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A fully interactive environment for inspiring pupils’ active imaginations, DreamWork’s Tours: Shrek’s Adventure! London brings storytelling to life as pupils board a magical 4D flying bus to Far Far Away and embark on a thrilling adventure through 10 stimulating live shows. Aided by famous fairy-tale characters pupils will find themselves working together to discover three magical ingredients to help find Shrek and outwit the evil Rumpelstiltskin.

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Why book Merlin's Magical London for School Trips and Educational Visits?

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Board the magical 4D flying bus and journey to Far, Far Away to experience a fictional world first hand in the magical, immersive world of Shrek’s Adventure! London. Your pupils will become the central characters in a live fairy tale adventure, meet well known characters up-close, speak to them and change their fates to subvert their stories.

Your adventure begins in the classroom with our free to download lesson plans. The first hour will introduce what we mean by the term ‘fairy tale’ and ask them to use predictive skills to guess the themes, plot and characters in a fairy tale. The second hour encourages pupils to identify with different types of characters and act in role as a character from a fairy tale. The magic can then be continued back in the classroom with the final lesson which explores magical settings, understand what we mean by ‘setting’ and why it is important.

Our exclusive education rates are £6 per pupil from September to February and £7.95 between March and July, you can also add an education session to your visit for an additional £2 per pupil.

We are also Accredited with 'The LOtC Quality Badge', offering teachers a guarantee that not only is a venue providing the sort of educational value that they can build on in class long after the visit but they also have the appropriate risk management structures in place.

Which Curriculum Subjects do you cater for?

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Pupils will identify the features and themes of different genres, including fairy tales, understand that stories are developed with a beginning, a middle and an end and explore the process of characterisation and of building characters.

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Pupils will infer characters' thoughts, feelings and actions through performance and use role-play and performance to convey meaning in different text types.

What activities are available during group visits?

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We offer two English focused workshops for primary schools.

Introducing our story starter session for KS1 pupils, the 'Once Upon a Time' Workshop will introduce pupils to the concept of beginning, middle and end and ask them to consider characteristics of a fairy story. They will also identify with characters in storytelling through role-play and the performance of a short story.

New for the 2019/2020 academic year is our KS2 'Imagining Fairy Tales' Workshop. Reflecting on the experience, pupils will explore traditional fairy tale tropes, characters and ways to subvert them. Who were the ‘heroes’ they made friends with along the way and which ‘villains’ did they outwit? Your pupils will identify the conflict, climax and resolution in their adventure to Far Far Away, identify the Heroes and Villains of the story and interpret their mannerisms through role-play, explore the role of setting in a story and how characters may react to new scenarios.

What size groups do you cater for?

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To book at our exclusive education rates your group booking will need to be for 10 students or more; we offer a free teacher ratio of one free teacher for five primary aged pupils. We also offer schools a book now pay later booking option whereby you can reserve your preferred date and confirm final number and pay 14 days (10 working days) in advance of your visit date.

Do you offer on-site classroom facilities?

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Created in collaboration with an education specialist, the workshops link to various aspects of teaching spoken language, reading comprehension and writing composition and are delivered by experience actors in an immersive education space (Shrek's Swamp). If you have booked a workshop and timings allow it you can request to use the room as a lunch space between the tour and workshop.

Do you offer access for visitors with disabilities?

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The majority of our facilities are designed to be fully accessible to our disabled guests however it may not be possible for all guests to access the 4D magic bus experience. The bus is accessible to wheelchair users who are able to transfer up one step, into the seat and have the ability to sit upright. To ensure the safety of our guests we are only able to admit two wheelchair users per hour, pre-booking of a wheelchair time-slot is required. The experience is also mainly delivered by actors, voice over audio and projected images. Guests with low vision or have a visual impairment or have hearing difficulties may struggle to experience the attraction fully; however you are able to bring a carer free of charge to assist.

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