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Today’s lesson will be a 360° adventure that takes Geography to new heights! A learning experience of a lifetime, journey 135m above the Thames and observe London’s iconic landscape from this unique classroom in the sky. Not only will pupils discover the city’s geographical and historical features, they will also analyse London’s changing architecture and its impact.

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Why book Merlin's Magical London for School Trips and Educational Visits?

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We literally take learning to new heights but before you board your classroom in the sky, we recommend that you begin your journey through the human and physical geography of London within your four classroom walls. Free to download on our website, we have planned out some unforgettable lessons that reinforce important aspects of the curriculum. Your class will start with a game of Landmark Detective Files before getting creative with ideas and concepts for their very own attraction. To finish they will reflect post visit as they compare and contrast changing skylines.

Our exclusive education rates are £9.95 per pupil from September to February and £12.95 between March and July, you can also include a Skyline Discovery workshop within the capsule for an additional £2 per pupil.

We are also Accredited with 'The LOtC Quality Badge', offering teachers a guarantee that not only is a venue providing the sort of educational value that they can build on in class long after the visit but they also have the appropriate risk management structures in place.

Which Curriculum Subjects do you cater for?

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green tick Design Technology

Curriculum topics available: Mechanics and engineering.

Students have the opportunity to understand and compare the impact of great artists, architects and designers. Our KS2 Skyline Workshop will identify the locations, history and architecture of London’s landmarks including The London Eye. The KS3 workshop will encourage students to be inspired by the architecture and features of London’s skyline a brilliant stimulus for producing creative work.

green tick Human Geography

Curriculum topics available: Settlement and land use, Economic activity and trade, Population, Urbanisation.

Students have the opportunity to describe the Physical and Human features of London in relation to the capital's history and analyse the impact of London's architecture on its environment, culture and tourism industry.

green tick Physical Geography

Curriculum topics available: Rivers, Map and atlas, Environment.

Locate and categorise London's main Physical and Human features into North, South, East and West compass positions. Our KS2 Skyline workshop encourages pupils to work together to create a landmark locator of the city, as they utilise the surrounding views to add context to human and physical geography. The KS3 workshop will reference the River Thames and its impact on the development of London.

What activities are available during group visits?

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In additional to our free pre- and post-visit lesson plans, our optional KS2 or KS3 Skyline Discovery Workshops are exclusive to schools. Developed in collaboration with education specialists, the 30 minute; within capsule; curriculum linked session includes interactive activities and interesting facts on London's iconic skyline.

What size groups do you cater for?

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To book at our exclusive education rates your group booking will need to be for 10 students or more; we offer a free teacher ratio of 1 free teacher for every five primary aged pupils and 1 for every ten secondary aged pupils. We also offer schools a book now pay later booking option whereby you can reserve your preferred date and confirm final number and pay 14 days (10 working days) in advance of your visit date.

Do you offer access for visitors with disabilities?

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Absolutely. If you purchase an advance ticket, you will be issued with an extra free ticket for your carer when you arrive. Due to health and safety we are only permitted to allow entry to two wheelchair users per capsule and eight on the London Eye at any one time, please notify the agent on booking of your requirements so we can book you a wheelchair time slot. We also provide T Loop facilities in our Ticket Hall, 4D Experience and London Eye River Cruise.

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