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Simon at Crosby Lakeside Activity Centre shares with us how, at Crosby they are using outdoor activities and watersports to help deliver experiential learning environments.

Can you talk to us a bit about the types of curriculum subjects you can integrate into a school trip at Crosby Lakeside Activity Centre and which are the most often requested?

"Crosby Lakeside prides itself on being a centre for learning and outdoor education, as recognised by the many accolades it has achieved. In addition to P.E subjects, Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre can tailor a programme of learning; utilising Outdoor Sports to bring to life a variety of subjects. One example of this is using Archery and Fencing to bring to life various history topics, these can be combined with curriculum learning outcomes to enhance a student’s understanding in a bespoke, fun and unique way. Another popular example is utilising sailing or problem-solving sessions to enhance and focus on building resilience and communication skills whilst learning a new sport. Utilising the classrooms at Crosby Lakeside teachers could deliver a standard lesson which is then supplemented by a variety of experiences.

watersport group learning

You offer day sessions as well as the residential stays. Can you talk us through a typical day for students arriving at the lake?

"“A typical day will involve students arriving at the centre normally between 9 & 10 being met by our team of instructors. At the same time our duty coach will double check numbers and recap the plan for the day with the party leader. The students will then be briefed and aims and objectives discussed for the day then they will either get ready to go on the water or go straight on to land based activities. During the course of a whole day, students will normally experience between 4 – 5 different activities from our wide range of over 16 different sessions.

Learning outside the classroom is a proven way to engage students in a subject, why do you think it is so important to get children outdoors into different environments?

"There can be a tendency for classrooms to become bland and lack stimulus, the outdoors by its very nature is a constantly changing dynamic environment which can provide a different focus for young people to relate to. I feel it’s important for young people to get outside and be given a new range of experiences and challenges which could become a life changing reflective experience.

Apart from the physical education and curriculum links how else would you say you offer students a chance to develop?

"There can be a tendency for classrooms to become bland and lack stimulus, the outdoors by its very nature is a constantly changing dynamic environment which can provide a different focus for young people to relate to. Research has shown that when a variety of different means are utilised in fun, new and dynamic ways young people can learn more whilst developing a wide range of skills in a relatively short period. Our instructors will always encourage young people to try new experiences which will not only enhance learning but also personal and social development. During the course of a day our instructors will constantly utilise a variety of teaching styles based along the Plan, Do, Review model. By thoroughly debriefing and reflecting on skills in a new environment, our team will aim to build life-changing reflective learning practices which will hopefully stay with young people for years to come.

raft building activity

One thing we are sure our teachers will want to know, are they able to (or do they have to!) get out on the lake with the children or do your qualified instructors take full control?

"Through a mixture of team work and overcoming problems young people can develop in ways which they otherwise may be unable to do so in a classroom environment.

Can you tell us a bit about what provisions have been made for SEND groups? Is a visit to Crosby Lakeside Activity Centre suitable for students with disabilities?

"The centre was originally designed and built as a centre of excellence of disability sport, to this end the centre is recognised as one of only a handful of sites in the country which currently hold the RYA Sailability Centre of Excellence accolade, in addition the centre has specially adapted equipment to deal with physical disabilities, with staff undertaking specialist training to deal with a range of learning difficulties.

Clearly the summer months are going to be more popular, but are you open all year round?

"The activities team deliveries a range of sessions throughout the year- there’s even a low season discount for groups which consider it.

What facilities are available to school groups when they visit you?

"Large changing rooms, secure equipment storage, underfloor heated classrooms.

Do receive feedback from teachers and schools about how their visit to Crosby Lakeside Activity Centre was received by their students?

"We regularly receive positive feedback such as:
"Best Day Ever"- St John Plessington
"A great day had by all" St Helens College

If you are interested in hearing a bit more about how Crosby Lakeside can help you with planning your next school trip then why not get in touch here.

Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre
Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre
Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre

Situated within the stunning surroundings of Crosby Coastal Park , Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre's team of dedicated fully qualified staff are able to deliver a wide range of outdoor adventurous activities to both residential and day visit clients
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