School Trips to Europe

The countries, regions and states that make up the continent of Europe comprise lots of groups of people who over the years have struggled to get along with each other. But these days we are lucky in that we can travel freely, and learn about the languages and cultures of our European neighbours. For an overseas school trip, Europe is easy to get to and has myriad subject study options and potential destinations, and each location is perfectly suited to catering for more than one subject.

What can Europe offer school groups?

If you are near the West coast and plan on heading across to Ireland, the city of Dublin is a real treat and has lots to offer school groups, especially if you are studying its literary heritage, its political and cultural issues or its rich history. How about Italy with its ancient ruins; surely the only place to visit if the history of the Roman Empire is on the agenda. And a great place to learn about the Renaissance through the many art galleries and museums. Or for something a bit different, a journey north to witness the majestic island of Iceland. Many schools are choosing this incredible place to study its unique geography of geothermal pools, geysers and glaciers.

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STEM & Space Tour To Europe

Learn all about space and science in this European Space Trip to Holland, Belgium and France ...

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STEM & Space Tour To Europe

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Belgium, Europe

Brussels is a unique melting pot for European politics, legislation and business, making it the perfect destination for business and economics students. A hub for your students to strengthen their grasp on local, national and international business. ...

Brussels Business Studies and Economics

Belgium, France, Germany, Europe
History, Business, Citizenship

Take a school visit to the historic town of Strasbourg the city of Brussels and the country of Luxembourg and find out more about the Council of Europe and the European Parliament....

Classic EU Tour

Italy, Switzerland, Europe, USA, Far East, North America

We can offer a range of budget-friendly, educational school computing trips for Key Stage 3 and 4, all designed to inspire your students in the core study areas for information and communication technology, outside the classroom. ...

Computing School Trips

Belgium, France, Europe, Normandy
English, History, Religious Education, Citizenship

Adaptable Travel will help you create a fantastic learning experience on your bespoke WW1 Battlefields school trip to Ypres and Somme. We offer our ‘Project Battlefields’ student and teacher resources, qualified guides who we hand-pick and more....

WW1 Battlefields

Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Europe, South America
English, History, Geography, Geology, Religious Education, Cultural, Art

Organise a history and art educational tour through Europe. An educational immersion in culture, history, arts and languages across several European cities. ...

Art and history trip to Europe

Europe, Africa
Geography, Geology, Cultural, Expedition

Morocco is an overflowing fountain for geography, culture, religion and many other curricular subjects. Whether you are exploring the Sahara Desert or the Atlas Mountains there is something for every student. ... ...

Morocco University Trips

Switzerland, Europe
Geography, Physical Education, Languages, Cultural, Activities

Camp Suisse delivers high quality outdoor education, multi-activity and field trips to schools from all over the world. We work very closely with party leaders to ensure your trip to the Swiss Alps is carefully planned and exceeds all expectations. ...

Alpine Adventure Activities & Languages

Iceland, Europe
Science, Geography, Geology, Expedition

Our university trips to Iceland are perfect for Geography, Geology or Science subjects, from stunning wilderness to Volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers and geothermal activity. Iceland is a world leader in green renewable energy sustainability... ...

Iceland for University Groups

History, Religious Education

As the ancient capital of Poland, Krakow miraculously escaped destruction during WW2 and retains its cultural heritage and charm. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site it provides the backdrop for a fascinating, thought-provoking tour for your students. ...

Krakow and Auschwitz

Malta, Europe
History, Geography, Religious Education, Cultural

Explore the treasures of the Mediterranean. Blessed with wonderful temples and forts, as well as great cuisine and the best in hospitality, the Maltese islands offer any study group an exciting chance to learn ...

Malta Tourism

History, Religious Education, Cultural, Citizenship

The tragedy of Auschwitz created by the Third Reich is a controversial and shocking topic. Adaptable Travel will help your students confront this significant part of WW2 on a bespoke school trip to Krakow, visiting Auschwitz and other Krakow sites. ...

Krakow & Auschwitz History Trip

Ireland, Europe

Dublinia is an great historical experience you will never forget, located at the heart of Dublin City and is certainly one of the best Viking and Medieval venues around. ...

Viking and Medieval Dublin

History, Geography

Although Poland and its people suffered greatly during World War II, the country thrives today and encourages tourists to connect with its past and present. Take your students on this historical experience and change their lives forever. ...

The Holocaust Poland

Geography, Physical Education, Cultural, Expedition

This is a ski trip with a difference. Here you can ski far later in the season, with departures from February until mid April! It’s a packed agenda and includes everything you and your students need for a unique adventure!...

Sweden Winter Ski Adventure

Spain, Europe
Design Technology, Cultural, Art

Looking for the perfect location for your next art & design school trip? Look no further than Barcelona! Explore the unique culture and history behind the birthplace of iconic artists, Salvador Dali, and Joan Miró and longtime home of Pablo Picasso....

Barcelona Art & Design

Germany, Europe
Science, Cultural

Berlin is a surprising Smörgåsbord of science with world-class research centres, fascinating museums and a range of unique experiences on its doorstep. Offering a unique range of STEM-based activities what will your group discover? ...

Berlin Science

History, Religious Education

The importance of Auschwitz and nearby Krakow makes it a ‘must visit’ destination for schools. Explore the dark history of the Nazi concentration camps and the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Old Town in Krakow. ...

Equity History Trips to Auschwitz and Krakow

History, Art

Amsterdam offers great opportunities for Art and History tours. This iconic city renowned for its bicycles and canals is so accessible. Enjoy an informative canal cruise, visit one of the many renowned arts galleries or learn all about Anne Frank. ...

Art and Amsterdam for school

Science, Geography, Geology

Geography trips designed and supported by subject specialists. The Youth Development Agency is an education company that uses the outdoors as its stage. We deliver experiential learning programmes designed to enhance your curriculum. ...

Cyprus Geography (Explore the crossroads of the world)

History, Geography

Although Poland and its people suffered greatly during World War II, the country thrives today and encourages tourists to connect with its past and present. Take your students on this unforgettable experience and change their lives forever. ...

Poland The Holocaust

History, Languages, Cultural, Expedition

Crete is a great destination for overseas, outdoor activity residentials. It is not over crowded or overexploited, like many other European destinations. In Crete we have offer a wide range of activity programmes to suit all levels of ability. ...

Outdoor Activities in Crete

Austria, Europe

Salzburg is one of the most poplar destinations throughout Europe for a school or college music tour - and with good reason. The birthplace of Mozart echoes with the 'Sound of Music' ...

Salzburg Music Tour

Switzerland, Europe
Geography, Physical Education, Languages, Cultural, Activities

Come and experience a School Adventure with a real difference. A level of service we feel you will struggle to beat. From your first enquiry right through to getting back to School and beyond. Our Adventures really do have the 'Atlas Difference' ...

Switzerland Adventure

Belgium, France, Europe
Science, Cultural

This science and space trip to Holland, France and Germany. ...

STEM & Space Tour To Europe

Physical Education

The Jersey Games is a festival for 10-13 year olds and offers professional sports coaching, a final day tournament and exciting excursions. ...

Sports Tours To Jersey

Science, Cultural

Take your science students to Geneva in Switzerland and visit CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, to see the world's largest particle physics laboratory. ...

Science Trip to CERN

Science, Geography, Geology, Cultural, Expedition

An unparalleled opportunity to see the NORTHERN LIGHTS with 4 nights in the WILDERNESS, this package is perfect for schools who want to encourage a student’s sense of ADVENTURE. We can also modify this tour for SERVICE based learning requirements ...

Sweden Winter Wilderness

Europe, Far East
History, Religious Education, Cultural, Expedition

With lots of cultural and religious history, Turkey makes a superb destination for your school trip. Whether you're looking to visit a museum, climb a mountain or sail the coastline there's certainly something for everyone. ...


Germany, Europe
History, Business, Cultural

Berlin is a melting pot of history, culture and industry tied together with a modern twist and captivating atmosphere. This funky, dynamic city is brimming with industry links, business visits and unique experiences waiting to be discovered. ...

Berlin Business Studies & Economics

Iceland, Europe

Our school trips to Iceland are perfect for a Science school trip, from stunning wilderness to Volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers and geothermal activity. Iceland is a world leader in green renewable energy sustainability. ...

Iceland Explorer 9 days

History, Religious Education, Cultural

Krakow - a World Heritage site that covers a vast educational scope for all pupils regardless of age. ...


Spain, Europe
Languages, Cultural

Let your students discover Barcelona; unearthing the beautiful language, unique history and mesmerising culture of the Catalonia region, in the heart of the bustling and vibrant city. The city's unique atmosphere and personality will wow any student....

Barcelona Languages

History, Physical Education, Cultural, Activities

Our philosophy is simple: we believe that everything is more fun when it’s on, or by, the water. That’s why all our beautiful resorts are right on the shores of clear, warm blue waters and stacked with the latest free-to-use sports equipment. ...

Greek Watersports Adventure

Spain, Europe
Physical Education

A netball tour is a great way for players to bond and grow. At Equity, we know that on a sports tour it can be shown that workshops, tailored training programmes and an external environment can change a student’s attitude towards sport. ...

Netball Tours with Equity

Europe, Africa

Morocco is an overflowing fountain for geography. Whether you are exploring the Sahara Desert, the Atlas Mountains or Todra Gorge there is something for every pupil. ...

Morocco Adventure 8 days

Cultural, Art, Travel Tourism

A city of green spaces, with 165 canals and over 180 nationalities, Amsterdam boasts a vibrant culture and is a great destination for student trips. ...

Amsterdam - University trip

Iceland, Europe
Science, Design Technology, Geography, Geology

A fantastic location for geography trips - Iceland combines a unique mix of natural beauty from glacial landscapes to magma-heated rocks, dramatic waterfalls and enormous coastal formations. ...

Equity Geography Tour to Iceland

Italy, Europe
Geography, Geology

Sorrento & the Amalfi coast are an undisputed geography teacher's dream! Explore amazing geographical curriculum areas from plate tectonics to coastal & tourism management. Coupled with beautiful scenery your students will be blown away by this trip!...

Sorrento and Amalfi Coast Geography

Ireland, Europe
English, Physical Education, Activities

One of the top Adventure Centers in the British Isles with over 40 adventure activities on Land, Sea & Sky. Facilities also include a 250-bed hostel. All are situated within Carlingford a small village in the scenic Cooley Mountains ...

Carlingford Adventures

Iceland, Europe

Our school trips to Iceland are perfect for a school trip, from stunning wilderness to Volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers and geothermal activity. Iceland is a world leader in green renewable energy sustainability. ...

Iceland Explorer 6 days

Germany, Europe
Languages, Cultural

Berlin gives students the opportunity to extend their grasp of the German language while also exploring Germany's national identity and fantastic capital city. Bursting with culture, history and unique experiences Berlin will wow any group. ...

Berlin Languages

Ireland, Europe
Physical Education, Activities

Kippure Estate’s Environmental Education Centre is located deep in the heart of the stunning Wicklow Mountains. Specialising in providing the best Physical Education trips for children of all ages and exceptional Geography and Biology visits too. ...

Environmental Education Adventure Centre

Geography, Cultural, Expedition, Citizenship

The Arctic may not be the first place you think of when considering student service trips however we have created this package especially to help students who are fulfilling service and community elements of their curriculum - what could be better th...

Sweden Arctic Service, Husky Camp Programme

Switzerland, Europe
Maths, Science, Computing, Citizenship

CERN is the world's greatest science experience - make sure you don't miss the opportunity to inspire your students with a school trip to CERN. Adaptable Travel are the UKs leading CERN trips company, with thousands of students visiting CERN with us....

CERN Science Trip

Geography, Geology, Physical Education, Activities

Experience exceptional school adventure trips in the stunning, natural Austrian Alps. If you're looking for an affordable, action-packed school activity trip, look no further! We can create a bespoke programme designed for the ultimate fun. ...

Austria – Alpine Adventure

Geography, Geology

Imagine yourself in the amazing natural surroundings of the Julien Alps! If you're looking for an affordable, action-packed school activity trip, look no further! We can create a bespoke programme designed for the ultimate fun. ...

Slovenia – Lake Bohinj Adventure


Battlefield & History Tours specialises in exactly that. Our Krakow tours are one of the most thought provoking tours students will probably ever do. The impact of being in Auschwitz can affect people in many different ways……………….. ...

Krakow Battlefield and History

History, Geography, Cultural

Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen – capital city of Denmark. In the footsteps of Vikings! Rondo Travel can offer tours suited to art, history and the hot topic of sustainability. ...

Copenhagen for schools

Spain, Europe
Physical Education

A football tour with Equity delivers everything on your wish list: professional coaches, world-famous clubs and elite training facilities. Our bespoke tours are geared to improving and inspiring your team. ...

Football Tours with Equity

Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Europe, USA, North America

We use maths every day of our life, but to inspire your students to want to know more, discover maths trip ideas to cities in Europe and beyond, and find out how we can tailor make the perfect mathematics based study tour for your school group. ...

School Maths Trip

Poland, Europe
Music, Cultural

Cracovia Con Anima provides the opportunity for talented choirs from all over the world to perform in a capital of culture in Eastern Europe - Krakow ...

Cracovia con Anima Choir Festival

Physical Education, Cultural

A hockey tour to Holland provides teams with the opportunity to play against the finest opposition on the planet, learn from quality coaches and use incredible modern facilities. ...

Hockey Tour to Holland

Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Europe, USA, Far East, North America

Business studies is a popular GCSE and A Level choice for many students. Business studies school trips give pupils the opportunity to learn about finance, marketing, human resources and a whole lot more. Enjoy talks and tours from Paris to Beijing. ...

School Business Trip

Ireland, Europe
History, Business

School trips to Belfast will give your students an insight into the politics, the conflict and the violence that troubled this otherwise vibrant city for many years. ...

Belfast History & Politics

Iceland, Europe
Science, History, Geography, Geology

Explore on of the world's greatest geography phenomenon on a bespoke school trip with Adaptable Travel. You will also benefit from access to our Project Iceland resources, developed for students and teachers, written by geography experts. ...

Iceland Geography Trip

History, Design Technology, Cultural, Art

A school trip to Russia is a unique cultural event. Moscow and St Petersburg are fascinating cities, with incredible attractions and excursions. From the Kremlin to the Winter Palace, Russia is an experience students will never forget. ...

School trips to Russia with Equity

Science, Physical Education, Cultural, Activities

This is an Exclusive package and only available to our School Groups. The week places emphasis on finding the champion within. Giving students the opportunity to try their hand at a host of activities which feature in the Winter Olympics. ...

Finland Become a Champion

Italy, Europe
History, Geography, Geology, Classics

Azzuri skies, piazzas, pizza and gelati .....Italy is a fantastic destination for an educational school trip! Inspired Travel offer bespoke itineraries to this exciting region - to make the most of, and enjoy, the best that Italy can offer....

Sorrento and the Bay of Naples

Belgium, Europe
Maths, Science, Computing

Euro Space Centre is the must-do trip for all educational trips to Belgium. Offering numerous interactive exhibits and captivating attractions throughout, it promises to engage and inspire every student lucky enough to experience it! ...

Euro Space Centre

Belgium, Germany, Italy, Europe, USA

Citizenship study programmes help teachers inspire their students with a range of interesting and educational lectures, visits, and tours. Popular choices include EU & history trips to Brussels and Germany and many schools combine Citizenship & MFL....

Citizenship School Trip

Netherlands, Europe
History, Design Technology, Art

Amsterdam is a fantastic choice for an art trip. We will tailor the most appropriate visits for your group, from a wide range of styles and artistic and historical treasures. ...

Art & Design Amsterdam

Ireland, Europe
English, History, Languages

Dublin makes an excellent destination for English literature students wanting to explore the literary world. Europe for Schools helps you bring the subject to life with visits to the birth places of James Joy ...

English in Dublin

Iceland, Europe
Geography, Geology

Our school trips to Iceland are perfect for a Geography school trip, from stunning wilderness to Volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers and geothermal activity. Iceland is a world leader in green renewable energy sustainability. ...

Iceland Explorer 5 days

History, Cultural

Krakow is a stunning city with rich history. With many notable historical buildings and excursion options including the impressive Wieliczka Salt Mine, Schindler Museum and Auschwitz Museum, it is a great European destination for a history trip. ...

History Trip to Krakow
Five reasons to visit Slovenia
Summer Term 2019 Overseas

Slovenia remains a relatively undiscovered gem of a destination for school groups. Find out what makes it so special.

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School History Tours Poland
Autumn Term 2019 Overseas

Historic student study tour to Poland taking in Auschwitz, Krakow and Warsaw. History and culture for GCSE pupils.

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