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With schools returning in September in at least some capacity, Portals to the Past has reviewed its workshop practice with Covid19 in mind. It is part of our duty of care to pupils, teachers, workshop leaders and further the parents of the pupils we teach that we do as much as we can to limit the spread of the virus.
All workshop leaders will have hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray and paper cleaning towels available.
School policy will be followed regarding social distancing as a priority.
During this time teachers mobile numbers will be required so the workshop leaders can contact them to discuss in person how they wish the day to proceed.
We do not keep these on file or use for any other purpose. Your privacy is important to us.
Our privacy policy is available on request.

During School workshops the following steps will be taken.

• Face masks will be worn in school by workshop leaders if required.

• Workshop leaders will be flexible in all aspects of the workshop to cater for your bubble sizes.

• In artefact handling sessions, workshop leaders will be flexible with more robust artefacts that are cleaned between each handling session with a disinfectant spray (Dettol is rated as antiviral for the current situation).

• Timings for activities will be flexible, with buffers before and after activities to wash hands properly.

• Between activities using quiz boards, boards will be cleaned with disinfectant spray.

• Workshop leaders will bring their own vessels for the consumption of hot drinks.

• Weather permitting, parts of the workshop will be undertaken in an open air setting if the teachers require and request it.

• We will be as flexible as possible in accordance to the wishes of the client in these difficult times.

• In this period of C19 there will no cancellation fees.

• Portals to the Past will have an active dynamic response to Government and School guidelines.

To help us as much as possible, we request that you inform us as soon as possible of any outbreak in the school so we can adjust bookings rapidly.

Bringing history lessons to life

We offer exciting, immersive and inspiring history workshops for schools, presented by a charismatic team of “performing historians” with a deep-rooted passion for their subject.

Hands-on, educational workshops

Drawing upon an unrivalled pool of talented historians, archaeologists and reenactors, we typically visit more than 1,700 UK schools a year to deliver hands-on, educational workshops that leave kids (and teachers) buzzing.

Why choose Portals to the Past?

We are not just “teachers that get dressed up”. Our multi-talented re-enactors are specialists in their field; true historians with a genuine passion for the past. The Portals team takes great delight in sharing their knowledge and their enjoyment of history with a whole new generation of history buffs.

As seen on film and TV...

Our Time Travellers are very much in demand for their depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for their subject. They regularly take part in historical re-enactments, and have appeared in many films, historical documentaries and on the BBC’s “Horrible Histories”.

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Why book Portals To The Past - Stone Age workshop for your school?

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Ancient Britain history workshops for primary schools...

Who are we and where do we come from? These timeless questions, and more, are addressed as we explore many of the important developments that helped to make us who we are in this workshop, from the original hunter gathers to early farming communities, ancient technology and coming of the age of metal.

Our workshop leaders are trained bush-craft experts, and have a detailed understanding of ancient technology and how is still used by some societies around the world today. The session consists of a group investigation, where students explore numerous informative displays and artefacts, and get hands-on experience of ancient technology and skills. This is interspersed with interactive discussions on the following sub-topics:

Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods

Early humans – focusing on Heidelberg man, Neanderthals and early Homo sapiens – why did the Homo sapiens come out on top?
How they lived and what they hunted
Gender divisions in the hunter gatherer society
What is cave art all about?
Development of Stone tools
Seasonal movement

The Neolithic period

Early farmers and settlements – the biggest change in human history
The beginning of an organised society
The age of stone monuments and what were they for?
Burial and belief

The Bronze age

The age of metal – an important technological development
Beliefs and burials
Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
Early hill forts and the beginnings of the “Celtic” way of life

The Iron age

What is a hill fort?
Why did people live on them?
Tribal communities
Why did this way of life end?

What size groups do you cater for?

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Portals history workshops are designed to cater for up to 100 children, all day, working around your timetable.

Anything else?

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Please note, if your school is located in a town or city we will require secure off-road parking for the duration of our visit to your school.

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