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Business Studies as a subject is designed to show students how companies are set up and operated, and includes discussion of topics such as Business Types, Human Resources functions, Marketing applications, sources of finance, and opportunities for growth. Despite not being one of the National Curriculum programmes of study, most schools recognise the value in giving students the opportunity to take Business Studies, and exams can be taken at both Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.

When Business Studies is limited to the classroom it can be difficult for the teacher to engage and inspire their class. If there is one school subject that really does benefit enormously from a tour where students can see what they are learning in a real world context, Business Studies and Economics is it!

Our featured business studies tours give your students the exciting opportunity to visit world financial centres such as New York, London and Madrid. We can also tailor make trips to important industrial centres in Germany or China, and even mix economics and politics with fascinating tours of the European Union headquarters or the United Nations buildings. Just let us know what you would like to include in your trip.

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STEM trip to NASA, Florida, USA

How many students can say they've trained at NASA? On a 3-5 day camp at Kennedy Space Center, your students will train to prepare for life on Mars. Students will work with NASA scientists solve real challenges faced by astronauts.

Camp Kennedy Space Center is the ultimate STEM learning experience. Your students will earn NASA certifications and gain valuable experience in the field of space exploration. Your students will use classroom learning to solve real-world challenges. Students will see first-hand where a career in STEM can take them. They will build confidence and experience a world of exciting possibilities. ...

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STEM trip to NASA, Florida, USA

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Far East
History, Geography, Languages, Business

China’s history and its economic rise has been powerful, where its influence on politics, global economics and culture is still growing. Students will learn about how one of the oldest civilisations in the world today is still an evolving economy. ...

China - University trip

Maths, Science, Design Technology, Computing, Business

Explore San Francisco, the global hub of innovation. Visit the headquarters of Google, Apple and Facebook. Take part in a multi-day tech workshop at Stanford University. Visit the hands-on Exploratorium museum. Plus loads more. ...

Silicon Valley and Stanford University school trip

USA, North America
History, Business, Cultural, Citizenship

Your students may only think of New York as a major shopping destination but it offers many opportunities to extend their knowledge of Politics. ...

Politics New York

Design Technology, Business, Art, Fashion and Textiles

The list of excursions and experiences for students on a college or university trip to London is diverse. Regardless of subject, this city will inspire your students. ...

London - University Trip

Design Technology, Languages, Business, Art

This study tour to the Black Forest takes groups through a comprehensive programme of subjects, making it an ideal cross curricular trip. ...

Black Forest

Far East
Science, Geography, Business, Cultural

Japan is an amazing destination for a school trip, with a varied range of suitable subjects to explore. With its unique culture, stunning scenery and vibrant futuristic cities, students will have an unforgettable experience in this magical country. ...

Educational trips to Japan with Equity

Design Technology, Business, Cultural, Art

Students will be inspired by the distinct and dynamic art and architecture that lines the streets of this modern city. Berlin is a destination that would greatly enhance the knowledge and understanding of students from a wide range of subjects. ...

Berlin - University Trip

History, Business, Cultural, Art

A variety of New York tours are available from Rondo Travel as each one is tailored to your subject needs. The visits on offer are many and varied and often have that wow factor rarely found. Your students will come away wanting more. ...

School tour to New York

Design Technology, Business, Cultural, Art

A short trip across the channel opens up a world of sophistication, fashion, gastronomy, fine art, film making, design, photography and architecture. ...

Paris - University trip

Far East
History, Geography, Business, Cultural

Not only is China the world's largest modern economy, but it also boasts over 3,500 years of written history. Its rich and elaborate past and dynamic modern cities offer a myriad of learning opportunities. ...

Business studies trip to China

Maths, Science, Design Technology, Computing, Business

SPACE & ROCKETS - Huntsville Advanced Space Camp, Alabama. Students will visit the official visitor complex for NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. ...

Huntsville’s Advances Space Camp – Alabama USA

Design Technology, Business, Cultural, Art

Drawing in people from all areas of the world, New York offers a diverse cultural identity completely different from any other city in the USA. A truly fantastic destination for college and university trips. ...

New York- University Trip

Belgium, Europe

Brussels is a unique melting pot for European politics, legislation and business, making it the perfect destination for business and economics students. A hub for your students to strengthen their grasp on local, national and international business. ...

Brussels Business Studies and Economics

English, Maths, Science, Design Technology, Computing, Business

How many students can say they've trained at NASA? On a 3-5 day camp at Kennedy Space Center, your students will train to prepare for life on Mars. Students will work with NASA scientists solve real challenges faced by astronauts. ...

STEM trip to NASA, Florida, USA

Belgium, France, Germany, Europe
History, Business, Citizenship

Take a school visit to the historic town of Strasbourg the city of Brussels and the country of Luxembourg and find out more about the Council of Europe and the European Parliament....

Classic EU Tour

Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Europe, USA, Far East, North America

Business studies is a popular GCSE and A Level choice for many students. Business studies school trips give pupils the opportunity to learn about finance, marketing, human resources and a whole lot more. Enjoy talks and tours from Paris to Beijing. ...

School Business Trip

Design Technology, Business, Cultural, Art

Equity has selected a vast range of excursions designed to maximise Barcelona’s potential as a destination for college and university trips. This diverse and exciting city is perfect for a variety of subjects. ...

Barcelona - University trip

Ireland, Europe
History, Business

School trips to Belfast will give your students an insight into the politics, the conflict and the violence that troubled this otherwise vibrant city for many years. ...

Belfast History & Politics

Germany, Europe
History, Business, Cultural

Berlin is a melting pot of history, culture and industry tied together with a modern twist and captivating atmosphere. This funky, dynamic city is brimming with industry links, business visits and unique experiences waiting to be discovered. ...

Berlin Business Studies & Economics

Business, Cultural

Visit not one but three incredible cities on America's East Coast and explore some of the world's most important financial and economic centres. A business and economics trip to New York, Philadelphia and Washington will live long in the memory. ...

Economics Trip To New York & Washington

Africa, Far East, South America, Latin
Design Technology, Conservation, Business, Medicine, Farming, Conservation

Looking for a different type of trip? Join a Kaya project and volunteer while you travel and create a trip of a lifetime! Volunteering abroad is a great way to meet people, immerse yourself in the local culture, and make a positive impact! ...

Worldwide Cultural Volunteering

Conservation, Business, Cultural, Medicine, Conservation

With volunteering projects in 11 African countries as diverse as Big 5 Wildlife Conservation, teaching reading and writing, Sports Coaching and many more - project volunteering is an insightful and immersive way to give back whilst exploring ...

Ethical Volunteer and Cultural Immersion Trips in Africa

Africa, Far East, South America, Latin
Conservation, Languages, Business, Cultural, Conservation

Looking for a life-changing trip? At Kaya Responsible Travel we offer ethical and sustainable volunteer projects abroad. You don't need loads of experience or expertise, just enthusiasm to get involved, time to offer, and a passion to help! ...

Ethical and Sustainable Volunteering

Far East
Business, Cultural

Japan is the third largest economy in the world and a fantastic destination for Business & economics students. Visit banks, department stores, markets and the Tokyo stock exchange as well as exploring this beautiful city's diverse districts. ...

Economics & Business Trip To Japan

Africa, Far East, South America, Latin
Science, Design Technology, Conservation, Languages, Business, Medicine, Conservation

Want to make the most of your travels this year? An internship abroad could be a great way to visit a new place, gain some experience, and take your CV up a notch. ...

Kaya Volunteering

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