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Science Technology Engineering and Maths

A STEM school trip or workshop is a great way you can get your class excited about subjects like maths and science. Finding places that will welcome a school group is not too difficult, but finding somewhere that will really get them inspired, can be a challenge.

At PlanMySchoolTrip, we work hard to find school trip STEM venues that are run by people and organisations that really care about Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths. Whether you travel out to a local venue or they bring workshops to your school, children will get hands on experience with interactive exhibits, and take part in exciting shows, led by specialist educators.

If you are looking for school trip inspiration in any aspect of your STEM teaching, we can certainly help. Take a look at the excellent venues on this page – we work closely with every venue we feature, to make sure your trip will be a complete success. Feel free to complete the short enquiry form, and we will help you with your trip.

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Immersive Experiences

Immersive Experiences is the UK's leading multi-diciplinary mobile planetariums and sensory learning experiences company. Over 15 subjects | National Curriculum & Common Entrance 13 level | Over 160 programs to suit all ages | SEN/SLD/PMLD

- Our value is driven by our commitment in bringing the magic of our universe to audiences world-wide. Every year we proudly reach over 150,000 children from all backgrounds and abilities. - We're the only planetarium who have purpose built shows, workshops and domes for SEN, SLD, PMLD and Wheelchair needs - Multiple themes: star dome, bio dome, atom dome, dino dome, cosmic dome, dance dome, exploration dome, science dome - Incredible feedback from teachers and children across all of the UK - Price are not only unbeatable, with even our premium services offering stunning value for money. Premium services, include our air conditioned domes, VR, Robotics, Droning both indoors and outdoors - Our executive team consist of directors who volunteer their time as school governors,...

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Immersive Experiences

chemistry science

Lots of schools have excellent chemistry labs, but there are lots of fun and engaging ways to teach chemistry. Get inspiration from the following venues.
Chemistry Science Trips...

physics science

Physics can easily be applied to so many different aspects of our daily lives. These school trip venues are perfect for teaching children in a way they will understand.
Physics Science Trips...

biology science

Biology lessons outside the classroom can be so inspirational to school groups. Grab some ideas on what topics and workshops are available for your STEM topic of study.
Biology Science...

design technology

Design and Technology trips allow students to see practical applications of STEM subjects discussed in the classroom, and come back to class brimming with new ideas.
Design Technology...


The difference between sums on a page and mathematics playing out in the real world can be quite a leap for your students. Using practical maths during a school STEM visit is invaluable.
Maths Trips...


Computers have become a part of every day life with children learning about the subject from KS1. Take your students on a field trip to observe real world applications in computer science and info tech.
Physics Science Trips...

field studies

The courses in this section will provide your students with practical experience that will improve their understanding of environmental sciences.
Field Studies...

maths science overseas

Educational science tours and inspiring maths trips are a great way to allow students to improve their knowledge. Discover a range of trips from established school tour operators.
Overseas Maths & Science...

STEM educational visits UK

Outside the classroom or in-school workshops. Budget friendly options for school groups.

Two STEM inspired programmes: * Horticulture and Aquaponics - food, diet, plants and food sciences * Green Energy & Electricity - clean energy, sustainable living and natural systems Suitable for: Key Stages 2 and 3 ...

Horticulture, Aquaponics Day Trip
STEM Discovery Centre
STEM Discovery Centre

Our unique education centre leverages the inspirational power of the ExoMars Project. Our school trips - linked to key stages 2 and 3 curriculum - aim to inspire young people to consider a career in science, technology, engineering and maths. ...

STEM Discovery Centre

At the National Science and Media Museum your class can be inspired; experiment and learn about the principles of light and sound and the science and technology behind photography, film and television. ...

National Science and Media Museum

The Mechanical Art & Design Museum, or 'MAD Museum' for short, exhibits around 70 interactive pieces of kinetic art & automata made by inventors from all around the world. This is the UK’s only centre for mechanical art & combines learning with fun...

The MAD Museum



Do you want to reward your children/students with a fun event that is still educational?! A DRONEday is a brilliant way to consolidate learning in an exciting, challenging, unique and safe way! DRONEdays ARE COVID-19 SECURE! Read on to find out how...

Coding for FUN or as a REWARD!

What could be more fun than interacting with robots and then building your own and controlling it with code you have written yourself! Using LEGO WeDo 2.0 kits and iPads, your children will build their own robot and control its movement with code. ...

Robotics Workshop

RobotFun provides robotics based programming workshops for schools, suitable for Early Years through to KS4, using state of the art robots. We visit you and bring everything needed for the workshop(s). All you need to provide are the children! ...

Robotics Workshop

Our CAA approved commercial drone pilot will teach your children about the principles of flight by getting students to experience it by flying and coding mini drones to navigate their way through an indoor obstacle and achieve mission objectives. ...

STEMdrones-Drone Coding

STEMgineers is a unique and exciting workshop designed to teach children and young adults engineering and mechanical principles by building and operating hydraulics systems, radio-controlled vehicles and electric go-karts. ...

STEMgineers: Hydraulics & Mechanics

Having a DRONEday is a brilliant way to inspire students to code, particularly if you want to increase uptake of Computing at GCSE level or encouraging girls into STEM subjects! DRONEdays ARE COVID-19 SECURE! Read on to find out how.... ...

Coding Workshop for KS3-4

STEMbotics: Robotics and Coding workshops are designed to ignite a passion for STEM and Computing. Using a variety of robots, students will design, build and code their very own robots to complete a range of challenges. Medals for the winners! ...

STEMbotics-Robotics & Coding

The Sublime Science School Workshop is Dragons Den Approved, Queen's Award Winning and Slimetastically Guaranteed to be Awesome. Don't Miss Out - Check Now ...

Sublime Science

Having a DRONEday is a brilliant way to let children control physical devices in an exciting, challenging, unique and safe way. *You will be covering the Computing PoS. *The children will be having so much fun they don't realise they are learning! ...

Coding Workshop for KS1-2

STEM educational visits Overseas

Discover exciting educational tours beyond the UK

Paris is a perfect destination for a Maths and Science Trip. The Cite des Sciences is the biggest science museum in Europe, filled with great exhibits and displays. there's also Disneyland Paris nearby where students can explore speed and distance. ...

Maths and Science trips to Paris with Equity

Berlin is a surprising Smörgåsbord of science with world-class research centres, fascinating museums and a range of unique experiences on its doorstep. Offering a unique range of STEM-based activities what will your group discover? ...

Berlin Science

Take a fantastic STEM school trip with Equity to CERN in Switzerland, headquarters of European nuclear research. Inspire your students on an unforgettable guided tour in the largest particle physics laboratory in the world! ...

Equity Science Trips to CERN

Iceland is a region of rare beauty. Its awe-inspiring landscapes certainly have the WOW factor and is THE location to visit for Geographers and Geologists alike. At Inspired Travel we will tailor an itinerary for your group and memories for life ...

Incredible Iceland

Spark the curiosity of Maths and Science students on a fantastic Equity trip to the USA. With incredible destinations such as New York, Florida and Washington DC, your school will be spoiled for choice by first-class museums and attractions. ...

Science and Maths trips to the USA with Equity

Euro Space Centre is the must-do trip for all educational trips to Belgium. Offering numerous interactive exhibits and captivating attractions throughout, it promises to engage and inspire every student lucky enough to experience it! ...

Euro Space Centre

CERN is the world's greatest science experience - make sure you don't miss the opportunity to inspire your students with a school trip to CERN. Adaptable Travel are the UKs leading CERN trips company, with thousands of students visiting CERN with us....

CERN Science Trip

Science is developing all the time. With the construction of the Hadron Collider at CERN, we have a better understanding of the origins of the Universe, but Geneva is a city with alot more to offer on a Science study tour. Come and find out more! ...

Science in Switzerland

Imagine being able to take students to the birthplace of the Digital Revolution - Silicon Valley. This is now possible for your computing group with Adaptable Travel. We will help inspire your Computer Science group with a trip of a lifetime. ...

Silicon Valley Computer Science

Japan is a country of contrasts, being at the forefront of technology and home to the world’s largest city, Tokyo. Yet its culture strives for serenity and traditions. Experience this and more on a school trip to Japan with Adaptable Travel. ...

Tokyo & Japan
Overseas STEM study tours
Spring Term 2019 Overseas

Learn about some great European STEM trips and how the experience can significantly enhance students' learning beyond the classroom.

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Inspire your students to take up a career in STEM at CERN
Autumn Term 2019 Overseas

Find out how CERN could be the answer to igniting your students' interest in the world of STEM

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STEM coding workshops
Autumn Term 2019 Workshops

STEMbotics gives students an introduction to the world of STEM with opportunities to design, build and code their own unique robots

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STEM drone coding workshops
Autumn Term 2019 Workshops

The STEMdrones workshop gives students an introduction to drones through code and algorithms, and principals in engineering and physics

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Virtual Reality in the classroom
Spring Term 2020 Workshops

Find out how PrimeVR use Virtual Reality in their educational workshops and how you can use it in your classroom.

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Virtual Reality and Home Schooling
Spring Term 2020 Workshops

In addition to worksheets and reading, you might be looking for some alternative learning experiences for your children

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Architecture Workshops
Summer Term 2020 Workshops

How science, maths and art skills can be developed through team work, problem solving and imagination

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