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Food technology

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Showing school groups food processes in action

The food industry is both enormous and very complex. Beyond supermarket shopping with their parents and getting lunch from the school canteen each day, younger children often have a limited understanding of where their food comes from and how it gets to the table.

As part of the National Curriculum Design and Technology guidelines, junior school children at Key Stage 2 are expected to be learning about healthy eating through diet and nutrition, the seasonality of food, plus the basic processes involved in producing and manufacturing. Children will do much of this as classroom work, but the benefits of being able to take them on a trip to see part of the food industry in action, are difficult to ignore.

Discover school visit opportunities covering topics such as manufacturing, the sourcing of ingredients, food safety, global food networks, plus packaging and labelling. We have a number of farm based trips where your students can see first hand many aspects of a working farm. Science linked trips where they can further their knowledge of manufacturing processes and product development. Plus history themed trips that look at international cuisine and our changing tastes as nation.

For KS4 and KS5 students, food technology trips may focus around careers in food, looking at the types of work they can go into, from import and distribution through to hospitality and catering. Human beings are not going to stop consuming food any time soon, so the food industry will be an attractive career option for many.

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Residential Trips at Bore Place

Stay overnight at Bore Place and enjoy the fantastic grounds and countryside. Learn how to bake bread, explore the grounds and ponds for minibeasts & create beautiful artwork from nature. Finish up with a nightwalk and hot chocolate around a campfire

Bore Place offers the perfect set-up for pupils to discover and learn about farming and the environment. Both the market garden and the farm provide a fantastic opportunity for outdoor learning and the chance to discover where food comes from and how it is grown. Being an organic farm, Bore Place is thought to have around 50% more plant, bird and insect life throughout its various habitats than a non-organic farm, making our site especially good for minibeast habitat activities. Our team of experienced educational staff are also highly committed to delivering excellent programmes that inspire pupils and create memorable and fun day trips! We have a robust safeguarding procedure in place. ...

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Residential Trips at Bore Place

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All UK Regions
English, Geography, Human Geography, History, Prehistory, Ancient Civilisations, Design Technology, Food, SEN

Chocolate Collective facilitate chocolate workshops that are a fantastic introduction into the world of chocolate. Our tailored, interactive workshops inspire pupils and teach them new skills either as an after-school activity or as part of a Nation...

Chocolate Collective

English, Science, History, SEN, Food, worldwar, Prehistory, Ancient Civilisations

York’s Chocolate Story’s educational programme can bring the new National Curriculum to life in ways that you might not expect, using York's unique sweet heritage to engage young people with STEM and curriculum focused topics. ...

York's Chocolate Story

London & South East
Science, Art, Food, Chemistry, SEN, Design Technology

Get hands-on and learn the art of candy making at Spun Candy! Design and create your very own rainbow swirl lollipops. A super sweet and educational school trip in the heart of London! ...

Spun Candy

South West
Citizenship, Physical Education, PSHE, Food, Bushcraft

Learning about the Outdoors at our Outdoor Education centre makes Mill on the Brue a perfect environment to inspire people. With over 40 activities to choose in our river valley, we can tailor-make your programme to suit your groups needs. ...

Mill on the Brue Outdoor Activity Centre

London & South East
Geography, Human Geography, Physical Geography, Environmental Geography, Fieldstudies, Science, Biology, Food, Wildlife, Bushcraft

Five fantastic locations in the South East offering fieldwork for all ages to bring the curriculum to life. The choice of day and residential centres include a huge range of excellent urban and rural field sites from Box Hill to Bushy Park. ...

Field Studies Council - London South East

South West
Geography, Human Geography, Fieldstudies, Science, Biology, Design Technology, Food, Physical Education, PSHE, Farm, Wildlife, SEN

As working organic farm we will take you and your students on the journey of where our food comes from. Visit our animals - pigs, goats, chickens, sheep and cows, or take taste tours in our kitchen gardens and polytunnels. A totally hand-on experience with something for everyone....

Magdalen Farm

London & South East
Biology, Design Technology, Food, Physical Education, Farm, Wildlife, SEN

When students visit Bore Place, there is a spotlight on cooking and nutrition. Whether reception classes are learning about the story of the Little Red Hen or KS3 students are growing their range of cooking skills, food and where it comes from is a real focus on this organic estate. ...

Residential Trips at Bore Place

London & South East
Citizenship, Geography, Human Geography, Environmental Geography, Science, Physics, Biology, Design Technology, Food, Art, Farm, Wildlife, SEN

When students visit Bore Place, there is a spotlight on cooking and nutrition. Whether reception classes are learning about the story of the Little Red Hen or KS3 students are growing their range of cooking skills, food and where it comes from is a real focus on this organic estate. ...

Day Trips at Bore Place

English, Maths, Science, Biology, History, Prehistory, Saxons, Vikings, Medieval, Tudors, Elizabethans, Victorian, worldwar, Design Technology, Food, PSHE, Farm, SEN

Tatton Park is one of the UK's most complete historic estates with a range of outstanding spaces, courses and resources for educational use! ...

Learn at Tatton Park

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