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Hi Richard, Alex and Jess, I would like to start by finding out a little more about WiseUp Team Building, could you explain a little about your company ethos?

"Here at WiseUp, we believe that outdoor education should be accessible to each and every student in the UK. All too often learners have had to miss out on the chance to gain valuable life skills due to budget or time restrictions, and we don't think that is acceptable. By designing a wide range of fully mobile and ever expanding number of activities, we are able to bring the fun and learning of outdoor education into schools! Our instructor teams are fully trained to encourage student groups to work together, finding the strengths of individuals' personalities and using them to try different strategies on a range of tasks.

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What are the benefits of your activity days for the pupils and their development?

"On a WiseUp activity day, pupils learn and build on a wide variety of personal development skills, including communication, team work and resilience. The importance of contributing to group success is highlighted, alongside the ability to compromise with others. Some of our events have a strong competition focus, putting teams under time pressure as they race to finish the activities, whilst others allow the students to spend as much time as they need to complete a task to a high standard. Not only will learners gain important transferable skills, they also have a lot of fun while doing it!

Could you describe a typical workshop with WiseUp Team Building?

"We come to you, bringing all of the equipment needed to run a high energy activity day that fulfils many of the National Curriculum criteria. A short presentation is given to the students, explaining how the day will run and emphasising the learning points of the event, before the teams are able to get going on the challenges. Our sessions are designed to be flexible and fit into the running of a normal school day, meaning no fussing with coaches or changing the school timetable. At the end of the day, groups are given a de-brief by the lead instructor and, if applicable, the winning teams are announced. Our qualified instructor staff will then pack everything away, and leave your site just as we found it.

Can the activities be tailored to suit the specific learning goals of the teachers?

"Yes, definitely! All of our activity days can be geared to focus on any particular learning outcomes alongside teamwork elements, and this can be discussed with our Activities Manager upon booking.

What do Schools need in order to have in terms of space and supervision?

"A school field or sports hall is usually the ideal space, however we do realise that many schools may not have these, particularly during exam times. The activities are flexible and can be run in a number of different areas, including classrooms, MUGA's, canteens, dance studios and even corridors. Our Activities Manager will liaise with the lead teacher on booking to finalise what spaces are available and usable.

Supervision is activity and age dependant, although for the majority of our team building challenges we ask that schools provide one adult supervisor for every group of 10-12 students. This does not need to be a teacher however, and many schools use parent volunteers, teaching assistants or older student prefects to take on the role. Information is supplied before every event for group supervisors, in addition to receiving a comprehensive briefing on the day. WiseUp will provide instructors to rotate between the teams, offering support and guidance to both students and staff.

outdoor team building

You can also bring the wild to Schools to cover Bushcraft Activities, how does that work?

"A programme is agreed with our Activities Manager prior to every event, based on the number and age of the students. Groups then spend the day rotating between a variety of activity stations, including shelter building, water purification and firelighting, to name but a few as they learn potentially life-saving skills from our instructors. As with all of our events, we bring all of the equipment, and can set up in almost any space!

Can you cater for SEN Schools with your workshops?

"We frequently work with specialist SEN schools, and have adaptive equipment to cover a range of additional needs. Our instructors liaise closely with school staff to ensure that every student can get the most out of an event with us, and can arrange for some activities to be set up in smaller, quiet spaces for those who prefer.

If you are interested in hearing a bit more about how WiseUp Team Building Workshops can help you with planning your next Workshop then why not get in touch here.

Tailored Activities–We Come To You–Unlimited Numbers
Tailored Activities–We Come To You–Unlimited Numbers
Tailored Activities–We Come To You–Unlimited Numbers

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Team Building–We Come To You–Unlimited Numbers
Team Building–We Come To You–Unlimited Numbers
Team Building–We Come To You–Unlimited Numbers

THE UK’S LEADING PROVIDER OF SCHOOL TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY DAYS WiseUp Team Building come to you with all the equipment and run fun, educational activity days for your students. 800+ students catered for for as little as £4.95pp
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Bushcraft–We Come To You–Unlimited Numbers
Bushcraft–We Come To You–Unlimited Numbers
Bushcraft–We Come To You–Unlimited Numbers

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