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Spectacular shows, spellbinding storytelling and exhilarating attractions make Warwick Castle one of the most exciting historic locations in Europe. Capture the imagination of your students, as they witness 1,100 years of history come to life.

Why book Warwick Castle for School Trips and Educational Visits?

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Each year we open our gates to over 100,000 students. With dozens of educational attractions, workshops and tours, a day spent with us has plenty in store. Our year-round programme is perfect for early years, primary, secondary and higher education students, and has been carefully crafted alongside the curriculum with the guidance of Teachers just like you. What’s more, our dedicated Schools Team are always on hand to help. That’s what makes us proud to be one of the best historic school visit destinations in the UK.

Which Curriculum Subjects do you cater for?

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green tick Citizenship

Curriculum topics available: Crime and punishment, Monarchy, Voting and elections, National, regional, religious and ethnic identitie, Laws and the justice system.

Tour: Crime and Punishment
We’ll explore the fascinating subject of law and order, and discuss how crimes and punishments have changed over time. This tour focuses on some of the most common crimes in each period, along with some common forms of punishment, including hanging, torture, and the stocks!

Attraction: The Gaol
The Gaol occupies the lowest chamber of Caesar’s Tower and was built in the 14th Century as the original dungeon. Leading from a small hatch in the ground, a single flight of steps provides the only way in and out.

Tour: Meet the Monarchy
Explore the roles and personal qualities of monarchs throughout time with a focus that you can choose! Examples of monarchs offered include: William the Conqueror, Richard III, Henry VIII and his six wives, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria. The tour introduces the students to these key characters from our history as well as wider British history.

Workshop: Votes for Women
We’ll explore a pivotal moment in the 20th Century and the suffragettes who were behind it. After performing key snapshots of the movement and explaining the politics of the time, our history experts lead an engaging discussion with two of our suffragettes.

green tick English

Curriculum topics available: Fairy tales, Story telling, Heroes and villains.

Workshop: Stories with a Princess
Perfect for young learners! This workshop will engage and excite students, getting them to interact with each other and the story-teller.

Attraction: The Princess Tower
Visit Warwick Castle’s brave princess in her private tower and help her solve the riddle which will reunite her with the legendary hero – Guy of Warwick.

Show: The Falconer’s Quest
Join the Falconer on a quest for the finest birds in the land, all set in a stunning riverside location within the grounds of the castle. Marvel at more than 60 birds of prey, in an all-action, dynamic display of aerial acrobatics and stunning story-telling.

Attraction: Horrible Histories® Maze
In the world’s first Horrible Histories® adventure maze, your students must navigate their way through time to unravel the stories of history. They’ll need to invade the vicious Vikings, survive the trenches, uncover evil plots and escape the maze… collecting stamps on their time passports as they go.

green tick Saxons

Attraction: The Mound
Dating back to 914 and constructed under the orders of Ethelfleda, daughter of Alfred the Great, Warwick Castle represents more than 1,100 years of history. Students will discover how and why the original Mound was formed, later developed under the command of William the Conqueror in 1068, and further embellished over the centuries.

green tick Vikings

Tour: Viking Invaders
We’ll explore the threat of the Vikings upon the country, and how it defended itself, by closely examining the influence of Princess Aethelflaed (daughter and eldest child of Alfred the Great). This powerful figure paved the way for a defence system around Mercia including the first fortress at Warwick.

green tick Medieval

Tour: Castle Life
Students gain an understanding of medieval life through the exploration of jobs, wages and lifestyle. We’ll focus on those who would have lived and worked in and around the castle during preparations for battle!

Attraction: The Great Hall
In the early Middle Ages it was here that noblemen ate, drank and slept. Embellished over time, today the Great Hall is home to an impressive armoury and historic weapons collection.

Attraction: Time Tower
An immersive multimedia experience capturing the unknown stories of Warwick Castle’s rich and vibrant history. You’ll join digital characters as they travel through time; discovering the darker sides of our past.

Tour: Attack and Defence
Students discover how to attack and defend a castle like ours! Focussing on the medieval period, we’ll cover battle techniques, castle design and the common features of a Motte and Bailey fortress.

green tick Tudors

Tour: Meet the Monarchy
Explore the roles and personal qualities of monarchs throughout time with a focus that you can choose! Examples of monarchs offered include: William the Conqueror, Richard III, Henry VIII and his six wives, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria. The tour introduces the students to these key characters from our history as well as wider British history.

Workshop: Execution of a Queen
Meet Anne Boleyn during her final moments. This short performance tells a story of the rise and fall of this queen, focusing on the last few days of her life. Afterwards, our history expert leads a discussion, giving students the opportunity to question Anne and her Executioner about the situation and life in Tudor times.

green tick Victorian

Attraction: Royal Weekend Party
Experience Victorian high society. Waxwork figures depict Warwick Castle’s role during the 1890s as a hub for entertaining and hosting some of the most influential figures. Throughout twelve exquisitely designed rooms figures of the principal attendees stand alongside authentic furniture and furnishings to help bring to life the excitement and scandal that swept through these times.

Workshop: Victorian Warwick
Introduced by a Victorian Butler, this workshop immerses students in Victorian life. They’ll learn about the lifestyle of servants and the tasks expected from them. Countess Daisy joins to discuss how society has changed since Queen Victoria first ascended to the throne, and our Victorian Engineer explains how the Mill became vital to society.

What activities are available during group visits?

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We believe in making history fun! Your entry tickets give you a full day to explore the castle and its grounds, visit our attractions and see our shows. You’ll find sample itineraries and more information on our website.

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Medieval History topics at Warwick Castle

The exciting new Falconers Quest show compliments Warwick Castle's Medieval History learning workshops for School Groups

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