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The living world

Biology is a vast subject containing many different topics but as a general overview is can be classed as the study of life processes and living things. As a school subject it has to be one of the more interesting lessons because it looks at how the natural world has developed to be the way it is today, from genetics and the human body to photosynthesis and the structure of leaves.

A key method of supporting the work done in the classroom or the laboratory is to take your pupils on an educational Biology of living things field trip. There are so many options available with many of the major attractions and study centres catering for the school science curriculum so chances are there will be options close to you. These could range from museums, zoos, wildlife centres, outdoor centres or simply the local natural environment, no matter where you take your pupils you can be sure that showing them Biology first hand will prove more popular and interesting than reading it out of a text book.

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