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We hold the 'Good to Go' industry standard relating to Covid-19.
We are happy to accept your booking without a deposit and only ask for payment when you are in a position to confirm your trip.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help.

Menadue aims to be the venue of choice for schools and organisations seeking residential accommodation in North Cornwall.
We offer schools comfortable, homely accommodation that is versatile to suit every need. Maximum capacity 100 (including tents). Our farmhouse sleeps 23 in bunk-bed rooms plus leaders in non bunk-bedded rooms. We are expanding to accommodate groups of 30 plus teachers for the 2021 season. You can also get more of the outdoors by staying in our tents. We have a cosy lounge to enjoy and a separate teachers lounge for you to use as you wish.
We have a separate barn which is across the yard and where you will eat your meals, you can play games, have your 'thought for the day'. We offer the choice of being catered or self-catering.
There are two large private fields with stunning views over the bay usable by our guests to expend any energy that still needs using up at the end of the day.

Menadue is keen to tailor your programme to suit you. We will work alongside you to plan your activities to best fulfil your aims. We partner with numerous activity providers to provide the best range of high quality, educational activities to suit your group and needs.

Free stays for teachers and their family

Current School Trip Offer

If you're a teacher and would like to experience for yourself what Menadaue has to offer, then come and bring your family for a free weekend

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Why book Menadue Activities for Residential School Trips and Educational Visits?

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Menadue is the ideal place to stay to nurture young people and enable them to grow in confidence, skills, self-awareness as well as awareness of others, responsibility and to increase their appetite for learning.

Our hosts are friendly, approachable and supportive and will do all they can to make your trip as fun, memorable and smooth as possible. They are on hand to support you throughout. They will lead the group in a motivational and inspiring thought for the day, which will undoubtedly have lasting impact on your students, as well as in evening on-site activities should you wish.

We will make your trip as easy as possible by creating you a bespoke programme. We will also provide kits lists, risk assessments, and guidance for parents.

1 teacher place free per every 10 students (speak to us if you require space for additional support staff).

Our accommodation is the ideal environment to enable the best outcomes and facilitate activities. The peaceful location and quality, clean, homely farmhouse is the ideal place to sleep and re-energise ready for the next day of fun!

Our partnerships with local providers means that we can offer you a diverse range of activities by the best providers adding value to your trip and increasing your opportunities.

Which Curriculum Subjects do you cater for?

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green tick Religious Education

Curriculum topics available: Christianity.

Menadue is a Christian Residential Centre, meaning that our trustees and staff team are Christians. We are keen to share the faith we hold with our guests through our actions, our care for them, and within Bible-based ‘thoughts for the day’.
In our thoughts we aim to particularly promote spiritual growth by presenting what we believe as Christians, and the way this impacts our lives, as well as facilitating personal reflection for each student and staff member to consider what they believe and what their values are.
The way we aim to achieve this is through interactive and creative times in which a member of staff will share something about their faith, a Bible story and lesson we can learn from that along with practical applications relevant to the students. These are tailored to the age group and aims of the teachers. Our aim is that these will help equip students for the here and now as well as later in life.
We can aid fulfilment of the religious education aspect of the national curriculum and would cover the following:
- Explain Bible stories and aid understanding concerning the impact they have on our lives as Christians.
- Share symbols and actions of the Christian faith to aid understanding of these, such as saying grace at meal times.
- Explain what it means to be a Christian, how this impacts our lives and what the church community is like.
- Explain through Bible stories, some challenges of being in a faith community but why it is of such value.
- Facilitate discussions and expressions on what it means to have purpose and belong.
- Consider values such as respect, love, truth, purpose, justice, fairness, helping others, right and wrong.
The format for sharing our faith, other than through our actions, is through grace said at meal times and a Bible based thought for the day. We are currently investigating use of external programmes (which are OFSTED approved) to aid delivery of the above.

green tick Geology

Geology is directly applicable and evidenced in a trip to the slate caverns. Here you can explore the underground chambers from which the slate has been quarried.
At Menadue we believe in adding value in every way we can. When out on any activity, our staff add learning to groups, for example, on a local walk our staff will happily explain things such the erosion of rocks and speed of erosion based on rock type.

green tick Physical Education

We are keen to educate youngsters that physical education can encompass activities beyond what is available within typical school provision and that physical activity can include more adventurous activities that can be done in small groups or even solo. We hope that this helps equip them to stay healthy throughout their life.

green tick PSHE

Life consists of a huge range of relationships. Staying residentially somewhere with your peers is a great opportunity to grow in self awareness, as well as in awareness of others. An active residential stay can highlight the value of eating well in order to sustain different activity levels. We also support youngsters in making their own lunch in the morning which we believe is beneficial in teaching life skills.

green tick Watersports

We partner with organisations to offer a variety of watersports to our guests. From surfing and coasteering to canoeing. Taking part in these activities will build confidence, inspire and raise water awareness.

green tick Biology

We offer various activities that directly link to biology curriculums. A close encounter with birds of prey will open up learning about their physiology, behaviour, ecology and the habitats that they are a part of.
The lobster hatchery will tailor educational visits to best suit the age of the students and your requirements. Life cycle, ecosystems, physiology and conservation are key content.
Rock pools and beach life can be discovered on a beach studies session.
Throughout the rest of the stay flora and fauna species can be highlighted bringing value to your stay, whether on site, on local walks or travelling.

What activities are available during group visits?

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Beach study
Birds of prey encounter
Cycle ride and lobster hatchery visit
Eden Project
Local Walk
Team building
Tintagel Castle

What size groups do you cater for?

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In our Farmhouse we can accommodate 23 people in 6 rooms. We also have tents for camping space increasing our capacity to 100.
We are expanding so that sleeping accommodation will cater for 30 students plus leaders ready for the 2021 season. The infrastructure of showers and bathrooms is already in place.
We have a large barn, which is where meals and down time can be enjoyed. This is suitable for up to 100 people.

Do you offer on-site classroom facilities?

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Our Barn is very versatile. It could be used as a large classroom area. We also have The Studio with tables and chairs which will accommodate a class of 30.

Is there first aid on site?

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All of our hosts and activity staff are qualified first aiders and there are first aid kits on site. For any activities run by our staff we will carry a first aid kit. We partner with external providers to offer additional activities, who all operate within best practice, are fully insured and risk assessed.

Do you offer access for visitors with disabilities?

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We will endeavour to make your stay possible but know that facilities required can be very different from person to person. We have an accessibility guide available with details of facilities and accessibility to see whether we are suited to enable your stay if any of your group have additional needs.

Do you cater for visitors with Special Educational Needs (SEN)?

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We do all we can to cater for schools who have Special Educational Needs. Please do let us know your requirements. We may be able to offer additional free staff places to enable children requiring extra support to stay. We find that the location and calm environment of our site, along with the space to roam freely has a positive impact on all who visit.

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