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Rome, the eternal city, is the Italian capital and a great place for students to study subjects such as Religion, Art, Classics, Music. This world city has over 3,000 years of culture, classical heritage and history.

They say when in Rome, do as the Roman's do, so where better to start your school trip than a visit to the incredibly popular and world famous Roman Colosseum. The Colosseum is one of the seven wonders of the world and also the largest amphitheatre in the world! Its monumental size and Roman antiquity still amazes crowds of tourists and Italians alike. The Colosseum itself took 12 years to build and during the Roman period it is believed that over half a million people were killed inside the arena!

Whist in Italy your students can even take part in a Gladiator training school which is located just outside of Rome. This is extremely popular with school pupils and takes place on a Roman Army Training camp. Here your students will learn first hand what the life of a Gladiator was like, with the opportunity to be suiting up in Roman armour and take part in simulated battles!

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If you're visiting Ancient Rome for its Art aspects, then a visit to the Vatican Museums is a must. They were decorated by the greatest Renaissance artists in the world, such as Raphael, with the Sistine chapel becoming the most famous chapel in the world. The main highlights of the Sistine chapel have to be the beautifully restored frescoes, created by many artists including Michelangelo, Botticelli, Punturiccho and Perugino.

Another two great destinations for your Art pupils are the National Gallery of Modern Art and the National Gallery of Ancient Art.

The Modern Art museum was established is 1881 and in Italy is know as the Galleria D'Arte Moderna. The Museum is Italy's largest museum with over 4500 pieces of artwork, ranging from sculptures to paintings. Here you will find works of art from artists such as Kandinsky, Morandim, Canoca, plus many more highly regarded names.

The Ancient Art gallery on the other hand contains a huge amount of Etruscan artefacts, mosaics and Roman statues. It is also split across two sites in Rome, one located at Palazzo Corsini and the other at Palazzo Barberini.

As well as its museums the city itself features some magnificent artwork throughout, with its architecture and triumphal monuments coming from a range of different periods, including the Middle Ages and Baroque periods.

If Religion is your curriculum topic of choice, then with four major Basilicas and over 300 churches, Rome and the Vatican city are an amazing choice for your education visit. Did you know that St. Peter's basilica is supposedly built over St Peter's Grave, along with a maze of catacombs.

Fun fact about Vatican city - It is actually classed as the smallest country in the world! With only a 2 mile long border.

Here are some more popular excursions for school groups

Trevi Fountain – Rome's world famous fountain and is regarded the most beautiful in the fountain in the world. Visitors throws coins into the fountain, which ensures they will return to Rome

Pantheon – A temple built to all of the gods in 126AD during Hadrian's reign

The Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo - Augustinian church containing several works of art by famous artists

Piazza Barberini - Large 16th century piazza located in the city centre of Rome

Tivoli – Visit Emperor Hardians Villa and the fountains of the Villa d'Este gardens

Spanish Steps – These Baroque style steps were built in the 18th century and are located in Piazza di Spagna

Ostic Antica - A beautiful harbour city around 20 miles from Rome

Palatine Hill – Here you can explore the Imperial Palace and the Hut of Romulus ruins, along with a superb view of Circus Maximus.

Time Elevator – This a superb activity where you are taken on a virtual/multi sensory journey through the development of Rome

Tivoli – Visit Emperor Hardians Villa and the fountains of the Villa d'Este gardens

Bay of Naples – Beautiful day excursion which can be reached in just over 1 hour by train from Rome.

The Forum's of Caesar & Augustus – In the evening a series of videos & lights are projected to recreate the Forum and take you back 2000 years.

The Baths at Caracalla – Located in the centre of Rome is a 27 acre Roman Baths, with hot baths and cold baths along with an open air swimming pool. The Baths also have seats for over 1,500 people!

Rome - University trip

Rome - University trip

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Rome - University trip

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History and Classics trips to Rome with Equity

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History and Classics Tour to Rome

History and Classics Tour to Rome

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Art in Rome

Art in Rome

Rome has truly inspiring art collections. The Vatican collections and Michelangelo's masterpiece of the Sistine Chapel plus the National Gallery are a must. Students will be enthused and motivated - so much to see, do and sketch in the Eternal City. ...
Art in Rome

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