School Visit options on the Isle of Wight

The combination of sea, sun and..fossils has cemented the Isle of Wight as the UK's Holiday Island!

A small island with a big history!

It is hard to beat the Isle of Wight as a school trip destination, if you want to take your pupils on a thrilling, historical adventure. The adventure commences immediately in the journey there, as the children venture on a ferry across unknown waters to another mysterious land. Once the children arrive to the island, they can then discover and explore the breathtaking beaches, and learn about the dinosaurs that used to dominate them.

The Isle of Wight certainly is a small island filled with a big history!! "Dinosaur Island", as it is known, has been instrumental for Dinosaur discovery in the UK and in Europe. Through the many exhilarating dinosaur attractions, the pupils can go back in time to a prehistoric age, and educate themselves in an exciting way on the creatures that roamed the earth before us. Schools visiting the Isle of Wight can also enjoy a range of exciting watersports - the island's seafaring history needs no introduction, or take a look at historical sights such as castles and country estates.

Furthermore, the Isle of Wight's location makes it an ideal school trip destination for any southern school, as it is situated just off the South coast. From the capital, it takes less than two hours via the Ferry.

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Ventnor Botanic Garden

We grow around 6,000 rare and exotic plant species in 22 subtropical acres, attracting some of the most beautiful wildlife. Our garden creates opportunities to study Geography, Geology, History, Horticulture, and learn about rare plants and wildlife.

Here at Ventnor Botanic Garden we can offer an outdoor classroom like no other, the perfect destination for school visits. Positioned in the Ventnor Undercliff, our garden presents some great opportunities for Geology and Geography students. With access to the sea via our Victorian tunnel, you can view some of the most spectacular rock formations on the southern side of the Isle of Wight. As well as Geography and Geology, our garden is historically rich as it was the site of an old hospital, The Royal Hospital for Diseases of the Chest, you can learn more about this in our Heritage Centre. We also have a Mushroom Fruiting Chamber on site where you can see our very own mushrooms growing, followed by a tour through the underground vaults. Above all, we are experiencing climate change at...

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Ventnor Botanic Garden

Do you like the idea of teaching your curriculum while your students minds are wide open? When better for them to learn than during the fun of your school trip? We are the Island Classroom, where you can combine fun with education in a unique way. ...

The Island Classroom

We offer a 100% BESPOKE residential to the Isle of Wight for schools. This can include transport, accommodation, activities, risk assessments and so much more, allowing you to save time and money. Leave the work to us so you can focus on teaching! ...

School residentials on the beautiful Isle of Wight

Unique among Royal Residences, Osborne offers a real insight into the private lives of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their children. Their home can teach many aspects of the curriculum across numerous subjects and inspire your students. ...


A day trip to the stunning Isle of Wight is only a short ferry crossing away! With only a small stretch of water between you and the island, the Isle of Wight offers a truly unique experience and can be reached in as little as 12 minutes! ...

Geography Galore – Southampton Docks and Solent

With our wide variety of activities and action packed courses we can provide quality outdoor learning experiences for all. Our Key Stage range is designed to challenge and stimulate every age group. ...

Allnatt Isle of Wight

With over 30 years of experience, UKSA offers young people a fun and safe outdoor environment in which to learn important life skills to excel. Bespoke packages in sailing, watersports, and teambuilding include accommodation, food, kit, and tuition. ...


Business Studies learning outside the classroom on the Isle of Wight Home to a plethora of businesses, large and small, servicing the Island's tourism economy as well as international aerospace, technology and manufacturing organisations. Education ...

Business Studies

Kingswood’s Isle of Wight’s clifftop setting offers stunning views over Whitecliff Bay and direct beach access. ...

Isle of Wight - Kingswood

We grow around 6,000 rare and exotic plant species in 22 subtropical acres, attracting some of the most beautiful wildlife. Our garden creates opportunities to study Geography, Geology, History, Horticulture, and learn about rare plants and wildlife....

Ventnor Botanic Garden

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