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Get the low-down on why taking an activity group trip to Slovenia is an ideal way to show your class a truly special part of the European Alps.

The quieter side of the Alps...

The Julien Alps are stunning in both appearance and atmosphere. The towering peaks and lush green pastures attract far less attention than their partners in France, Switzerland and Austria. This all means we have much more space for our amazing adventures. The villages where are based rarely feel 'busy' and we are free to enjoy the activities at a leisurely pace.

The colour of that water!

The rivers that we use for our exciting watersports activities are the most beautiful green and blue. The pristine waters flow through the mountains and allow us access to some of the most amazing untouched alpine environments. Evenings swimming in the lake or river are special and students will never forget their visit.

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High quality activities and venues for excellent value...

In both Bohinj and Soča Valley we are able to deliver all of activities from river rafting, mountain biking to kayaking and rock climbing without travelling far each day (a few minute’s walk to the water’s edge!). The airport is close by too so costs for such an exciting programme are very achievable.

The climate...

Slovenia is lucky to enjoy an almost Mediterranean climate during the summer months and we love it. Warm alpine sun during the day with a cool mountain breeze! The weather is certainly more favourable than many alpine resorts. Make sure you pack sun screen!

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Epic watersports...

In short Slovenia just feels like one big national park and adventure playground. The rapids of the emerald River Soča are an incredible terrain for various water sports, whereas the pools and the calmer parts of the river offer possibilities for swimming. In the past years the river has hosted several international kayaking competitions.

If you are interested in hearing a bit more about how Atlas Adventure can help you with a school group tour to Slovenia then why not get in touch here.

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