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The growth of the cities

During the second half of the eighteenth century, a huge change began to take place in Britain. Driven by a unique set of circumstances including, but not limited to, growth in population and the opening up of export markets which both pushed up demand. The availability of raw materials, especially coal. Big advances in technology, including the steam engine, which allowed a less skilled, but much larger work force to become employed in the towns and cities rather than in the countryside. And improvements in transport infrastructure such as roads, canals and railways. By early part of the nineteenth century these changes were having an enormous effect on the social conditions of the population, as well as on the economic prosperity of the nation.

The legacy of the Industrial Revolution can still be seen in almost every town and city. If you are studying this amazing and fascinating period of British history with your class, there are lots of wonderful venues, dedicated to bringing these sights and sounds back to life for your children to experience first hand. All parts of the country were affected, and you will find educational resources in your own location, but if you wish to visit where it all began, a visit to Ironbridge or the Black Country is a real treat.

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STEM and History Trips

Perhaps the best bit about Underfall Yard is that it is not a museum! Instead, it is a thriving boatyard where boats are built and repaired, and vital harbour management operations are carried out. As a working place (that is of course fully risk assessed), the site is a bit gritty, just the way our visitors like it! We are proud to offer school groups the chance to explore this unique place to find out about Bristol's fascinating maritime history and the science and engineering that made it possible. We are very flexible, and all visits are bespoke and designed to meet your needs. Visits are planned and led by an experienced Secondary Teacher, ably supported by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic Education Volunteers. As a charitable trust Underfall Yard aims to keep prices as low as...

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East Midlands
Citizenship, English, Maths, Science, History, Design Technology, Geography, Music, PSHE, Industrial, Victorian, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Through the character of the visionary Nottingham engineer, Thomas Hawksley, who explains the processes required to pump water out of the ground and transport it to Nottingham, the children build a picture of how Victorian engineering was used to carry clean water to Nottingham, and why it was so ne...

Papplewick Pumping Station Museum

English, Geography, Human Geography, Physical Geography, Science, Physics, History, Ancient Civilisations, Egyptians, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Elizabethans, Industrial, Victorian, worldwar, Twentieth Century

A visit to us will bring to life the Royal Navy’s rich history and heritage. A Discovery Visit includes the chance to explore our atmospheric authentically created eighteenth century quayside and the unique opportunity to go on board HMS Trincomale...

National Museum Of The Royal Navy in Hartlepool

South West
Industrial, Victorian, Physical Education, Art, SEN

Take your students to a world-class artists region, home of the Tate, Barbara Hepworth and incredible landscapes shed in natural light - this is Cornwall. ...

Cornwall Art Tour

History, Romans, Vikings, Industrial, Victorian, Design Technology

Home to the Romans, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and generations of scholars. Count the towers and gateways along the city walls, stroll through the Shambles and discover eight hundred years' of stained glass at the towering Minster. This lovely medieval ci...

York City Overnight Trip

Geography, Human Geography, Science, Physics, History, Industrial, Physical Education, Accommodation Only

In the heart of the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site, in a small town famous for being the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, we offer two hostels that are ideal for your next residential. ...

YHA Ironbridge Coalport

London & South East
English, Science, Biology, History, Medieval, Tudors, Industrial, Victorian, Physical Education, Accommodation Only

A warm welcome awaits you at our purpose-built hostel, based in the docklands area of London. With a coach drop-off just outside the door getting here is easy. Inside you’ll find great social spaces, full meals service and places to study. ...

YHA London Thameside

English, History, Romans, Medieval, Industrial, SEN

Take your students on a school trip to Edinburgh, streets that inspired the wizarding world, enchanting castles and rich history, a hub for creativity and culture and an incredibly unique cityscape pairing traditional elements with a modern twist. ...


All UK Regions
Science, History, SEN, Prehistory, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Elizabethans, Industrial, Victorian, worldwar, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Geography, SEN

Immersive Experiences is the UK's leading multi-diciplinary mobile planetariums and sensory learning experiences company. Over 15 subjects | National Curriculum & Common Entrance 13 level | Over 160 programs to suit all ages | SEN/SLD/PMLD ...

Immersive Experiences

London & South East
Science, History, Geography, Prehistory, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Industrial, Victorian, worldwar, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Human Geography, Environmental Geography, Fieldstudies, SEN, Twentieth Century

A day trip to the stunning Isle of Wight is only a short ferry crossing away! With only a small stretch of water between you and the island, the Isle of Wight offers a truly unique experience and can be reached in as little as 12 minutes! ...

Geography Galore – Southampton Docks and Solent

Maths, Science, Physics, History, Industrial, Design Technology, PSHE, SEN

The British Motor Museum tells the story of the people, products and places linked to Britain’s motor industry and can help support studies across many areas of the National Curriculum. Create your day to fit with your current topic. ...

British Motor Museum

East Midlands
Citizenship, History, Saxons, Medieval, Tudors, Industrial, Victorian, PSHE, SEN

Join us and explore real historical court cases through role-play in one of the longest running courts in England. ...

Crime and Punishment at Oakham Castle

History, Geography, Music, Art, Industrial, Victorian, worldwar, Twentieth Century, Human Geography, Physical, Environmental Geography, Fieldstudies, SEN

Brilliant Liverpool Tours organise inspiring tours around the second Port of the British Empire. Georgian & Victorian England is experienced around a busy sea port, the Royal Albert Dock, the World Heritage Waterfront & Port Sunlight Village. ...

Brilliant Liverpool Tours

London & South East
English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Prehistory, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Industrial, Victorian, worldwar, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Human Geography, Environmental Geography, Fieldstudies, SEN, Physical Education

Do you like the idea of teaching your curriculum while your students minds are wide open? When better for them to learn than during the fun of your school trip? We are the Island Classroom, where you can combine fun with education in a unique way. ...

The Island Classroom
Frogmore Paper Mill
Frogmore Paper Mill

London & South East
Science, Chemistry, History, Industrial, Victorian, Twentieth Century, Design Technology, Art, SEN

Frogmore is a piece of Victorian, Industrial Revolution history. This Mill was the site where the first mechanised papermaking machine in the world was installed in 1803. This invention fulled the mass availability of paper and together with the Education Act of 1870, changed schooling forever. Here...

Frogmore Paper Mill

London & South East
History, Prehistory, Romans, Medieval, Tudors, Industrial, Victorian

Fieldwork on the foreshore involves collecting and identifying historical artefacts as evidence of river settlement. Indoor activities will enable children to distinguish between different materials commonly found on the Thames foreshore and using specially designed sorter boards to identify and da...

London History

South West
Maths, Geography, Human Geography, Physical Geography, Science, Physics, History, Georgian, Industrial, Victorian, Design Technology

Underfall Yard is a great place to discover the engineering, science and technology that underpinned the Industrial Revolution. From steam power to large-scale engineering, young people can learn what made the Industrial Revolution tick. The yard’s fully functional Victorian workshop complete with...

STEM and History Trips

London & South East
History, Industrial, Victorian, Performing Arts, Music, Art, SEN

London – the ultimate city break offering every conceivable educational experience for all age groups with a plethora of opportunity for school groups, without the need to go abroad! ...


London & South East
English, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Medieval, Tudors, Industrial, Victorian, Art

Museums and palaces overflowing with art, science and history, incredible theatre shows in the West End, bustling Oxford Street and Covent Garden, and iconic Big Ben and Trafalgar Square! London is the perfect destination for a cultural tour. ...

Cultural Tour of London for International Schools

Science, Chemistry, Biology, History, Industrial, Victorian, Twentieth Century, Geography, Physical Geography, Environmental Geography

Where History and fun combine! See our Award Winning Llechwedd Deep Mine, we have 250 chambers, 14 miles of tunnels underground hand blasted from slate miners in the 1800s or visit the higher parts of our 300 year old Quarry in Ex Army trucks! ...

The Slate Caverns

History, Medieval, Industrial, Victorian, Accommodation Only

YHA Cardiff Central has a 5-star rating and everything you need to explore the vibrant Welsh capital. This former hotel is packed with mod cons and has excellent facilities for school trips and groups. ...

YHA Cardiff Central

London & South East
History, Medieval, Tudors, Elizabethans, Industrial, Victorian, worldwar, Twentieth Century, Music, Art

London has so much to offer for Primary School trips with excursions and attractions that link to all subject areas.Even though this is the biggest capital city in Europe, we choose excursions that are central so it’s easy for groups to travel. ...

Equity Primary Trips to London

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