remember those basic chemistry experiments such as igniting magnesium (so it burns with a bright white flame!) and removing the tarnish from a 2 penny piece, so why not take these sorts of experiences outside the confines of the school lab.

There are some fantastic Science centres in the UK that offer materials and properties demonstrations and engaging work shops designed to inspire future scientists, and by taking your class on such school trips you'll not only be the cool science teacher but you may also encourage the scientists of tomorrow to pursue Chemistry as a career path.

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