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This is our short school trip guide to Germany: cities to visit; plenty of ideas on what to see while you are there; and how much your school trip to Germany is likely to cost. We work with all the top school tour providers which means we can cater for any trip you can think of. Let us know your specific requirements and we will help tailor make your trip.

So what makes Germany a great school trip destination?

Much like our own country, Germany has a varied landscape, comprising sprawling urban industrial cities like Munich, Berlin and Stuttgart, as well as beautifully green countryside such as you will find in the Black Forest or the villages of Lower Saxony. Easily accessible from the UK, no matter which German region you choose to visit, you will find plenty to suit a study tour based around a German Language theme.

The educational tours you will find below all offer packages which can be tailor-made to meet your own particular curriculum requirements, whether that is for a language module, or cross-curricular with another subject. All of the Germany trip operators we work with have years of experience delivering high quality student travel for schools and colleges.

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Citizenship School Trip

Citizenship study programmes help teachers inspire their students with a range of interesting and educational lectures, visits, and tours. Popular choices include EU & history trips to Brussels and Germany and many schools combine Citizenship & MFL.

Citizenship is a topic that can benefit greatly from an overseas study visit. Pupils on a citizenship school trip can visit venues and institutions that play a key role in our everyday lives; places that are central to deciding many aspects of how we organise political rule and international law. Brussels – the capital city of Belgium is home to the administrative parts of the European Parliament as well as the offices of the European Commission. Schools are welcomed and guided tours help show students how legislation and treaties that will affect their lives are created and upheld at a European level. No school trip is complete without visiting the Parlamentarium where students can learn the workings and history of the European parliament in an educational and easy to understand w...

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Citizenship School Trip

History, Cultural

Germany provides rich insights into both World Wars and the Cold War for history students. There are fascinating excursions and thought-provoking displays in the many museums and memorials throughout the country. ...

Equity History Trips to Germany

Belgium, Germany, Italy, Europe, USA

Citizenship study programmes help teachers inspire their students with a range of interesting and educational lectures, visits, and tours. Popular choices include EU & history trips to Brussels and Germany and many schools combine Citizenship & MFL....

Citizenship School Trip


Berlin is a diverse city. It occupies a central position in the turbulent history of Europe but also offers a vibrant environment for Art and Culture and, perhaps surprisingly, Science where there are several institutions at the forefront of research...

Language tours to Berlin

France, Germany

Many people visit to learn about the European Institutions, but Strasbourg, Alsace and the surrounding area offers so much more! As home to the European Parliament, Strasbourg is at the heart of Europe: an attractive and medieval city sure to impress...

Business Studies & Politics in Strasbourg

Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Berlin is a renowned destination for History and Art, but as the former home of many famous scientists such as Alexander von Humboldt, Max Planck and Albert Einstein it has also evolved as the Capital of Science - the perfect destination for a visit....

Science and STEM trips to Berlin

Design Technology, Business, Cultural, Art

Students will be inspired by the distinct and dynamic art and architecture that lines the streets of this modern city. Berlin is a destination that would greatly enhance the knowledge and understanding of students from a wide range of subjects. ...

Berlin - University Trip

Belgium, France, Germany, Europe
History, Business, Citizenship

Take a school visit to the historic town of Strasbourg the city of Brussels and the country of Luxembourg and find out more about the Council of Europe and the European Parliament....

Classic EU Tour

History, Languages

School trips to Cologne, provide students with a trip to Germany's economic and cultural capital. The city is famous for its cathedral and is home to one of Europe's oldest universities. ...

German Language & Culture Cologne


From world class galleries to the open-air Berlin Wall and East Side gallery, Berlin is a city with a concentrated art culture that is varied and original; the city is fast becoming a mecca for art lovers and hotspot for the international art world. ...

Art in Berlin

History, Languages, Cultural

If tuition is not what you are looking for why not visit Germany on a Cultural Homestay trip. With a variety of regions to choose from Germany is steeped in a rich and controversial history, which no student wi ...

German Cultural Homestay

Languages, Cultural

A Language and Culture trip to Germany allows students to explore the fascinating history and traditions of this vibrant country. From bustling cities to quaint towns, Germany provides plenty of opportunities to improve language skills. ...

German Language and Culture trips with Equity

History, Languages

An ever-popular choice with our school groups, the Tuition Homestay programme offers a good mixture of language learning with an optional excursion programme in three of Germany's most interesting regions ...

Tuition Homestay Germany

Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Europe, USA, North America

We use maths every day of our life, but to inspire your students to want to know more, discover maths trip ideas to cities in Europe and beyond, and find out how we can tailor make the perfect mathematics based study tour for your school group. ...

School Maths Trip


The Rhineland offers an exciting destination for any school Maths trip. Our tour is based in Cologne, the capital of the Rhineland. During visits to Odysseum, Arithmeum and Mathematikeum, students can complete maths tasks and enhance their thinking. ...

Mathematics in and around Cologne

Design Technology, Languages, Business, Art

This study tour to the Black Forest takes groups through a comprehensive programme of subjects, making it an ideal cross curricular trip. ...

Black Forest


Battlefield & History Tours specialises in exactly that. Berlin offers a great opportunity to not only study WWII, but also the Cold War – excellent visit opportunities…… ...

Berlin-WW11 & the Cold War

History, Languages, Cultural

For language visits to Germany the Rhine & Mosel areas offer superb value for money with plenty of activities. Spectacular views, interesting and diverse visits plus the added bonus of a fabulous theme park (Phantasialand) not too far away. ...

School Germany tour-Rhine & Mosel

Germany, Europe
Languages, Cultural

Berlin gives students the opportunity to extend their grasp of the German language while also exploring Germany's national identity and fantastic capital city. Bursting with culture, history and unique experiences Berlin will wow any group. ...

Berlin Languages

France, Germany
Languages, Cultural, Citizenship

Combine French and German with a Rondo Travel Strasbourg & Black Forest Tour. Practice both languages and experience both cultures. Visit the home of the European Parliament Strasbourg and the Cuckoo Clock factory in Titisee. ...

Combined Languages-Strasbourg & Black Forest tours

History, Religious Education, Languages, Citizenship

Adaptable Travel’s bespoke school trips to Berlin offer a unique perspective on European history and the shocking impact of the Nazi’s and Third Reich. We'll enable your students to better understand this period of history on a school trip to Ber...

Berlin History Tour - Adaptable Travel

Germany, Europe
Science, Cultural

Berlin is a surprising Smörgåsbord of science with world-class research centres, fascinating museums and a range of unique experiences on its doorstep. Offering a unique range of STEM-based activities what will your group discover? ...

Berlin Science

Germany, Europe
History, Business, Cultural

Berlin is a melting pot of history, culture and industry tied together with a modern twist and captivating atmosphere. This funky, dynamic city is brimming with industry links, business visits and unique experiences waiting to be discovered. ...

Berlin Business Studies & Economics

Germany school trip ideas

While it is true that you can match any curriculum subject with any country, Germany is a popular destination for students studying 20th century History, Modern Foreign Languages, and Business Studies. There are great opportunities for schools to organise Cross-curricular trips – a popular way to increase take-up, especially for smaller schools.

berlin wall

The capital city of Berlin is a world city and is an obvious choice for History trips to Germany. If the World Wars are your topics of study, we suggest you visit places like the Jewish Museum, the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, the Brandenburg Gate and of course the Berlin Wall. Potsdam is well worth a visit, a short distance from the city, think of Potsdam as a bit like Germany's version of Versailles, with former Royal residences and park land. Also make sure you take a Berlin River Cruise. The Berlin Wall was the most symbolic conclusion of the Second World War. Students studying German history can still see the way that not just the city, but the whole country was divided, by taking a school trip to Berlin, the capital city of Germany.

frankfurt trips

A great destination for students studying business and economics, Frankfurt is home to the European Central Bank, a major stock exchange, and acts as Germany's principal financial centre. The old central square with its timber framed buildings has been reconstructed since the second World War, giving a glimpse of how the city once looked - a stark contrast to the high rise glass that dominate the modern city's skyline. Key museums and places worth visiting include the Municipal Gallery and the Museum of Communication. Take a river tour through the city on the River Main, or head south west to the Rhine for a full day cruise. Frankfurt is a great location for day trips, with places like historic Heidelburg and the wonderful Black Forest within reach.

cologne school tours

Cologne (Köln) is a located in the Rhine Valley, the mighty river splitting the city and helping sculpt its reputation as an industrial powerhouse. The city museum should be high on your list - a wonderful venue dedicated to the city's history. There is also a chocolate museum, a sea life centre, and a science centre. The huge Gothic Cathedral is impossible to miss, towering over the city centre. Make sure you also take a trip on the spectacular cable car. Cologne is a great city for a cultural language tour.

germany christmas markets

Christmas Markets – Various Germany Cities
If you are thinking about visiting Germany during December, think about taking in a Christmas Market! German festive markets are truly magical and you will find them in all the big cities. You could combine this with a language trip or as a flying weekend visit to keep the costs down. Christmas markets school trips are far more than simply an excuse to stock up on traditional German crafts. The sights, sounds and smells of the world famous markets are a great place to experience German culture and for students to practice their German language skills.

german language

Modern Foreign Langages – All locations
The other main destinations in Germany that we find popular include the northern port city of Hamburg, with its industrial heritage and plentiful museums, and the architecturally magnificent city of Stuttgart, and the nearby Black Forest. The economic and cultural importance of the German language make it extremely popular in secondary schools and there is no better way to bring the German language to life than to visit the country so that your students can converse with native German speakers.

germany business studies

Business & Economics - Rhineland
Perhaps the most popular location for a school visit is the Rhineland area, incorporating cities such as Cologne, Dusseldorf and Essen. The area is historically known for its heavy industry, though a wealth of historical sights and cultural attractions ensure there is a huge amount to see on your German school trip.

germany walking tours

Germany Walking Tours & Museums
In any significant town or city, a walking tour is a great way for school groups to learn more about their new surroundings. Whether you are taken around the centre of a large city, or spend a few hours on foot in a small town; your students will get a real sense of place from a knowledgeable local expert. We recommend you plan to spend a day visiting local museums. Most German cities have a superb choice of museums offering your students study options covering all the main curriculum subjects. Once you have decided where you would like to visit, you will be given a suggested list of museums as part of your itinerary. If you have somewhere in mind, just ask!

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