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According to official statistics, almost 1.3 million school children had Special Educational Needs (SEN) or Additional Special Needs (ASN) in 2018.

Tailored Programmes

Particular school trip destinations have tailor-made programmes, which have been specially devised to meet the learning needs of children with SEN. SEN or ASN covers such a wide ranging spectrum of disabilities, as everyone is different and therefore everyone struggles with different things. Consequently, these tailored programmes aim to be valuable to each individual child's personal development. Learning outside the classroom is an excellent way for children with SEN to enhance their social skills, learn visually, gain confidence, concentrate easier, and improve intellectually. Not only can they improve in their lessons, but they can also learn some essential life skills.

SEN Suitable Venues

Choosing a venue is a crucial decision for children with SEN, as the children's surroundings and environment is paramount to their personal development. Moreover, the children's safety is a principal concern, so therefore the venue needs to accommodate to the children's specific needs. For instance, some SEN school trip destinations offer complete privacy in order for the children to fully relax.

SEN qualified and experienced staff

Each school trip destination has SEN qualified and experienced staff so that the children are properly supervised and cared for. Consequently, you can be confident that each individual child's necessary demands are being met. The staff have therefore been trained to encourage, support, and motivate each child, as each individual child's welfare and wellbeing is their absolute priority.

Fully accessible facilities

There are school trip destinations that have wheelchair accessibility, so that children with physical disabilities can fully experience and enjoy their school trip. In addition, destinations also provide fully accessible toilet and shower facilities so that it can cater to children with serious impairments and multiple learning difficulties.

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