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The South West

With all schools very keen to broaden and enhance the learning opportunities and the social experience of their pupils, school study trips are high on the agenda. If your school is located in or near the South West of England, Somerset is a county well worth a visit.

With an extensive coastline to the north, and a large grassland interior, known as the Somerset Levels, this county is distinctly rural with a good helping of maritime. But for the sake of this article we are controversially featuring a couple of trips located in the urban centre of Bristol. We know that Bristol is not technically Somerset, but if you are in or near this county, then the short hop to the city may be well worth it, as we will discuss below.

While science, geography and even art have all taken centre stage over the years - the birth of powered flight, the birth of the National Parks and more recently the world famous Glastonbury Festival, it is impossible to overlook the immense cultural history of Somerset, woven in layer after layer of demographic history, and ripe for study by modern day school children. From the early hunter gathers who left their flints, through the Iron Age settlers and Roman invaders, to the Norman conquest and later civil war. Museums and exhibition centres provide a wide variety of study options.

Geographically speaking, the county of Somerset can be seen the northern part of the region known as the South West of England. Sitting to the south of the Severn Estury, Somerset is the gateway to Devon and Cornwall, and the South West Peninsula. County towns include Yeovil and Taunton to the south, Bridgwater in the centre and Weston-super-Mare to the north.

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Shepton Mallet

There are very few prisons in this country that are open to the public. We don't offer gimmicks just a real Victorian prison. The tours can vary in length from 2 to 3 hours and a workshop session is an option. On view are 2 wings of the prison, both with 3 landings, the constant watch cells, the segregation area, healthcare, the exercise yards and the hanging room including the cell where the condemned prisoner spent his last night. This can be excluded from the tour if preferred. The tour will be adapted according to school year and what you, as a teacher, want to achieve. As well as being educational some organisations will use the experience as a preventative tool - bringing the harsh reality of prison life home We encourage questions. Many of our visits are led by ex prison...

Shepton Mallet
Shepton Mallet

Welcome to Glastonbury Abbesy, once the grandest and richest Abbey in England. A great Glastonbury experience awaits you here! ...

Glastonbury Abbey

Students have the opportunity to visit a real prison which was fully operational until 2013. Our guides will paint a picture of life in prison from Victorian times to the present day. We bring history and crime & punishment alive ...

Shepton Mallet

Simonsbath House Outdoor Centre specializes in offering fun packed, mixed programs of outdoor and environmental courses aimed at giving pupils a taster of challenging, exciting and interesting activities that will shape their future memories. ...

Simonsbath House Outdoor Centre

Set on a working organic farm Magdalen provides a unqiue base for students, children and adults to explore the great outdoors. A range of tutor led activities are tailored to you and we provide high quality accommodation with homecooked meals. ...

Magdalen Farm

Explore Cheddar Gorge, a National Nature Reserve and world famous beauty spot where pupils can learn about its Ice Age creation, Stone Age occupation and Victorian exploration ...

Cheddar Gorge

Outposts' offers couples a beautiful secluded location in an AONB which provides a safe environment for free range children with the very best of learning outside the classroom. Bush craft, adventurous activities, team and leadership development. ...

Outposts Residential Camp Somerset

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