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chinese business districtAs a teacher, when you are organising a long haul trip with your students, you need to be certain of a few things; most important is, of course, that the trip will enrich your students and be beneficial to their learning. And that is why you can count on a trip to China; Beijing is a modern metropolis, sprawling Eastern China, with an extremely diverse business make up including robust IT, manufacturing and financial sectors, making it the perfect area to explore and enrich your student's minds.

A destination waiting to be explored

China has a forward-facing culture, which can inspire students and broaden their outlook on the world. Not only this, it is undoubtedly a destination that is waiting to be explored, with a rich heritage that has seen growth and expansion over the years. The current population of China has been recorded at over 1.3bn people; it is a densely populated country, which is continuously growing and has no sign of slowing down anytime soon, it's definitely as good a time as any to take your students to visit this growing hub in Asia, with a few cultural stops along the way.


As China's capital, Beijing offers any business and economics student an array of opportunities to be educated further about this economic giant. China's growth in recent decades has allowed it to dominate world economics, as a hub of successful business it's a great place for any student to visit to experience first-hand.

Beijing is home to a number of big corporate giants, including Lenovo, Microsoft China, amongst many more. It is a great city that is home to, and attracts, a lot of big business each year, making it one of the best places your business and economic students can visit.

2008 Olympics

The Olympic games were held in China's capital in 2008, having a strong impact on the city's economic development, providing a showcase for the city and country as it attracted new business and showed the world that it is a strong country that can compete in a global arena. It is a must visit destination on any trip to China, as it showcases first-hand the legacy that has been left, continuing to make its mark on China's history.

Visiting Chinese cities

On your business studies tour of China, the big cities are going to be top of your must see list, but with huge distances to cover you will need to experience China's great value transport network. Getting from Beijing to Shanghai is like flying from London to Rome; China is a vast country! Booking your school tour to China with an experienced and dependable company like Adaptable Travel takes away any organisational headaches. Should internal flight timetables change at the last minute (as they often do in China), the experts at Adaptable Travel will keep your trip running smoothly.

The Great Wall of China

No trip to China is complete without a trip to The Great Wall of China. A big part of any study of business and economics is showing how each individual country utilises their heritage and historic landmarks for tourism, and this is no exception. The Great Wall of China attracts over 10m people annually, as an integral area in China's tourism sector; it is a must visit place for students to be culturally educated, with an unforgettable experience that will enrich their minds.

If you are looking to organise a trip to China for your business and economics students, you will want to ensure the experience will be an educational trip that will benefit the whole class. Organising a trip with Adaptable Travel will enable you to combine an essential learning opportunity with an innovative tour of this modern metropolis, start your students educational and cultural journey to China today.

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