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The Reign of Queen Elizabeth I and the works of Shakespeare

Often referred to by historians as the Golden Era, the period of rule by Queen Elizabeth I, daughter of Herny VIII and Anne Boleyn, from 1558 until 1603. The Elizabethan era saw the height of the English Renaissance, expansion of the empire, and military dominance over Spain. For those teaching school history topics, the Elizabethans were a busy lot and kindly provided us with plenty to study.

The monarch at the time Queen Elizabeth ruled over a relatively quiet period, with fewer political and religious troubles. The arts flourished and saw the incredible rise of the theatre, and playwrights such as William Shakespeare who lived in Stratford upon Avon and was married to Anne Hathaway.

Other amazing turning points during the Elizabethan period include the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus, circumnavigation of the globe by Francis Drake and the first attempt to establish a settlement on the east coast of North America.

Elizabethan school trips provide a wonderful opportunity for children to study this period of British history. Visit historical houses, Shakespeare's Stratford upon Avon and much more. If you need inspiration for an Elizabethan trip, take a look below or give us a call.

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Ufton Court

At Ufton, we provide engaging history and outdoor learning school trips for Schools across the South East.

Our aim is to inspire your class to develop a passion for history and the outdoors. We understand that all schools are different and so our learning style is very flexible and our teachers work hard to provide schools with individual programmes that meet their needs. Our schools get sole use of their residential sites at night, whether it is our beautiful Manor House or our cosy woodland cabins. On school trips with Ufton, children immerse themselves in activities, helping them to: - Enjoy learning - Increase motivation to learn about history and the environment - Make Connections - Spend more time outdoors - Develop positive relationships in a new setting - Understand concepts of continuity and change - Understand concepts of cause and consequence - Gain historical...

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Ufton Court

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London & South East
History, SEN, Tudors, Elizabethans

Take over The Golden Hinde for a whole night where your group will transform in to the crew of our ship setting sail on a voyage of adventure and piracy. ...

Overnight Living History

London & South East
Science, History, Bushcraft, Prehistory, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Elizabethans, worldwar, SEN

At Ufton, we provide engaging history and outdoor learning school trips for Schools across the South East. ...

Ufton Court

London & South East
History, Tudors, Elizabethans, SEN

Francis Drake’s circumnavigation, and the wider culture of seafaring, exploration and privateering which it exemplifies, is central to understanding the Elizabethan ‘Golden Age’. A visit to our ship provides students of this period with an invaluable opportunity to get immersed in the historic...

The Golden Hinde

South West
History, Tudors, Elizabethans

There's so much to see and explore above and below its five decks, with many hands on exhibits giving the visitor of all ages a wonderful insight to the incredible life at sea in Tudor times. ...

Golden Hind

English, Geography, Human Geography, Physical Geography, Science, Physics, History, Ancient Civilisations, Egyptians, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Elizabethans, Industrial, Victorian, worldwar, Twentieth Century

A visit to us will bring to life the Royal Navy’s rich history and heritage. A Discovery Visit includes the chance to explore our atmospheric authentically created eighteenth century quayside and the unique opportunity to go on board HMS Trincomale...

National Museum Of The Royal Navy in Hartlepool

English, Maths, Science, Biology, History, Prehistory, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Elizabethans, Victorian, worldwar, Design Technology, Food, PSHE, Farm, SEN

Tatton Park is one of the UK's most complete historic estates with a range of outstanding spaces, courses and resources for educational use! ...

Learn at Tatton Park

History, Religious Education, Art, Tudors, Elizabethans, Twentieth Century

Guided tours of the national collection are led by experienced gallery educators. Pupils are encouraged to engage with works of art through activities and discussion. ...

National Galleries of Scotland

Geography, Human Geography, History, Medieval, Elizabethans, Monarchs

Famously built to impress Elizabeth I, see the grand buildings Dudley, Earl of Leicester built at Kenilworth Castle, and the recreated Elizabethan gardens. Download the Teachers’ Kit, available from the English Heritage website, with activities to support learning before, during and after your vi...

Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Garden

All UK Regions
Science, History, SEN, Prehistory, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Elizabethans, Industrial, Victorian, worldwar, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Geography, SEN

Immersive Experiences is the UK's leading multi-diciplinary mobile planetariums and sensory learning experiences company. Over 15 subjects | National Curriculum & Common Entrance 13 level | Over 160 programs to suit all ages | SEN/SLD/PMLD ...

Immersive Experiences

London & South East
History, Medieval, Tudors, Elizabethans, Industrial, Victorian, worldwar, Twentieth Century, Music, Art

London has so much to offer for Primary School trips with excursions and attractions that link to all subject areas.Even though this is the biggest capital city in Europe, we choose excursions that are central so it’s easy for groups to travel. ...

Equity Primary Trips to London

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