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The Egyptian Pharaohs and Kingdoms

If you are choosing Ancient Egypt for your early civilisations topic at Key Stage 2, or studying the Egyptians for any of your classroom topics, we have a number of options that can really help your teaching and your pupils' knowledge of the subject.

Although a trip to Egypt to show your class the last remaining wonder of the world - the Great Pyramid at Giza - may be a bit much for a group of primary school children, fear not, there are some exceptional companies below who are experts in bringing Ancient Egypt to you!

Discover the geography of the region, how the huge River Nile dominated the landscape and governed the development of the Egyptian empire. Learn about the people, their Pharaohs and Kingdoms. Find out about Egyptian language, culture, Egyptian history and their influence in African and beyond. Whatever your topic, we can tailor a trip to make the Egyptians come to life.

Short on time? We can help!

Let us find the perfect Egyptian history idea for your school trip.

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