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We have coronavirus safety provisions in place to allow us to welcome single class bubbles back for on-site bookings. We have a full covid-19 risk assessment addendum available to supplement our existing risk assessments. We are offering penalty-free deferrals in the event of an infection disrupting a booked date for any school groups who would like to 'pencil a booking in'. Some of our site visits are currently not available, where other land-owners have put in their own restrictions. Please contact us for more details.

The Southport Eco Centre hosts an award winning educational facility which delivers a wide range of topics covering Geography, History, Science, Citizenship - the list goes on. We offer educational days which are held entirely in our safe, contained classroom and others which involve an off-site element, exploring local environments to further bring topics to life. Most of our topics are adaptable to a range of age groups and group sizes and we even offer bespoke services if you would like the day tailor made to suit the specific needs of your group (terms and conditions apply to this). All of our visits are risk assessed.

Why book Southport Eco Centre for School Trips and Educational Visits?

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Our trips are memorable and hands on, never anything that you could do back in the classroom. We design our own in house resources - both IT based and more tangible resources, indoor and out. We lead sessions off site to allow pupils to immerse themselves in the topic where applicable - this is usually accompanied by a session here at the Eco Centre to broaden and deepen understanding. We have consistently brilliant teacher feedback and many teachers return to us again and again. Teachers love the safe, contained environment of the Eco Centre classroom and garden.

Which Curriculum Subjects do you cater for?

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green tick Prehistory

Curriculum topics available: Stone Age.

We run a brilliant, hands-on Stone Age educational experience. Based on much local evidence, the day is packed with fun and facts. Our activities include a mock archaeological dig, a giant board game where pupils 'travel' through the three periods of the Stone Age and a visit to our local coastline which has much in common with the area 8,000 years ago.

green tick Victorian

Our Local Area Study day starts with a tour of Southport Centre, front and Pier. We look at the influence the Victorians had on the development of the town, using historical photos and video footage as a comparison. Upon return to the Eco Centre pairs can produce a Southport 'Now and Then' mini movies (which can be sent back to school afterwards), contrasting the town in Victorian times and today.

green tick Physical Geography

Curriculum topics available: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Water cycles, Rivers, Map and atlas, Rainforests, Environment, Plate Tectonics, Polar Regions, Coasts and seaside, Climate zones and biomes , Fieldwork.

Physical Geography comes into many of our workshops and we employ a combination of site visits in-house designed games and resources to bring the subject alive! We take groups out to the coast/river to explore local issues or deliver class based workshops for the contrasting localities - rainforests and volcanoes/earthquakes. Our most recent addition, climate and weather, can take on a number of forms depending on the needs of your class.

green tick Environmental Geography

Curriculum topics available: Materials and recycling, Plastic pollution, Extreme Weather, Rainforest, Sustainable living, Global warming, Renewable Engergy, Climate change, Conservation.

Our coverage of Environmental Geography is very wide-ranging. We deliver memorable educational workshops on a range of pertinent, current issues and can even mix and match some content to meet your needs. We use exciting activities - using computers, games, fact hunts etc. to teach about climate change, natural disasters/weather/sea defences, environmental footprints, recycling, pollution, rainforests and renewable energy.

green tick Fieldstudies

In terms of field studies, we take groups to local coastal sites for informative tours on history, natural history and geography. We do not have fieldwork equipment (our Local Area study day includes some map work) but some teachers choose to facilitate their own fieldwork while on site. We can allow time for this during the tour. Some groups choose to do site sketches. We can provide health and safety advice for beach art activities during beach free time. We are hoping to secure a new asset on site at the Centre which will transform our capacity for fieldwork so watch this space!

What activities are available during group visits?

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Stone Age/Prehistory, Rainforests, Natural Disasters, Coastal Change, Victorian Southport, Waste, River Estuaries, Habitats, Weather and Climate and more.

What size groups do you cater for?

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For some of our sessions we can accommodate more than one class a day. Stone Age/Prehistory works very well with one or two classes.

Do you offer on-site classroom facilities?

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Yes, there is a classroom for the sole use of visiting groups with a private garden area and adjoining childrens toilets, coat-hooks and a kitchenette.

Is there first aid on site?

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We always advise that you bring your own first aider for your own insurance purposes.

Do you offer access for visitors with disabilities?

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We have a disabled toilet in the public area of the building and the classroom and concourse area are fully accessible.

Do you cater for visitors with Special Educational Needs (SEN)?

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Yes, we pride ourselves on making teachers and all their students feel at home during a visit with us. We just ask that you get in touch in advance to inform us of in as much detail as possible of any special needs and how we can best deliver our sessions to help them get the best out of the day.

Anything else?

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We are happy to combine topics for you given adequate notice.

Groups need to bring packed lunches.

We do not have a shop.

Detailed supporting information will be sent through at the time of booking. We advise that you read this fully.

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