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The Middle Ages

The Medieval period, also sometimes referred to as the Middle Ages, began with the Norman conquest of Britain in 1066 and lasted until the end of the fifteenth century. In exchange for land, barons, earls and dukes swore oaths of loyalty to their kings. The land division, known as Feudalism, proved a successful way for the country to be governed, controlled and taxed. This age of power and control is perhaps best seen today through the castles that still dominate some of our towns and coastlines. For those not wealthy enough to live in castles (see our dedicated castles page) and fortified manor houses, life was dominated by farming in the manorial system. In exchange for toiling in the fields, peasants were given protection by the land owner.

These fascinating relationships as well as periods such as the Black Death, the Peasants Revolt, the Crusades and the development of Medieval towns, can all be explored at some truly engaging educational venues, up and down the country. We have selected a handful who we feel offer the best experience for your school groups. If you are studying any aspect of life in the Middle Ages, you will find lots of inspiration at the venues featured here.

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