Advice from Voyager School Travel

When it comes to school trips abroad, there are dozens of locations to choose from and choosing the right one can be difficult. What are the key factors for schools to take into consideration when picking a location to visit?

It depends on the educational focus of your school trip and the balance of fun and learning you need. Safety is a top priority – schools and parents want to feel they are in safe hands. The age of your students is also important – France is great for all age groups for example. Costs must also be factored in and Voyager always aims to arrange fantastic school trips at the best price possible. Other factors include suitable accommodation and travel times. Voyager understands that school life is busy and that party leaders want a travel company that takes care of all these factors. We go out of our way to tick all the boxes so they have peace of mind.

What subjects can Voyager School Travel cover on an overseas school trip?

Voyager has an extensive list of subjects and destinations. We excel at Modern Foreign Languages as we have years of experience in this sector and because we run our own language centres in France and Spain. And, this is something we continue to expand; in 2015 we acquired another language centre on the Opal Coast in France. We cover all subjects on the school curriculum (Key Stage 1 to GCSE) including Geography, History, Religious Studies, Sport, Art, Music, Economics and Biology. At the end of 2015 Voyager launched Voyager Worldwide to promote a new range of exciting school trips overseas. If you want a select Geography school tour of Iceland or Morocco you can contact Voyager Worldwide. And, if you want a premium Religious Studies school tour to India or Rome then Voyager can take you there.

And can you offer cross curricular trips too?

Yes, most of our school trips have cross-curricular elements. A school trip to Rome can cover Art, History and Religious Studies for example.

If you had to pick one country that offered the most educational benefits for a school trip, where would you pick and for what reasons?

France because it has something for almost everyone, from Language to History, Geography to Sport and for all ages. I’d also suggest France because Voyager has the experience and expertise to deliver quality and excellent value for money.

We love travelling here at Plan My School Trip and we certainly know that students love to travel too. What would you say are the main benefits of taking an overseas school trip?

Getting out of the classroom will always enhance learning. And, travel overseas is a wonderful opportunity to bring the National Curriculum to life and experience other cultures. Whether your students are practising speaking a new language while they learn to windsurf or visiting the places where key moments of History were made they are learning lessons and making memories to last a lifetime. And, at the same time they are building personal and social skills they never knew they had.

School trips abroad take a lot of careful planning, there are risk assessments to be attained, dietary requirements to be sorted and much much more. How much of the planning process do Voyager School Travel take care of? And is there anything that Teachers need to sort out themselves?

At Voyager we try to take on board as much of the trip organisation and stress as possible. Inevitably there will some things we can’t do, such as collecting money, as well as information on dietary and medical requirements, but we always flag up what needs to be done and we go out of our way to help.

Are there many difficulties with language barriers on a school trip abroad?

Less so these days as so many people in the world speak English. At Voyager, around 52 per cent of our programmes are Modern Foreign Language programmes (French, Spanish and German) and we positively encourage every opportunity to practise speaking a foreign language. From the moment a group of language students step off the coach at our language centres in France they are prompted to speak and follow all instructions in French.

Is it hard to get the right balance of fun and learning on a worldwide school trip?

In our experience, on most school trips the two go together hand in hand. Because students are having so much fun, they don’t realise just how much they are learning.

Popular destination for school trips are Iceland, Costa Rica and Morocco. Are there many other long haul destinations you would recommend for school trips?

The launch of Voyager Worldwide means we can confidently offer school tours of India, China, USA, Japan and Vietnam.