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Citizenship was given a significant and somewhat unpopular overhaul in time for the 2014/15 school year, and is now a statutory part of the National Curriculum in England for Key Stage 3 and 4. While programmes of study guide the teaching requirements, it is down to the individual school how they structure their curriculum in order to cover the required topics (which differ from KS3 to KS4). These include subjects like politics and elections, civil liberties, the rule of law and justice, communities, and money or personal finance.

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Why should you consider Citizenship for School Trips and Educational Visits?

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Citizenship is a topic that can benefit greatly from an overseas study visit. Pupils on a citizenship school trip can visit venues and institutions that play a key role in our everyday lives; places that are central to deciding many aspects of how we organise political rule and international law.

Brussels – the capital city of Belgium is home to the administrative parts of the European Parliament as well as the offices of the European Commission. Schools are welcomed and guided tours help show students how legislation and treaties that will affect their lives are created and upheld at a European level. No school trip is complete without visiting the Parlamentarium where students can learn the workings and history of the European parliament in an educational and easy to understand way.

Berlin – the German capital is home to the historical museum where your students can find out about regional diversity, international politics and social structure. The Reichstag and the DDR Museum are well worth a visit as is the site of the Berlin Wall.

Strasbourg – home to the European council, Parliament and human right buildings

Holland - International Courts of Justice The Hague at Peace Palace

Washington DC – Home of the White House, the US Capitol Building, the Supreme Court and the Licoln Memeorial.

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