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We spoke to Arc Adventures about their exciting take on residential visits - The Storyline Adventure.

This is a very unique offering; how would you summarise the Storyline Adventure?

It's a bit like a weeklong outdoor escape room, that includes lots of outdoor activities, clues and puzzles, run with a bit of theatrics inspired by ancient Welsh myths.

The Lady of the Lake left a message before returning to the underworld. An old explorer was searching for her message and found lots of clues, where he failed...can your group take his work and succeed in completing his mission?

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What are the main benefits of the Storyline Adventure?

The main aim of this special programme is to foster an environment where groups rely on each other and work as a team to achieve success.

This sounds like a great way to help foster resilience and team building schools. What sort of groups benefit from this the most?

While all groups would benefit from the week, we have a specifically designed it with self authoring and meta-cognition as a focus, as a more engaging alternative for young people displaying challenging behaviour, and we have had PRUs and alternative provisions give us very positive feedback.

Which activities are part of the Storyline Adventure?

Our main activities include: Kayaking, Stand-up Paddle Boards, Climbing, Abseil, Mountain Biking, Orienteering & Hiking, Archery, Axe Throwing, Rifle Shooting, Problem Solving, Hiking, Caving & George Running

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How do you choose which activities will be done each day in the Story Adventure?

The sudents lead the adventure themselves. Teachers are encouraged to step back and watch from a distance to allow the group to work together to complete the tasks. Groups are encouraged to follow their instincts and to work through their mistakes on their own.

What does a typical day of the Storyline Adventure look like?

As the students are encouraged to do things themselves, each day will look different. They will not have anyone telling them when to wake up, what to do, or where to go. Instead, they are supported to find their own way, and work together to make decisions and achieve each task. Enough time has been programmed to allow the group to discuss, work through mistakes and even get lost in the pursuit of sucess. Each evening the group will create some art to allow them to reflect on the day and what they have learnt.

What are some of the outcomes?

Groups are encouraged to reflect upon their experiences to understand what skills they possess, and perhaps even those areas that they would like to improve upon. Participants can focus on their values and how they would like their group to behave throughout the week.

What is Pirate Gold and how is it earned?

If they go above and beyond, or if they are particularly supportive, they can earn Pirate Gold. They can use this gold to buy themselves back into the game or purchase extra tips. The real value however is to put a value on the advice from the staff and teachers. Advice will not be given for free, so this teaches them that help and advice has an intrinsic value.

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This sounds like it must be hugely popular with the School kids?

It takes a few days. Usually Monday to Wednesday the groups are still hesitant, and they are enjoying the activities and testing boundaries. By the Thursday they are hooked and we see kids staying up late to do research and getting up at 7am ready to leave for the next clue. By Friday, when the groups succeed together in their mission we get elation, singing and sometimes even tears.

What sort of group sizes can you cater for?

Although the the largest group we take for a normal activity week is 30, for Storyline we advise 0 - 13 pupils + staff is the ideal group size.

If you are interested in hearing a bit more about how Arc Adventures can help you with planning your school's next activity trip then why not get in touch here.

Arc Adventures
Arc Adventures
Arc Adventures

Perfect Mountain side activity centre for small & specialist groups. (30 students Max) No fabricated environments. Real Activities in Real Locations. We aim to provide new elements to the residential experience that take Outdoor Ed. to the next level
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