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The Low countries is a term used to describe the area around the Rhine river delta; especially the nations of The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. It also includes parts of Germany, but we already have a separate page for that. Easily accessible from the UK, with a short hop across the channel via the Eurostar, Eurotunnel or the ferry, a visit from southern England does not involve a long tiring journey; a key consideration for any party leader!

So what makes this part of Europe a great school trip destination?

There are lots of areas of the Curriculum you can study too, with both Belgium and The Netherlands having English as a second language, and French and German being widely spoken too, this area is perfect for combining a language trip with a second subject area, like history, politics or business studies.

Our visit options include a tour of the European Union, which has its headquarters in the Belgian capital, Brussels. A trip to Amsterdam for those wishing to study the golden age of Dutch art, and visit the city's many world-famous museums and galleries. A very moving and educational visit to some of the locations which were fought over during the First World War. And of course the fantastic Christmas markets, which delight and capture the imagination of so many people every year.

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Euro Space Centre

Adaptable Travel have been creating and delivering engaging, rewarding and enjoyable school trips for groups all over the globe for 25 years, from the UK to institutions further afield. During this time we have developed the perfect formula for school trips and work with you, the group leaders to ensure that your trip meets the needs, requirements and goals of your group. Carefully selecting visits, excursions and attractions we are able to support the curriculum covered in the classroom, delivering this in a fun and engaging way. We are committed to delivering the best quality service from start to finish, making your job as easy as possible. We remove much of the burden of paperwork and are constantly thinking of innovative ways to make this process simpler. Get in touch with us toda...

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Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Europe, USA, North America

We use maths every day of our life, but to inspire your students to want to know more, discover maths trip ideas to cities in Europe and beyond, and find out how we can tailor make the perfect mathematics based study tour for your school group. ...

School Maths Trip

Belgium, France, Europe
Science, Cultural

This science and space trip to Holland, France and Germany. ...

STEM & Space Tour To Europe

Belgium, Europe

Brussels is a unique melting pot for European politics, legislation and business, making it the perfect destination for business and economics students. A hub for your students to strengthen their grasp on local, national and international business. ...

Brussels Business Studies and Economics

Belgium, France

History School Trips to the WWI Battlefields: Explore our curriculum-relevant Battlefield Tours covering the events of the First World War. Our tour focuses on the events that took place in the Ypres Salient & The Somme. ...

History School Trips to the WWI Battlefields of France & Belgium

Belgium, Malaysia, Australia
Physical Education

Edwin Doran provide a selection of excellent overseas school sports tours.Starting as close as Belgium and going all the way over to Australia. So wherever you're looking to go, Edwin Doran will certainly have a school sports tour for you! ...

Hockey Tour

Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Europe, South America
English, History, Geography, Geology, Religious Education, Cultural, Art

Organise a history and art educational tour through Europe. An educational immersion in culture, history, arts and languages across several European cities. ...

Art and history trip to Europe

Belgium, France
English, History, Cultural

Visit. Understand. Never Forget. Experience the futility of war by touring the battlefields of Ypres & the Somme. ...

Battlefields – Belgium & the Somme

Belgium, France, Europe, Normandy
English, History, Religious Education, Citizenship

Adaptable Travel will help you create a fantastic learning experience on your bespoke WW1 Battlefields school trip to Ypres and Somme. We offer our ‘Project Battlefields’ student and teacher resources, qualified guides who we hand-pick and more....

WW1 Battlefields

Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Europe, USA, Far East, North America

Business studies is a popular GCSE and A Level choice for many students. Business studies school trips give pupils the opportunity to learn about finance, marketing, human resources and a whole lot more. Enjoy talks and tours from Paris to Beijing. ...

School Business Trip

Belgium, France
English, History, Cultural

Help your students understand the devastating conflicts of the past through WWI battlefield tours. Visit the cemeteries and monuments in France and Belgium as well as trenches and museums that bring this subject to life. ...

Equity First World War Battlefields Tour

Belgium, Europe
Maths, Science, Computing

Euro Space Centre is the must-do trip for all educational trips to Belgium. Offering numerous interactive exhibits and captivating attractions throughout, it promises to engage and inspire every student lucky enough to experience it! ...

Euro Space Centre

Belgium, France, Normandy
English, History, Cultural

The WW1 Battlefields of Belgium and France is etched into the memory of our nation; over time the memories of soldiers who were there has faded, so what better way to understand the times and conditions than to take your group to the Western Front?...

WW1 Battlefields

Belgium, Germany, Italy, Europe, USA

Citizenship study programmes help teachers inspire their students with a range of interesting and educational lectures, visits, and tours. Popular choices include EU & history trips to Brussels and Germany and many schools combine Citizenship & MFL....

Citizenship School Trip

Belgium, France, Germany, Europe
History, Business, Citizenship

Take a school visit to the historic town of Strasbourg the city of Brussels and the country of Luxembourg and find out more about the Council of Europe and the European Parliament....

Classic EU Tour

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