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Far flung adventures await your classes... We are speaking with Nomadic Schools about the adventures they offer for school groups looking to get that little bit more from their school expedition.

Can you tell us a bit about your most popular tours and why you think teachers love taking them with you?

Our most popular tours are Iceland and Morocco. Iceland is so incredibly diverse with its volcanoes, geothermal activity and all those waterfalls! Geography teachers just love the chance to cover off so much of the curriculum in one location over a short period of time. Its close to the UK, and it has so much to offer. Morocco is also a short flight, but it feels like you've travelled back in time. Teachers are intrigued by the Kasbahs and little villages and the unique terrain means there is something for everyone. And, of course, who doesn't love a camel trek?

What do you offer that is different to other tour operators?

Unlike some of our competitors, we are a smaller company which provides very personal service. The agent you hear from regarding your initial enquiry is who you will work with through the entire booking and travel process. We find this continuity works best so nothing gets lost in an unnecessary handover. Your agent will do their best to keep things running smoothly from start to finish, taking on as much of the workload as possible. We know teachers are busy and we don't want to add to their stress levels! We have flexible payment terms and we only take a small deposit per person when the teacher confirms they want to book with us. In each country we offer our tours, we only work with local guides who all have in-depth knowledge of their own countries. Those local guides are indispensable as not only are they a font of knowledge but they also work with us outside of their tours to help provide us with new and innovative travel ideas and give us access to local projects which we may not have known about otherwise.

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What type of curriculum links do you offer on your expeditions?

Our main links are to Geography, but we can also provide History with our Poland, Peru and China tours, Science with our Costa Rica, Iceland and Morocco tours, Religion with India, China and Peru and Language with China, Peru and Costa Rica. Having said that, we are very flexible so if a teacher needs something specific tailored to a subject, we can do it.

Can your tours be made into cross curricular tours?

Absolutely. Most recently Geography and Art students travelled together to Morocco. We combined both subjects over their tour, taking time to allow the Geography students to explore Todra Gorge, for instance, while the Art students were challenged to draw the gorge incorporating the changing light of the sunset. The students all enjoyed the Majorelle Gardens where the Art students captured the beauty of the blue walls and landscape and the Geography students explored and discussed how the gardens affect the surrounding area which is much more arid.

If a teacher has never booked an expedition before, what type of advice would you give them and what are some things to be aware of?

Don't expect perfection as no trip is without its hiccups. We work very hard to manage teacher expectations as no matter how much pre-planning we put in or how many possible scenarios we come up with that may need to be tackled on a trip, something we haven't thought of could happen and its best to roll with it rather than fight it. That's part of the travelling abroad experience! Weather, sickness, rooming confusion; it all adds to the adventure - good and bad. Nomadic has seen it all and managed it all so sit back, relax and enjoy your tour!

Is there a way to create bespoke tours for teachers to the locations you travel to?

We only create bespoke tours! If a teacher goes to our website, they can see some samples of tours we have run in the past, but every tour is unique to the school that is travelling. Each team leader wants to accomplish something specifically tailored for their students so its impossible not to provide a bespoke tour every time.

You do a lot of work with community projects, can schools get involved in these as part of their tour? What ways / charities do you support specifically?

Nomadic School Tours, and its sister company Nomadic Tours, supports the Ait Ouham Association for Development in the High Atlas Mountains. One of the Associations main goals is to help alleviate the poor infrastructure in schools and around the village. For the past 13 years, Nomadic has donated �5 per passenger per booking to help the Association achieve its goals. Recently, in conjunction with our updated Animal Welfare policy, we have decided to financially support Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Refuge. Jarjeer Mules is a retirement home, orphanage and care centre for working equines in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains near Marrakech.

If a school is keen to do community work on their trip, we can almost always find somewhere that needs support; whether its helping to clean up and restore hiking trails in the Cloud Forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica, assisting villagers to build better cook stoves in the Huilloc community in Peru, or working with a school in India or Morocco to improve their facilities.

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