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The Middle Ages

The Medieval period, also sometimes referred to as the Middle Ages, began with the Norman conquest of Britain in 1066 and lasted until the end of the fifteenth century. In exchange for land, barons, earls and dukes swore oaths of loyalty to their kings. The land division, known as Feudalism, proved a successful way for the country to be governed, controlled and taxed. This age of power and control is perhaps best seen today through the castles that still dominate some of our towns and coastlines. For those not wealthy enough to live in castles and fortified manor houses, life was dominated by farming in the manorial system. In exchange for toiling in the fields, peasants were given protection by the land owner.

These fascinating relationships as well as periods such as the Black Death, the Peasants Revolt, the Crusades and the development of Medieval towns, can all be explored at some truly engaging educational venues, up and down the country. We have selected a handful who we feel offer the best experience for your school groups. If you are studying any aspect of life in the Middle Ages, you will find lots of inspiration at the venues featured here.

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Stratford upon Avon

Adaptable Travel offer bespoke tailored school trips to schools and institutions all over the globe. Annually we send over 15,000 students and teachers on educational, engaging and inspiring school trips to locations ranging from the UK as far as Japan and the USA. At the heart of our trips is the quality we strive to provide, ensuring that group leaders can organise amazing school trips for groups of all ages without the stress. Our commitment to providing excellent service runs throughout the whole process from booking through to travel, with documents, vouchers, maps and local weather available from your smartphone or tablet and access to 24/7 contact throughout the trip. ...

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Stratford upon Avon

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London & South East
Science, Physics, Biology, Egyptians, Vikings, Medieval, Design Technology, Computing, SEN

Knights' Kingdom (originally Castleland and NEXO Knights' Kingdom) features The Dragon roller coaster, which starts inside the castle themed station, passing by LEGO Knights, Princesses, Kings, Queens, Jesters and of course the fearsome Dragon, before travelling outside reaching a speed of around 30...

Legoland Windsor

London & South East
English, History, Medieval, Tudors, Religious Education, SEN

The Charterhouse has been living the nation’s history since 1348. Founded as a medieval monastery of the Carthusian order, the site became a Tudor mansion, a boys’ school, and an almshouse, which it remains to this day. ...

The Charterhouse

South West
Geography, Physical Geography, Geology, History, Medieval, Wildlife, Bushcraft, Watersports

A short drive from Swanage inland, is Corfe Castle, a quintessential English village which has grown up around an important defensive castle renowned in English history during the Civil war. Now owned and run by the National Trust, your students can visit the castle and learn about how Lady Mary Ban...

Cumulus Outdoors

London & South East
Science, History, Geography, Prehistory, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Industrial, Victorian, worldwar, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Human Geography, Environmental Geography, Fieldstudies, SEN, Twentieth Century

A day trip to the stunning Isle of Wight is only a short ferry crossing away! With only a small stretch of water between you and the island, the Isle of Wight offers a truly unique experience and can be reached in as little as 12 minutes! ...

Geography Galore – Southampton Docks and Solent

East Midlands
History, SEN, Prehistory, Medieval

Back in time, learn about Stone Age man, Try lighting a fire if you think you can, Building your own shelter..in LOPC wood, Fire-pit charcoal, draw caveman good. Test your skill with an Archers sight. Go home with knowledge from our StoneAge s...

Stone Age School Trip

East Midlands
Citizenship, History, PSHE, Saxons, Medieval, Tudors, Industrial, Victorian, SEN

Join us and explore real historical court cases through role-play in one of the longest running courts in England. ...

Crime and Punishment at Oakham Castle

English, Maths, Science, Biology, History, Prehistory, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Elizabethans, Victorian, worldwar, Design Technology, Food, PSHE, Farm, SEN

Tatton Park is one of the UK's most complete historic estates with a range of outstanding spaces, courses and resources for educational use! ...

Learn at Tatton Park

London & South East
Science, History, Bushcraft, Prehistory, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Elizabethans, worldwar, SEN

At Ufton, we provide engaging history and outdoor learning school trips for Schools across the South East. ...

Ufton Court

London & South East
English, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Medieval, Tudors, Industrial, Victorian, Art

Museums and palaces overflowing with art, science and history, incredible theatre shows in the West End, bustling Oxford Street and Covent Garden, and iconic Big Ben and Trafalgar Square! London is the perfect destination for a cultural tour. ...

Cultural Tour of London for International Schools

English, History, Romans, Medieval, Industrial, SEN

Take your students on a school trip to Edinburgh, streets that inspired the wizarding world, enchanting castles and rich history, a hub for creativity and culture and an incredibly unique cityscape pairing traditional elements with a modern twist. ...


East Midlands, Midlands, London & South East, East of England, South West, Yorkshire
English, History, Medieval, Twentieth Century

In this workshop travel back in time with Christopher Columbus to 1492 on a journey across the seas where he unknowingly discovered the Americas and then let Amelia Earhart share her passion as the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic ocean....

Great Explorers-Christopher Columbus and Amelia Earhart

North East
History, Religious Education, Medieval

Rievaulx is one of the most complete, and atmospheric, of England's abbey ruins. It's no wonder it's one of the most popular visitor attractions in the North. ...

Rievaulx Abbey

South West
Science, History, Design Technology, Medieval, Tudors, Physics, SEN

Pendennis Castle, Falmouth is one of the finest Tudor fortresses built by Henry VIII. It has seen action in many conflicts and was one of the last royalist strongholds to fall during the English Civil War. ...

Tudor Trips To Pendennis Castle

East Midlands
Chemistry, History, Medieval, Geography, Human Geography, Fieldstudies

Built soon after the Norman Conquest in 1066 by William Peveril, Peveril Castle is a dramatic Norman castle overlooking Hope Valley and Cave Dale in Derbyshire. Book a free school visit to explore with your class....

Peveril Castle

London & South East
English, Science, Biology, History, Medieval, Tudors, Industrial, Victorian, Physical Education, Accommodation Only

A warm welcome awaits you at our purpose-built hostel, based in the docklands area of London. With a coach drop-off just outside the door getting here is easy. Inside you’ll find great social spaces, full meals service and places to study. ...

YHA London Thameside

Citizenship, English, History, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Victorian, Design Technology, Physical Education, SEN

We have a Medieval Castle! We offer a full day sample itinerary on our website along with self-guided resources if you want to tackle it yourself, otherwise we have plenty of workshops including: Attack & Defence: The tour focuses on how to attack and defend a castle like Warwick, with a focus on...

Warwick Castle

History, Geography, Medieval, SEN

Standing in open countryside above the River Wye, Goodrich Castle is one of the finest and best preserved of all English medieval castles. Boasting a fascinating history and spectacular views from the battlements. ...

Medieval Trips to Goodrich Castle

Biology, History, Medieval, Tudors, Wildlife, SEN

The UK's biggest Birds of Prey Show at Warwick Castle! Let your imagination soar as you join Warwick’s Falconer on an epic quest of discovery to find the finest Birds in all of the land, in this brand new, action-packed, spectacular show. ...

Falconers Quest

History, Geography, Prehistory, Medieval, Victorian, SEN

Beeston Castle with its impressive location and natural defences has been home to prehistoric settlers, great barons, it's acted as a defence against aristocratic rivals and it's even been an important English Civil War stronghold. ...

Pre History Trips at Beeston Castle

London & South East
History, Prehistory, Romans, Medieval, Tudors, Industrial, Victorian

Fieldwork on the foreshore involves collecting and identifying historical artefacts as evidence of river settlement. Indoor activities will enable children to distinguish between different materials commonly found on the Thames foreshore and using specially designed sorter boards to identify and da...

London History

North East
Science, History, Geography, Medieval, Tudors

Over 900 years old, Skipton Castle is one of the most complete and best preserved medieval castles in England. Visitors can explore every corner of this impressive history-rich castle, which withstood a three- ...

Skipton Castle

History, Medieval, Tudors, Victorian

Edinburgh is a city of beautiful contrasts. The ancient castle perched atop its volcanic crag, the mishmash of medieval tenements towering over the Royal Mile, and the New Town's neoclassical grandeur are all out to impress, but they're just the star...

Edinburgh City Tour

London & South East
Maths, History, Design Technology, Medieval

Bring the curriculum to life at Dover Castle. Stand at the spot where Operation Dynamo was planned, experience what life was like for a medieval king or servant by stepping inside the Great Tower or delve into our Medieval Tunnels. ...

Dover Castle

All UK Regions
English, History, Prehistory, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Victorian, worldwar, Geography, Human Geography, Bushcraft

Portals to the Past provide high quality history workshops in schools for KS2, led by experienced historical re-enactors and historians. Available across most of England. From the Stone Age through to WW2 our workshops come to your school. ...

Portals To The Past

East Midlands
English, Science, History, Romans, Medieval, Tudors, SEN

Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre tells an internationally important story within the landscape in which the battle took place. Richard III's death signified the beginning of the powerful Tudor dynasty which changed the face of England. ...

Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre

English, Geography, Human Geography, History, Romans, Medieval, Tudors

During the medieval period, Carlisle Castle was a strategic border castle, experiencing sieges and changing ownership many times. Visit for free to learn more about how the site developed over time, and use the 'Top Things to See' list in the Teacher's Kit to help you identify the key features of th...

Carlisle Castle

North East
English, History, Saxons, Medieval, Religious Education, SEN

A Benedictine monastery was founded at Whitby after the Norman Conquest. You can explore the ruins of the 13th century church for free on a school visit, and learn more about life in the monastery in the on-site exhibition. To enhance your learning, book a Monks, Monasteries and Medieval Life hands...

Whitby Abbey

North East
History, Prehistory, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, SEN

Bring the curriculum to life and inspire your students with a visit to Scarborough Castle. Dominating Scarborough's headland, the sites history spans some 3000 years Stone Age all the way through to Medieval Britain. ...

Scarborough Castle

History, Design Technology, Art, Medieval, Tudors, SEN

Kenilworth Castle has been a major medieval military stronghold, a royal palace, and an inspiration to writers and artists. It's the perfect destination to bring learning outside of the classroom and cover a wide range of curriculum subjects. ...

Medieval Trips To Kenilworth Castle

All UK Regions
History, Medieval, SEN

So much fun they won't realise they're learning! Medieval/Middle Ages interactive workshops to inspire, engage and educate! Costumed experts bring the Medieval world to life with artefacts and activities right in your classroom. ...

Medieval/Middle Ages

London & South East
English, History, Religious Education, Medieval, SEN

Be transported back in time! Explore the sights, sounds and smells of 14th century England in this unique, immersive experience. Meet our costumed guides, walk alongside Chaucer’s pilgrims and revel in the recreated medieval scenes as five colourfu...

Canterbury Tales

South West
History, Prehistory, Medieval, Tudors, Victorian, worldwar, Biology

Discover more about castles in the past in this session exploring fortifications. Can you work out which castle’s the earliest? Smell a castle kitchen and investigate objects you might have found inside. Studying castles? Our walking tour can be adapted to include a visit inside! Ask us for mo...

Historical Trips

Cardiff Castle
Cardiff Castle

History, Religious Education, Medieval, Tudors, Victorian

Cardiff Castle has over 2000 years of hisory which makes it perfect for a historical school trip covering areas the both the English and Welsh National Curriculum. ...

Cardiff Castle

East Midlands
Citizenship, History, Geography, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Elizabethans, Victorian, Human Geography, SEN

Oakham Castle is a Norman Great hall built between 1180 and 1190 and used for over 800 years as a court. Our Immersive Education Sessions place the children right in the heart of the history they are learning about. ...

Oakham Castle

London & South East
History, Medieval, SEN

The Charterhouse has been living the nation’s history since 1348. In that time it has served as a monastery, private mansion, boys school and an almshouse, which it remains to this day. The Charterhouse has been living the nation’s history since...

Black Death at the Charterhouse

East of England
History, Medieval, Tudors

Discover one of England’s most complete and unusual keeps, at this fascinating visitor attraction in Suffolk. The unique polygonal tower keep of Orford Castle stands beside the pretty town and former port, which Henry II also developed here. ...

Orford Castle

Citizenship, History, Geography, Physical Education, Wildlife, Bushcraft, Watersports, SEN, Prehistory, Medieval

Manorbier in Pembrokeshire is set on beautiful cliff tops overlooking the Irish Sea. It is a really fantastic location reached by a private road from the nearby village. This is a perfect location for your school activity trip to Pembrokeshire...


All UK Regions
English, Medieval, Tudors

Fairy Tale Workshop, Wow Day & School Visit! An exciting display of fairy tale artifacts, magical items, mystical relics, famous treasures and lots of other interesting props. Using humour and a huge wealth of knowledge on the subject matter, our Dan Tastic Workshop Facilitator will educate and ente...

Fairy Tales Workshop & Wow Day
Dan Tastic History
Dan Tastic History

All UK Regions
Human Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Victorian, Religious Education, SEN

Dan Tastic the Christmas Elf & Em-Mazing the Christmas Fairy bring Christmas to life in the Dan Tastic Christmas Spectacular Magic Show! Full of fun facts about Christmas, magic and laughter! The perfect Christmas celebration for your pupils!...

Dan Tastic History

London & South East
History, Geography, Religious Education, Saxons, Medieval

Step back in time to 1066 and bring the curriculum to life at 1066 Battle of Hastings, Abbey and Battlefield. Discover more about the most famous date in English history while walking in the steps of King Harold and William the Conqueror. ...

1066 Battle of Hastings, Abbey and Battlefield

East of England
History, Geography, Art, Medieval, Tudors, Victorian, Fieldstudies

There's a full day outside the classroom at Audely End House and Gardens. A 17th century mansion complete with Victorian Service Wing, Kitchen Garden and stables to explore outside and visit the hands-on Nursery Suite and Coal Gallery. ...

Audley End

London & South East
History, Medieval, Tudors, Elizabethans, Industrial, Victorian, worldwar, Twentieth Century, Music, Art

London has so much to offer for Primary School trips with excursions and attractions that link to all subject areas.Even though this is the biggest capital city in Europe, we choose excursions that are central so it’s easy for groups to travel. ...

Equity Primary Trips to London

English, Geography, Human Geography, History, Medieval, Tudors, Accommodation Only

There’s more to Stratford-upon-Avon than Shakespeare – theatre, history and culture buffs of every language love this world-famous location. YHA Stratford-upon-Avon offers a superb base for groups and school trips, boasting a restaurant and bar. ...

YHA Stratford

South West
History, Religious Education, Medieval

Welcome to Glastonbury Abbesy, once the grandest and richest Abbey in England. A great Glastonbury experience awaits you here! ...

Glastonbury Abbey

North East
History, Medieval, SEN

A school visit to Warkworth Castle is a unique experience. Once home to the powerful Percy family who now reside in Alnwick Castle, Warkworth was, and remains, one of the largest and most impressive fortresses in North East England. ...

Warkworth Castle

London & South East
Science, History, Physical Education, Bushcraft, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Victorian, SEN

The GBC located of junction 5 of the M3 in the historic village of Rotherwick, providing residential and day visit opportunities for schools within its 25 acres set in a conservation area and benefit from a wealth of natural charms. ...

The Gordon Brown Centre

East Midlands
History, Geography, Art, Medieval, Tudors, Chemistry, Fieldstudies

There are plenty of outdoor and indoor facilities for school groups to see at Bolsover castle, including the 17th century castle built by Charles Cavendish, Riding House Range which now contains an exhibition, Terrace Range and Wall Walk. ...

Bolsover Castle

London & South East
English, History, Art, Medieval, Victorian

Take a costumed guided tour today and let the characters reveal their fascinating stories entrenched in the building’s 1,000-year history! ...

Oxford Castle and Prison

London & South East
Science, History, Art, Prehistory, Saxons, Medieval, Tudors, Victorian, SEN

Leeds Castle in Kent offers an exciting range of themed workshops, self-guided visits and fun-packed itineraries ensure your school group will learn that there is so much more to Leeds Castle than history. ...

Leeds Castle

History, Medieval, Industrial, Victorian, Accommodation Only

YHA Cardiff Central has a 5-star rating and everything you need to explore the vibrant Welsh capital. This former hotel is packed with mod cons and has excellent facilities for school trips and groups. ...

YHA Cardiff Central

All UK Regions
Science, History, SEN, Prehistory, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Elizabethans, Industrial, Victorian, worldwar, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Geography, SEN

Immersive Experiences is the UK's leading multi-diciplinary mobile planetariums and sensory learning experiences company. Over 15 subjects | National Curriculum & Common Entrance 13 level | Over 160 programs to suit all ages | SEN/SLD/PMLD ...

Immersive Experiences

English, History, Romans, Medieval, Tudors, SEN

Stratford-upon-Avon is the perfect location for an engaging trip for all ages. The birthplace of Shakespeare it offers so much more; quaint Tudor streets, a historic market town centre and the local wildlife of the beautiful River Avon and Canals. ...

Stratford upon Avon

London & South East
English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Prehistory, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Industrial, Victorian, worldwar, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Human Geography, Environmental Geography, Fieldstudies, SEN, Physical Education

Do you like the idea of teaching your curriculum while your students minds are wide open? When better for them to learn than during the fun of your school trip? We are the Island Classroom, where you can combine fun with education in a unique way. ...

The Island Classroom

Wales, Midlands
Geography, Environmental Geography, Fieldstudies, Archaeology, Geology, History, Romans, Medieval, Physical Education, PSHE, Farm, Wildlife, SEN, Accommodation Only

Experience the magic of Longtown... the perfect base for experiencing exciting adventures throughout the Brecon Beacons led by our team of enthusiastic, experienced and fully-qualified instructors. Day Trips from £15 per child to 5 day residentials...

Longtown Outdoor Learning Centre

All UK Regions
History, Greeks, Egyptians, Medieval, SEN

Magic, Witches & Wizards Workshop, Wow Day & School Visit! An exciting display of historical weapons, magic artifacts, enchanted treasures and lots of other interesting props. Using humour and a huge wealth of knowledge on the subject matter, our Dan Tastic Workshop Facilitator will educate and ente...

Magic, Witches & Wizards Workshop & Wow Day

East of England
History, Geography, Saxons, Medieval, Tudors, Chemistry, Fieldstudies

A magnificent example of late 12th-century castle. Schools have the freedom to explore the inside of the castle walls through the main gatehouse, the 'wall walk' along the top of the castle, as well as learn about the history from the illustrated dis...

Framlingham Castles

Science, History, Religious Education, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Victorian, worldwar, SEN

York is a fantastic destination for groups of all ages and home to some of the UK's most iconic landmarks. Attractions and visits include the "Diagon Alley-esque" Shambles, York Minster, Jorvik, York Museum Gardens & the National Railway Museum. ...


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