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Please note: Outreach Workshops only - Interactive online lessons available, or We visit your school! We can visit schools in London & South East, South West, North

Fire Tech was started by Jill Hodges in 2013 when she was looking for interactive tech courses to support her own children's learning. Since then, Fire Tech has gone onto to become the UK's leading tech camp provider for children aged 6-17.

We've delivered over 14,000 learning experiences to young people in the UK and around the world. We've been invited by local governments in Oman, Antigua, and the Seychelles to bring our unique tech programme to their local students so they can be the change-makers of tomorrow. Our courses have been featured on the BBC, Channel 5 News and in The Guardian.

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Why book Fire Tech for educational workshops into your school?

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Fire Tech’s workshops are interactive and fun. Our focus is on building and creating with technology. Whether that’s coding a robot to follow your commands or programming your own computer game.

In just a short time students begin to see how varied and interesting technology is.

Which Curriculum Subjects do you cater for?

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Curriculum topics available: Mechanics and engineering, Electronics.

Game Development with Java and Greenfoot:
Ages 11-17
Learn by creating games in the Java programming language!
This Workshop uses gaming as a fun way to learn key computing concepts and coding basics. Students will use Java to build their own games, developing the confidence to apply their new-found coding skills within the Java framework. No previous coding knowledge is required. The skills learned will give students what they need to take their studies in computer science to the next level.

Engineering with micro:bit:
Ages 9-12
Experience a handheld, programmable micro-computer than can be used for all kind of creations.
Students will be introduced to the Micro:bit – a tiny programmable computer that can help to teach children the basics of coding in a fun, engaging and tactile way. They will learn how to use electronic components such as microprocessors, motors, switches and LEDs to create individually designed projects such as keyboard instruments, temperature sensors or just about anything else they are able to imagine.

Coding with micropython:
Ages 12-14
Get a head-start on one of the world’s most in-demand programming languages.
Students will use MicroPython to control hardware. They will work through a number of “stations” where they use the Micro:bit to control addressable neopixels, create music, send messages from one Micro:bit to another, and much more! The simplicity of the Python programming language makes MicroPython an excellent choice for beginners who are new to programming and hardware.

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Curriculum topics available: Robotics, Coding.

Robotics and engineering with Lego Mindstorm EV3:
Ages 9-13
Collaborate and complete with Lego EV3 challenges and tournaments.
In this intensive one-day course students will work in small teams to modify robots using motors and sensors to complete a series of challenging engineering puzzles. This course will expand your students’ understanding of coding, sensors/outputs, mechanical engineering and physics in a creative and fun environment!

VEX robotics workshop:
Ages 12-16
Learn to solve puzzles and program robots with VEX IQ!
Using the VEX IQ robotics kit students will build and program robots to solve a number of challenges. Students will learn how to use and configure sensors and how to program their robots. This one day course is a fantastic way to reinforce GCSE level students’ understanding of engineering and computer science in a fun and engaging way.

What activities are available during group visits?

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We can deliver workshops lasting the full day, or just for the morning or afternoon.

What size groups do you cater for?

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Depending on what we teach, we can deliver a programme to up to 60 students.

Do you offer on-site classroom facilities?

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No. These are workshops which take place at your school.

Is there first aid on site?

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Our workshops are provided at your school and first aid cover should be provided by the venue.

Do you offer access for visitors with disabilities?

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Our workshops are provided at your school.

Do you cater for visitors with Special Educational Needs (SEN)?

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This will depend on the type of programme we deliver. Please get in touch to give us more details so we can arrange the right programme for your students.

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